Summer is here!!

Monday was the first day of officially summer!!
Tuesday I decided to try on my bathing suit on again to make sure it fits when I go to my grand-aunt’s house for the fourth of July. I can’t swim, but I like to get in her pool. Happily it fits still. I was worried because lately I had to buy some new bras and shorts.

Speaking of shorts, a few months ago I had tried on my shorts. I usually can fit in them, but not this year. Two of my shorts didn’t fit. So my grand-aunt and I went shopping for new shorts. I ended up getting three shorts.  I gave those shorts that didn’t fit to my mother.

One of the shorts I bought is way too short, but I love the color of them.
I couldn’t find the exact shorts on, but here they are on the Kohls’ website:

Visit Amazon’s Swim Shop Visit Amazon’s Denim Shop

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