Hope to Die (Alex Cross)

This I finished listening to Hope to Die by James Patterson. Hope to Die is the 23 book of the Alex Cross book series. It is the continuation of Cross My Heart. It was also one of the books my best friend gave me.

Warning: this book has lots of cussing in it and some gross parts.

Hope to Die continues with Alex getting the news that a body was found. They thought it was his wife. Then later he finds another body in his backyard of a boy who could have been his older son. Mulch tells Cross that he has to kill someone and videotape it. Alex finds out the woman and boy were not his wife and son. Alex finds out more about Mulch from an old detective. Mulch had supposedly killed his father by pushing him into a pig sty. The old detective’s daughter helps Cross stage a killing of the old detective. Mulch thinks the video is real, but he ends up getting mad at Cross for finding out about his past. So he orders Cross to kill two more people. Mulch’s lover/helper gets the idea that she might be next killed so she decides to lessen the medication on Cross’ family so they will wake up. Then she leaves Mulch. But she did a stupid thing by taking some of Mulch’s money (unless she was buying the family time to wake up). He finds out and goes to kill her. He straps her to poles¬†and lets alligators eat her. (She had killed her father by feeding him to alligators.) Cross and others came and rescued her. Cross couldn’t get anything about where his family was from her. He meets a psychic along the way and she tells him where they are. Alex’s grandmother kills Mulch, and they all were rescued.

I liked this book. This afternoon I’m starting One Shot by Lee Child.

If you want a good book to read or listen to, check out both Cross My Heart and Hope to Die on Amazon.com or Walmart.com.

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Cross My Heart James Patterson at Walmart

The Perfect Martial Arts Workout

A few years ago, an infomercial was on tv and it was for a dvd set called Kardio Karate. It is different than the Cardio Karate dvd set I talked about yesterday. This on was marketed as a much easier version, and similar to Tai Chi.  I had wanted to get the dvd set, but the price of it was a bit too much.

Here is a youtube video of the infomercial that was shown:

A few years later I found the dvd set was at Walmart.com, but it was sold out. Here’s the website for it:¬†http://www.walmart.com/ip/Urban-Rebounder-Cardio-Karate-DVD-Set/20894130

One of the dvds of that set is called The Perfect Martial Arts Workout with Michael Nevermind. I found out it was sold as a separate dvd like the Martial Combo dvd (the one I talked about yesterday). It was categorized as Tai Chi on CollageVideo.com. So I thought I would get it a try.

Michael Nevermind is the instructor¬†of the dvd. The workout is 32 minutes long. There is no jumping and you don’t need equipment for the workout. Michael Nevermind is a really good instructor. ¬†The workout is one fluid movement.

Later I found out that JB Burns, who created both dvd sets, had made a similar dvd. It is also named The Perfect Martial Arts Workout. He talks about the purpose of the moves. He also does a handstand at the end. He does really fast with the moves.

Here is the youtube of that dvd:

I really like the Michael Nevermind version because he does go slow which is perfect for days I need an easier exercise to do. But I wish he had explained the purpose of the moves like JB Burns does in his dvd.

You can find the easy version (Michael Nevermind) of The Perfect Martial Arts Workout on Amazon.com and Walmart.com.
The Perfect Martial Arts Workout

Cardio Karate

Since I wanted to learn some martial arts, I found this workout dvd. It is called Cardio Karate Martial Combos with Steve Feinberg. Steve Feinberg is also the creator of SpeedBall Fitness which is a fitness program with medicine balls. Here’s more info on SpeedBall Fitness:¬†http://www.speedballfitness.com/about

The Cardio Karate Martial Combos dvd¬†is also part of 14 dvd set called Cardio Karate. I don’t own the 14 dvd¬†set because some of the workouts require a pull-up bar which I don’t have. I am scared to own one where I live right now.Plus I think the workouts on that dvd¬†set are probably hard since this one is.

Even though this Cardio Karate Martial Combos dvd¬†is hard, Steve does make¬†the workout fun. He makes rhymes the whole time. The workout is 60 minutes long. Also, some of the music is great. You don’t any equipment for this dvd. But at the end¬†of the workout, there is some jumping. Steve Feinberg is a great instructor.

If you want a great and fun workout, try out Cardio Karate Martial Combos with Steve Feinburg. It can be found at Amazon.com or Walmart.com.

Cross My Heart

I finished reading Cross My Heart last night. Cross my Heart is by James Patterson. It is the 21st book of the Alex Cross book series. My best friend had been giving me James Patterson books lately, but I haven’t gotten around to read them. I found out they were on Overdrive so this is one of the books she gave me. I plan on giving the actual books away.

Warning: this book has a cliffhanger ending. It continues into the next book, Hope to Die.

Cross My Heart is about Alex Cross. lol Alex had been having a tough time keeping up with cases. One case is of a guy who goes into a massage parlor and guns down the people in there and then takes one of girls with him. Another case that Alex’s wife does is where some babies were kidnapped. A writer named Marcus Sunday stalks Alex Cross. He is obsessed with getting revenge on Alex for giving him a bad review. Marcus has a cover where he calls himself Thierry Mulch. He ends up sending a letter to Alex telling him he had been solving the massage parlor wrong.Alex and his wife discover that their cases are connected. They solve the case. But then Marcus kidnaps Alex’s family. He thinks they are dead until Ava discovers they might not be. And that is how it ends. I didn’t like this book, but I hate that it has a cliffhanger ending.

I am hoping to “read” Hope to Die next. It will be an audiobook so I can use my new earbuds.

If you want a good book to read, check out Cross my Heart on Amazon.com.

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Summer is here!!

Monday was the first day of officially summer!!
Tuesday I decided to try on my bathing suit on again to make sure it fits when I go to my grand-aunt’s house for the fourth of July. I can’t swim, but I like to get in her pool. Happily it fits still. I was worried because lately I had to buy some new bras and shorts.

Speaking of shorts, a few months ago I had tried on my shorts. I usually can fit in them, but not this year. Two of my shorts didn’t fit. So my grand-aunt and I went shopping for new shorts. I ended up getting three shorts. ¬†I gave those shorts that didn’t fit to my mother.

One of the shorts I bought is way too short, but I love the color of them.
I couldn’t find the exact shorts on Amazon.com, but here they are on the Kohls’ website:

Visit Amazon’s Swim Shop Visit Amazon’s Denim Shop

A good beginner yoga workout

After getting the Yoga Meltdown with Julian Michaels, I wanted to get another yoga workout dvd. I decided to try out Rodney Yee. I had heard great things about him. I wanted to get an advanced weekly yoga dvd. It was called Yoga for your Week. But I got the wrong one.

The one I got is called Daily Yoga. Rodney Yee is a great yoga instructor. Colleen Saidman is also an instructor on this dvd. But this dvd would be great for beginners. It has five workouts on the dvd. They are Building The Foundation, Energize, Strengthen the Core, Clean It Out, and Calm Down. The workout is also in different styles of yoga. Iyengar, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Restorative are the different styles. The workouts are between 18 to 25 minutes long.

There is also a 10 minute meditation that you can download on this dvd.

I really like this dvd¬†even though it is more for beginners. I like to do the workouts when I don’t feel like doing any hard yoga. ¬†I might¬†someday get that other weekly one.

If you are beginner yogi, check out Rodney Yee’s Daily Yoga on Amazon.com.

Dark Triumph

I finished reading Dark Triumph by: Robin La Fevers last night.  It is the second book of His Fair Assassins book series. It was really good. The other books in the series are Grave Mercy, and Mortal Heart. I love this series. I read on facebook that she is writing more books in this series which is great.

Warning: there is some incest in this book.

The His Fair Assassins book series are historical fiction. The book series is about nuns who are trained to be assassins. The books take place in 1489.

Dark Triumph is about a young girl named Sybella. She came to the convent just before Ismae (the girl in the first book) did. Sybella was very wild, but her and Ismae became friends. Once she settled down in the convent, they decided to send her on some assignments. Her fourth (I think) assignment was for her to sent to a man’s household. That man was Count D’Albert. Sybella is actually that man’s daughter supposedly. But she does reveal later that her mother had slept with Death so she isn’t his biological daughter. While she was there in the household, she get another assignment to save a prisoner whose name is Beast. But Beast was very wounded and too heavy for her to carry. She used a lie to keep him going. She was intending to stay so she could kill Count D’Albert. He had no mark, but she was going to kill him anyway. But Beast knocked her out and she ending up going with him. She helped him with his wounds and had help along the way. She is then asked to go back to the Count’s household, but Beast had other plans. They fell in love with each other, and he was not going to let her get killed.She finds out why the Count didn’t have the mark. His victims didn’t want him in the Underworld with them. She watched her brother (he’s sick in the head) die by the Count. Then she ends up killing him.

If you want to read a great book series, check out the His Fair Assassins book series on Amazon.com.

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Game of Thrones Season 1

When Chris came down last month, he was asking me about what movies I wanted to see. But then he decided for us not to see a movie. I saw in Walmart that they had the Game of Thrones season 1 dvd set. I sorta begged Chris to get it. I had seen a few episodes before, but not the whole season. We watched three episodes. I ended up watching the rest of the season alone. I watched season 1 season finale last week. Sunday I started watching season 2. I love the theme music on the show.

Game of Thrones is a show on HBO. It is based¬†on the fantasy book series A Song of Ice and Fire by: George R.R. Martin. The show is about seven kingdoms. They all are fighting to gain the Iron throne which is a throne of swords. I didn’t like near the end of season 1 where Ned Stark gets killed. I liked him. It’s also sad that Daenerys Targaryen’s husband dies.

I haven’t read the books. I might get to someday.I do like the show.

With all the buzz of the show and you have seen what the fuss is about, check out the first and second season of Game of Thrones on Amazon.com.

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2001 A Space Odyssey

For part of my computer movie marathon, last week I watched the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey. It was actually recommended to me a few weeks ago on Mylot when I did my space movie marathon. Since this is an AI movie it fits in with my computer movie marathon.

The movie was made in 1968. It was based on the book by: Arthur C. Clarke. The movie was very weird and it had more music than speaking parts. The movie and book is about evolution. It starts out with apes finding a strange rock and that rock teaches them how to use tools. Then it skips into the future where there is a moon mission. The astronauts discover another strange rock. The mission is a secret one. Then it skips again into the future of another secret mission to Jupiter. Hal is a computer AI that knows the truth of the mission, but he ends up destroying almost everything. David Bowman finds out truth and finds out about another rock near Jupiter. Aliens then turn him into a huge baby.

I was confused about the movie so I decided to read the book. There were some differences between the book and movie. Here are the differences:
1. Hal says that there are two failures, not one like the movie.
2. Hal doesn’t say it’s human error. In the book it explains that Hal didn’t want the secret of the mission to be known to the astronauts and he wanted to do the mission on his own.
3. Frank does die like the movie, but David doesn’t save him like the movie. He is inside the spaceship when it happens.
4. David doesn’t grow old like in the movie at the end. He is asleep when the aliens make him into a baby.

I think the book was better than the movie. I watched the sequel today, and I understood it better.I think I might read third book and fourth book later.

If you like sci-fi books, check out 2001 A Space Odyssey on Amazon.com.
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Father’s Day weekend

Sunday is Father’s Day!! So Happy early Father’s Day to the fathers out there and to everyone who has a father!!

I don’t really enjoy Father’s Day because I never met my biological father. I know his name and where he lives. I even wrote him and he supposedly wrote me back, but he hasn’t written since. I have three stepfathers. One stepfather died when I was very little. The second one I haven’t seen in many year. The third one died a few years ago.

I do know that Jesus is the ultimate father.

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