The Lunatic Cafe

Friday¬†a book I had been waiting on finally came available. The book is called The Lunatic Cafe by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the fourth book of the Anita Blake series. My mother had got me hooked on these books. She calls them vampire porn. But they aren’t as bad as Christine Feehan. My mother gave me a box set of four books, but the last book was the 16th book of the series. So I wanted to read the books between 3 and 16. I bought the fourth book a few years ago. Then recently I found Overdrive has the books. But Friday night I found out I already read the book. The Anita Blake series is about a woman named Anita Blake. She has two jobs. Her main job is bringing back the dead. Her other job is

The Anita Blake series is about a woman named Anita Blake. She has two jobs. Her main job is bringing back the dead. Her other job is a¬†vampire hunter. She also helps solve paranormal crimes. In The Lunatic Cafe, Anita Blake helps solve a murder of a man in the woods. The police think it was a bear attack, but Anita thinks it’s a shapeshifter that killed the man. She also is in love with a werewolf named Richard. The police end up being in on the murder. They are werewolf hunters. And the police are in with the murderer who is a shapeshifting bird. I am now waiting on the fifth book Bloody Bones. I’m next in line for it. And I’m also waiting on Nicolae. I’m also next in line for it.

I am now waiting on the fifth book Bloody Bones. I’m next in line for it. And I’m also waiting on Nicolae. I’m also next in line for it.

I have the box set and the fourth book for sale on I have listed them for 12 dollars with four dollars shipping.

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Happy Halloween everyone!!

Yesterday I wore my jumpsuit that looks like a dress and my sorta witch shoes. I say sorta because my old ones had a pointed toe and these have a rounded toe. I will post about the shoes on Friday. I¬†was going to wear my black jacket, but I decided to wear my orange jacket instead. That is my usual Halloween costume. Not so eerie, isn’t it?

So today I’m wearing a Halloween shirt. I did watch a sorta scary movie. It was actually more gross than scary. I thought I had seen the movie, but I didn’t remember it being gross. I will post about the movie tomorrow.

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I’m back

Yesterday’s doctor appointment went fine. I do hate going, though. I did get Christmas cards. But I had to go a lot of different stores just to get 4. I found out our Hallmark store is no longer in business. It’s sad that it closed. I loved that store.

At least I now know where to go to get cards next year.


Tomorrow I won’t be able to post anything because I have an annual doctor appointment. Nothing is wrong. I hate going. I wish my best-friend could go for me, or that I could have a clone to go for me.

While I am out, I will be getting some Christmas cards and some other things.

I will be back posting on Friday.


Tribulation Force (movie)

This week’s movie is Tribulation Force. It is based on the book that is written by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. It made in 2002. It has Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson, Clarence Gilyard Jr., Janaya Stephens, Gordon Currie, Chelsea Noble, and Christie MacFadyen in it.

Warning: there is one scene of violence.

There are some differences between the book and the movie.
1. In the book, Buck has a hard time getting the Wailing Wall. He does meet the rabbi, but he doesn’t know what the rabbi was going to say until the speech was given. Even Nicolae doesn’t know what is said in the speech.
2. In the movie, Rayford isn’t railroaded by Hattie like in the book.
3.In the book, Buck’s assistant doesn’t move with him.
4. In the movie, there is a happy ending instead of a sad ending like the book.

Even though it had tiny differences, I still loved the movie. Next week will be Halloween so I’m watching Relic. (I’m next in line for the next Left Behind and I’m almost through reading Relic)

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Tribulation Force (book)

Tribulation Force did come available on Thursday. I finished listening to it on Sunday. I love learning about bible prophecy. Tribulation Force is the second book in the Left Behind series. They are written by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. There was a movie made that was based on the book which I post about tomorrow.

Tribulation Force takes place right where Left Behind left off. At the end of Left Behind, Rayford,Chloe, and Buck agree to be part of a group called Tribulation Force at their church. The pastor does make an underground shelter for them to use as a meeting place. Buck gets a job offer from Nicolae. Buck refuses, but then he learns he has to work for him because Nicolae ends up controlling all the news networks. Then Rayford is railroaded by Hattie to take a pilot job for Nicolae. Rayford gets married, and Chloe marries Buck. The book has a sad ending.

Even the ending was sad, I loved the book. I am waiting on the third book Nicolae. I have two people ahead of me. While I’m waiting on it, I’m still reading Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

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My new clarinet strap

I have been playing the clarinet since 7th grade. I took marching and concert band all through high school. Now I play for my church sometimes.

I never heard of a strap for clarinet players. I have seen straps for saxophones, but not for clarinets.As you know, your thumb is very fragile part of your body. After I play though my thumb was always sore. A few weeks ago the tip of my thumb was already sore from reading my kindle, I think.

I had been looking at some straps and decided on getting one. I got one that had a thumb rest tab. Sunday I was excited to try it out. After playing, my thumb wasn’t sore. But the tab was a little scratchy so this week I’m going to try it on the leather side.
I was also scared that I wouldn’t be able to put the clarinet on my lap during rests because of the strap. But I found out that I can.

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My luck so far

Well like I said I was waiting on things last week. I did get those two calendars I ordered and the package was supposedly picked up. I did get my check from Clixsense and I got to use the paypal option for the first time!!

But then my luck ran out yesterday. Tuesday morning my computer monitor was flickering. I looked up how to stop it from doing it and I did everything they suggested. I thought I fixed it that afternoon because it quit. But Wednesday it was doing really badly. So badly it made my head hurt. The monitor was old so I had to get a new one. This new one I got gave some trouble, but it’s fine. It’s bigger than my old one.

There are only three more days until you can get the book Blue Dragon from me on

Now I’m waiting on the second book of Left Behind and a text/email from Chris.

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Blue Dragon

Left Behind (book)

Our preacher had announced a few months ago that he would be preaching on the book of Revelation again. He had went through it a few years ago. I decided that this would be a great time to read the Left Behind series. I had bought the first book a few years ago when a media store went out of business. I found out that Overdrive had the audiobook of the book. The audiobook finally came available on Friday and I finished listening to it yesterday morning.

Left Behind is written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The 2000 movie is almost exact to the book. The co-pilot kills himself in the book. It goes more in detail of Rayford’s struggle. Hattie is introduced to Nicolae by Buck.

I loved this book.I’m waiting on the second book Tribulation Force. I’m next in line for it. So while I’m waiting I have been reading Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

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God’s Not Dead 2

I didn’t know¬†¬†that they had made a second movie until someone on Mylot had said that they wanted to see it. I had seen the first movie and I loved that movie. My uncle had bought the movie and suggested for me and my mother to see it. We watched that scary movie instead. Then I found out that my church is actually showing the movie on the 31st. But I didn’t want to wait that long to see it. So this week’s movie is God’s Not Dead 2. It has Melissa Joan Hart, Pat Boone, Robin Givens, Hayley Orrantia, Fred Dalton Thompson, Benjamin A. Onyango, and David A.R. White.

This is a clean movie.

God’s Not Dead 2 is about a teacher who is a Christian. She answers a history question about Jesus and another history figure. She ends up going to trial over if it is a matter of separate church and state. In the end, she wins the case. I did like this movie. It didn’t come full circle, though like the first one did. It was really good.

Next week I’m watching Left Behind 2: Tribulation Force.

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