2001 A Space Odyssey

For part of my computer movie marathon, last week I watched the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey. It was actually recommended to me a few weeks ago on Mylot when I did my space movie marathon. Since this is an AI movie it fits in with my computer movie marathon.

The movie was made in 1968. It was based on the book by: Arthur C. Clarke. The movie was very weird and it had more music than speaking parts. The movie and book is about evolution. It starts out with apes finding a strange rock and that rock teaches them how to use tools. Then it skips into the future where there is a moon mission. The astronauts discover another strange rock. The mission is a secret one. Then it skips again into the future of another secret mission to Jupiter. Hal is a computer AI that knows the truth of the mission, but he ends up destroying almost everything. David Bowman finds out truth and finds out about another rock near Jupiter. Aliens then turn him into a huge baby.

I was confused about the movie so I decided to read the book. There were some differences between the book and movie. Here are the differences:
1. Hal says that there are two failures, not one like the movie.
2. Hal doesn’t say it’s human error. In the book it explains that Hal didn’t want the secret of the mission to be known to the astronauts and he wanted to do the mission on his own.
3. Frank does die like the movie, but David doesn’t save him like the movie. He is inside the spaceship when it happens.
4. David doesn’t grow old like in the movie at the end. He is asleep when the aliens make him into a baby.

I think the book was better than the movie. I watched the sequel today, and I understood it better.I think I might read third book and fourth book later.

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