The Huntsman’s Winter War

Side¬†Note: I think I am going to take some days off from posting starting tomorrow. I’m not sure if I will be able to post during my secret trip.

This week’s movie is The Huntsman’s Winter War. I have been wanting to see this movie. I decided that this is the¬†perfect time to see it since it is winter (officially tomorrow). It has Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Jessica Chastain, Emily Blunt, and Sophie Cookson.

Warning: there is some violence, and one emotional scene.

The Huntsman’s Winter War is about the two powerful evil sisters. Freya and Ravenna. Freya has Ravenna’s daughter killed her daughter which causes Ravenna to be evil. She has the ability to freeze everything. Eric falls in love with Sara. Ravenna tricks them. In the end, Ravenna gets stabbed and dies. The mirror gets broken.

I really liked this movie. I’m sad though that there won’t be¬†a third movie. Sunday I will watch next week’s movie which is The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box.

You can find this movie at

Christmas musicals

Saturday I watched Hairspray Live. Yes, I know it’s not a Christmas musical, but it’s a musical. Anyway, it was really good. I had seen the original hairspray in movie form a few years ago. My mother was saying that it was great about how great they were doing it this year. I told her that yeah especially since it deals with issues we dealing with today. Body shaming, racism, etc.

Last night I went to our church’s Christmas cantata. My uncle led it, and he also had a mini concert with a pianist that used to play for our church. It was really good. The cantata was constructed of three churches that sung together. My mother didn’t get to come to see it. She hurt her knee.So I taped the whole thing for her with my “new” camcorder.

You can find Hairspray Live on

My new duvet

Many, many years ago, I had a bedspread of pink and lace. I got rid of it when I noticed the lace was getting holes in it. Then I got a bedspread that has pretty flowers embroidered on it. I noticed a few months ago that it was getting ragged on the edges. I thought it’s time to get a new one.

I searched everywhere for a new bedspread. I did see one that I sorta liked at Belks, but the reviews for it wasn’t too good. And some I liked, but they didn’t come in a twin size.

Then while I was doing one of my paid to click sites, I saw an ad for Bedding Inn. They had 3D bedding. I loved them.

Huge Warning: You will spend a few hours on that site. They have everything. Not just bedding. They have curtains (bathroom and living room), wall decor, bathroom accessories, doormats, lighting, pajamas, lingerie, hoodies, dresses (which I may get someday),  car seats, sleeping bags, tents, tablecloths, coffee mugs, swimwear, etc. It is maddening what they have on that site.

Anyway, ¬†I couldn’t decide between unicorns or pink roses. I ended up choosing pink roses. I may get a unicorn one later on if this one falls apart.

It’s pink roses with a tiger print background. It’s a duvet with no stuffing in it. I may put my¬†bedspread in the duvet. It also came with sheets and a pillow case.

Here is a picture of it on my bed: pic_0417


You can get this one at too.
Beddinginn Elegant Light Pink Rose Print 400-thread-count Cotton 4 Pieces 3d Bedding Set (Twin)

More work

Side note: I know people are fussing about the new reader on wordpress. I have to say I actually like it better than before.

Anyway, I thought about doing another paid to click site. I already do Neobux and Clixsense. I was thinking of doing Grandbux. Before I joined the site, I got Buxenger. It helps manage ptc sites. It’s really neat. I also joined an adult ptc site too.

Buxenger is an app you can add on Google Chrome or Firefox. The app though doesn’t fully support some of the paid to click sites like Neobux. Even¬†though it’s not fully supported, you can still collect the sites like the supported ones. You won’t be able to get an automatic count of money you make on the site. It does save time.

Here is more info about the buxenger app and the other paid click sites I do.


Blue Moon (book)

I finished reading Blue Moon by Laurell K. Hamilton last night. It is the eighth book of the Anita Blake book series.

In Blue Moon, Anita gets word that Richard, her ex-boyfriend, is in jail for rape. She doesn’t believe that he would rape anyone so she goes to rescue him. The book setting is in Tennessee. She is warned not to step one foot in Tennessee by the Master of the City. She goes anyway. When she gets there, she learns that the charges are false. Richard was studying about some creatures there and the sheriff wants him gone so he can kill the creatures. And it’s not just the sheriff that wants Richard gone, but an art dealer. The art dealer had news that there was relic/treasure on the land. Anita goes against the Master of the City, the sheriff, and the art dealer. Things get really messy. Blue Moon had a bittersweet ending.

I sorta liked this book. I’m reading next Obsidian Butterfly. It’s the ninth Anita Blake book.

I relisted my Anita Blake book set of five books on Ebay.
Here’s the link to them: 5 books by Laurell K. Hamilton on ebay
Burnt Offerings on ebay

You can find Blue Moon on,,, and

Red Sonja: Queen of the Plagues

This¬†week’s movie is Red Sonja: Queen of the Plagues. It’s an animated movie. It’s actually in a comic book format. I didn’t mind that format. It was made in August. It has Misty Lee, Rebecca Strom, Tyler Nicol, and Scott McNeil.

Red Sonja: Queen of the Plagues is about Red Sonja’s story of how she became the “devil”. It starts out where both Red Sonja and Dark Annisia are in a dungeon. Red Sonja then tells her story about how Dark Annisia and her had to fight in the pit. Dark Annisia then became crazy of “seeing” the slaves they had killed in the pit. There was supposedly a plague in the land which Red Sonja had caught. Dark Annisia made Red Sonja go into exile. She then goes into the tale of how she became the “devil.” She almost dies¬†but is rescued. She goes back into town to find out the evil king wasn’t dead, and there wasn’t a plague. It was poison. The nice king’s son kills Dark Annisia.

I really liked this movie. Next week I’m watching The Huntsman’s Winter War.

You can find this movie at and at

Secrets and Lies (season finale)

This¬†season of Secrets and Lies was awesome. It kept guessing who killed Kate. I didn’t like how the finale ended, though. I hope they do another season to explain the ending.

This season was about a man named Eric who was accused of killing his wife. His wife, Kate, was pregnant. While Eric was trying to find out who killed his wife, another man, Danny, was trying to find his daughter. Eric finds out a lot of secrets his family was keeping from him. His brother committed fraud, his sister in-law was a madam, his wife had a son before, and his father had another family. I think finding out who killed his wife hurt him the most.

I can’t wait for next season.

You can rent season 1 and season 2 on
season 1 at walmart
icon season 2 at walmart

My pink dress

Even since I was nine, I loved the movie Dirty Dancing. I used to get perms. And one year my step-father’s mother (I called¬†Nana) made me a “Baby dress.” The dress she wore at the end. I picked out the fabric. It was a soft, pink fabric. I loved the fabric so much I asked her to make me little curtains for a doll house I owned.

The dress isn’t exact, but I still loved it. Flash forward to this year, I wanted to try on the dress to see if I could still wear it. I wanted to maybe take it on my secret trip. But sadly it was too tight. So I looked everywhere for a dress I would wear on the secret trip. I found a dress I loved on Amazon. After I found that dress I saw on that they had a similar dress to my “Baby dress,” but it wasn’t my size.

I ended up buying the Amazon dress and booties with my Amazon gift cards that I saved up. Here’s a picture of me wearing the dress.


I love the feel of the fabric of this new dress.

You can find this dress at You can find the similar “Baby dress” at
Baby dress 1 at walmart
icon Baby dress 2 at walmart

Burnt Offerings

Last night I finished reading Burnt Offerings by Laurell K Hamilton. It is the seventh book of the Anita Blake. It was pretty good.

In Burnt Offerings, Anita is asked by a fireman to investigate a series of mysterious fires. Some kind of creature was setting buildings on fire. She thought it was a vampire who had special powers, but she never heard of any vampire like that. Before she could really investigate it, Jean Claude had a little bit of trouble. The vampire council was in town. The council was of some serious powerful vampires. They want Jean Claude to take a seat on the council. He didn’t want to. In the end, Anita almost killed the leader of the council and she found out who was behind the burnings.

Now I’m going to read Blue Moon which is the eighth book of the Anita Blake series.

I still have the book set of¬†Laurell K Hamilton’s book for sell on Ebay. You have six days to get it. There are five books. Guilty Pleasures, Lunatic Cafe, Circus of the Damned, Blood Noir, and The Laughing Corpse. I also listed this morning Burnt Offerings.

5 books by Laurell K. Hamilton on ebay      Burnt Offerings on ebay

Update on stuff

All  of my packages came. The duvet came actually really early than they had on I was scared that it would come when I go on my secret trip. The duvet is very pretty. I have it on my bed now.

The dress and booties do fit. I can’t wait to wear them on my secret trip. The tights I got do fit too. I’m wearing the tights Sunday.

The camcorder battery and AC adapter finally came, and they both work. The battery is bigger than the one my uncle had with it. It supposedly last longer. The AC adapter works great. I have already taken some pictures with it. I might buy a bag for the camcorder with my gift cards so I can take it on my secret trip.

I will post a picture of the dress on Friday.

Today I watched the Victoria Secret fashion show. It was better than last year. Last year I didn’t like the music line up.