There is a tv show that my mother and I have been loving. It is called Victoria. It is on the PBS Masterpiece show. The show is about Queen Victoria. My mother thinks it’s better than the tv show Reign.

This past Sunday was the season finale. Queen Victoria has her first kid out of nine kids in the season finale. The new season won’t be on until August. I can’t wait. I love the theme song on the show.

From Dusk Till Dawn The Series

Last year I found out there was going to be a season 3 of From Dusk Till Dawn The Series. I don’t have El Rey network so I watched some of the episodes online. The show is sorta based on the movie. But then other shows came on tv, so I stopped watching season 3. Since I got through watched Black Mirror (which was great), I decided to finish watching season 3 of From Dusk Till Dawn.

In season 3, Kate becomes the Queen of Hell. The Queen of Hell used the snake vampires as slaves. (I didn’t like Kate being her) In the season finale, it is revealed why Richie saw demons when he and Seth were at that store after they robbed the bank. The Peacemaker and his ex-wife make up. Santánico Pandemonium ends up being queen again after Kate kills the Queen of Hell. Richie, Seth, and Kate rob a bank.

There is no word of another season. I hope they do.

You can find all three seasons at and

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series – Season 3 [Blu-ray]


I hardly watch sitcoms. Last year it was announced that there will a new sitcom about a boy with cerebral palsy. It’s called Speechless. I thought it might be a neat show. I have mild cerebral palsy. I don’t have it as bad as the character JJ.

When it came close to tape the show, I was a little worried that they would make fun of him. I decided to tape the show anyway. I’m glad I did. I think it’s a cute show. People have said that they think the family is rude. But I think it’s more sarcasm than rudeness.

You can stream the show through

Black Mirror

When I came back from Las Vegas, I didn’t have many shows to watch. I had been wanting to watch Black Mirror, but never got around to watching it. Black Mirror is a Netflix show. It’s a British show. It’s a modern Twilight Zone type of show where every episode is different story. Only all the shows are all about technology.

I have gotten so far to season 3 episode 4. I will see episode 5 tomorrow. Most of the episodes so far have been sad and horrible. This episode 4 though was sweet and sad. Episode 3 reminded me a little of the book The Stranger by Harlan Coben.

I have seen that they are going to do a season 4. I hope they do. Even though the episodes are horrible and sad, the show is really good.

Secrets and Lies (season finale)

This season of Secrets and Lies was awesome. It kept guessing who killed Kate. I didn’t like how the finale ended, though. I hope they do another season to explain the ending.

This season was about a man named Eric who was accused of killing his wife. His wife, Kate, was pregnant. While Eric was trying to find out who killed his wife, another man, Danny, was trying to find his daughter. Eric finds out a lot of secrets his family was keeping from him. His brother committed fraud, his sister in-law was a madam, his wife had a son before, and his father had another family. I think finding out who killed his wife hurt him the most.

I can’t wait for next season.

You can rent season 1 and season 2 on
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Redrum (season finale)

The How to Get Away with Murder season finale was so predictable. I was sadly right about who was under the sheet. I do want to see next season.

In the season finale, we learn that Annalise is accused of a murder. It turns out that Rebecca’s body was found in the woods. Wes wants immunity to testify against her. Annalise finds out that is the DA is investigating her. So she comes up with a plan for her dilemma. She calls everyone to her house. But then the house blows up. Laurel does wake up, and it is revealed who is under the sheet. (at first, I thought I was wrong and that it was Nate) It was Wes. Just like I predicted. Only the twist was that it was revealed that Wes was dead before the fire. That is why I want to see next season to find out how he died and who killed him.

Next season starts in Jan.

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The Blacklist season finale

I love and dislike the show. This season finale didn’t reveal anything. They promised they would finally reveal something. An empty promise. I read an article saying that The Blacklist may be canceled. But they are doing a spinoff though.

Anyway, in this season finale, Alexander Kirk goes completely crazy. He keeps saying that Red had falsified the dna test. The test had come back saying she was not a match to Kirk. Red didn’t falsify the dna test. Kirk again kidnaps Liz. Red finds out where they are hiding and stands in place for Liz. He also has a gift for Kirk. A doctor that will cure him. Kirk tortures Red. Under duress, Red says he is her father. (but does that mean anything? I mean it’s under duress) Red ends up telling Kirk something that we don’t hear. Then Kirk is gone. (I do think Liz’s mother falsified the first dna test so Kirk wouldn’t find out that Liz isn’t her daughter.) At the end, Liz says she believes Red and that she did shoot her father.

I can’t wait for Jan. Hopefully, someday he will finally say it.

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