Buti Yoga: Soul Sweat

The second new Buti Yoga dvd set is called Soul Sweat. The set has two dvds. There are four workouts on the dvds. The first dvd is called Soul Rise. It has a 30-minute workout and a 60-minute workout. The second dvd is called Soul Set. It has a 30-minute workout and a 45-minute workout.

Bizzie Gold is the instructor. She is alone on both dvds.The Soul Rise is like a morning type yoga workout. She doesn’t really dance like she does in The¬†Transformation Series dvd set. But she does some plyometrics¬†and some balance moves. She also talks about a chakra area.

The¬†Soul Set is basically a leg toning workout dvd. She does some balance moves in it too. She doesn’t really dance in this one either. She does some squats in this one.

Both dvds have great music in them.

You can find Soul Sweat at Amazon.com and Butiyoga.com.

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Buti Yoga: Dynamic Flow

After I bought the Buti Yoga Transformation Series dvd set, I learned that Bizzie Gold had two new dvds. I decided to get them for Christmas.

One of the new dvd sets is called Dynamic Flow. There are 2 dvds in the set. One dvd has a 30-minute workout with bonus sculpt workouts, and the other dvd has a 60-minute workout with sculpting workouts. The sculpting workouts are short.

Bizzie Gold says this dvd¬†is an introduction dvd¬†for those that want to learn what Buti Yoga is all about. Even though I have been doing Buti Yoga for awhile, I still got the dvd¬†to see what it is like and I could use it on days when I don’t want to do anything hard.

Once I did the 60-minute¬†dvd, I think it’s a little bit advanced. She does some balancing moves that I can hardly do. But I did like the dvd¬†set. She doesn’t do much dancing like she does in the transformation series. Also in this dvd set, she is alone teaching. She does do some jumping also in this dvd¬†set.

I did forget to say¬†in yesterday’s post that I love the music in the transformation¬†series dvd set. In this dvd set, she does have some good music¬†in it as well.

You can find Dynamic Flow at Amazon.com and at ButiYoga.com.

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Buti Yoga: A different kind of yoga

I was looking for a different kind of yoga to do. I wanted a fun and a little challenging yoga workout.

I found a youtube video of Buti Yoga. The instructor and founder is Bizzie Gold. She mixes tribal dance, plyometrics, and yoga together. I love the videos where she is advertising for a tea called Good Earth Tea. She introduces the dance before getting into the workout.

Here’s one of the videos:

I ended up getting the first dvd set of But Yoga called The Transformation Series. It is a box set of three workout dvds. The first one is the 25-minute workout with bonus short tough sculpt workouts for your Abs, upper body. and lower body.The second dvd is the 45-minute workout with bonus sculpt workouts. The third one is the 60-minute workout with bonus sculpt workouts.

The 60-minute workout is brutal. I have pause alot to get water. Your shoulders are on fire with this one.

I have done the sculpt workouts. They are short and they are only done once. You can choose to do them twice, or three times. I think I did them twice.

I got my copy at Amazon.com, but for some reason, it’s not available on there or on the Buti¬†yoga website. You can get the 25 minute and 45-minute dvd¬†set on ebay.com.

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Some more Ballet Inspired Workouts

After getting the Ballet Beautiful dvds, I was looking for some more ballet-inspired workouts to do.I found someone on youtube that does barre workouts. There aren’t the fitness gurus’ barre workouts. These are actual barre workouts. I don’t own a barre, but I do use a kitchen¬†chair, and I do them in my sock feet.

The person I found is Kathryn Morgan. She was/is a ballerina and a pianist. She does her own music on youtube videos (which is awesome). One thing though I don’t know how you can keep a straight¬†face while doing some of the movements to some Disney music.

She was a ballerina for the New York City Ballet, but then she got sick with an autoimmune  illness. Since being ballerina takes alot out of a person, she stopped to take care of herself. Her youtube videos are not only workouts, but also beauty tips, and ballet tips.

Her workout videos are a little challenging for me, but I do like doing them. One of the tips on balance has helped me with some balancing yoga poses.

Here is her youtube channel:¬†Ms. Morgan’s youtube channel

Here is her Classic Ballet Barre Workout:

She also has a blog where she has more info on her autoimmune illness and some suggestions on what food you could avoid if you have the same autoimmune illness. She also teaches online classes and private classes. Recently she has been doing podcasts on her experience of being a ballerina at New York City Ballet.

Here is her blog:¬†Ms. Morgan’s blog

She also has a community on facebook.Even though I’m not a¬†ballerina, I’m part of the community.

I give her praise for being a great inspiration to everyone.


Fitness Tip

Here is an important fitness tip that I can everyone: Don’t do what I did.

About a year ago I started doing exercises on fitnessblender.com. I had mentioned the site to my mother many years ago, and I guess she forgot that I had suggested the site to her and she suggested the site back to me. The site is free and all of the workouts are on youtube.com. I mostly do the dumbells upper body exercises that are featured on the site.

My fitness tip is to listen to the instructor when you do any workouts. If they say repeatedly to use lighter weights, do it unless you want to be a zombie for a week.

The reason I’m saying this is because I did a Tabata style 60-minute workout. I thought I could handle doing 10-pound weights on most of the sets. Daniel kept saying you should use lighter weights during the whole workout. I did switch to 5-pound weights when I was losing some form, but I really did stick with the 10-pound weights for most of it.

The next day I couldn’t move my arm above my head. They were very sore. Then later that week the rest of my body felt tired. I promised myself I will never do that again. I will switch to a lighter weight if I feel like I can’t handle it.

This is the workout I did:

Ballet Beautiful: Swan Arms Cardio

Two years ago I found out that Mary Helen Bowers had a new Ballet Beautiful dvd out. I wanted to see a clip of it before getting the dvd. But I couldn’t find a clip of it anywhere. All I found was pictures of what the dvd looks like.

Last year I decided to get the dvd anyway. The dvd is Ballet Beautiful Swan Arms Cardio. There are two workouts on the dvd. The cardio workout, and floor (mat) workout. The dvd is 60 minutes long. The workouts can be separated to be two workouts.If done separately, the cardio workout is 30 minutes long and the floor (mat)workout is 30 minutes long.

There are some balancing moves in the cardio workout. I have a little bit of trouble with it, but I do like the workout. You don’t any equipment to do this workout dvd, just an exercise mat.

Mary Helen Bowers also has some streaming workout videos on her website:
http://www.balletbeauitful.com. The streaming videos cost 8 dollars to 13 dollars. I have never done any of her streaming videos, but some day I will try some.

She also has a new dvd out called Backstage Workout. I may get it this year.

You can find the Swan Arm Cardio workout dvd on Amazon.com.

Ballet Beautiful book and another workout

Mary Helen Bowers not only founded the Ballet Beautiful workout series, but she also wrote a book. In the book, she talks about how she started the workout series which was because an injury she had. She also talks about the food she eats and she gives recipes for them.

The main reason I got the book was to find out more about her and that the fact she also includes exercises you could do. I wanted to be able to do the exercises when I go on vacation. Of course, I never get to the exercises on vacation anyway.

Also, there is another ballet beautiful dvd, but  I chose not to get it. It is called Sculpt and Burn Cardio Blast. It has two 30 minute workouts. There is some light weight work involved. One of the Amazon reviews says that the first workout has some standing arm with light weights and swan arms. The second workout is the toning portion which is bridge, abs, outer thigh, and inner thigh. You should use two to three-pound weights.

You can find the Sculpt and Burn Cardio blast on Walmart.com or Amazon.com.
Ballet Beautiful sculpt at Walmart

You can find the Ballet Beautiful book on Walmart.com, Amazon.com, Wordery.com, or Kobo.com.
Ballet Beautiful book at Walmart
Ballet Beautiful book at Kobo US
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Ballet Beautiful: Cardio Fat Burn

Before I begin I need to say that I’m not an Amazon¬†Associate anymore. They were going to cut off my account in three months because I wasn’t getting any sales. But then they cut my account because I was using my own facebook page instead of a fan page.

Anyway, I’m posting about the Ballet Beautiful: Cardio Fat Burn dvd. This is the first Ballet Beautiful dvd¬†I bought. Like the other ones Mary Helen Bowers is the instructor. There are four 15 minute workouts on the dvd. They¬†can be done in one whole workout session, or in sections. When I got the dvd, I watched the whole dvd¬†to make sure I could do the exercises. It made me tired just watching it. I decided to do it in sections. When you do it in sections there are actually¬†five workouts. I count the warm¬†up as a workout. When I do a section I do the warm up first and then the workout I had planned that day.

The workouts are Core, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Total Body. She does an Allegra cardio interval first then she does a toning workout of the core , upper body, and lower body. You don’t any equipment. Just a workout mat.

Mary Helen Bowers is the trainer of Natalie Portman in the movie Black Swan. I love that movie.If you never saw it, you should watch it.

The Ballet Beautiful Cardio Fat Burn dvd can be found on Amazon.com, or Walmart.com.
Ballet Beautiful at Walmart

Ballet Beautiful: Body Blast

There were a few things I left out in my post yesterday.Mary Helen Bowers did something awesome when she did the dvds. She was pregnant at the time!! She had a little girl. Then she had another little girl not long ago. She has Ballet Beautiful baby dvds for women¬†who are pregnant. I can’t give my opinion¬†on those since I don’t want¬†to have kids, but I think it’s neat that she has pregnancy¬†workout dvds.

Anyway, the Ballet Beautiful dvd¬†I’m talking about today is called Ballet Beautiful Body Blast. Mary Helen Bowers is the instructor. This dvd also has classical music in the background. The Body Blasts dvd¬†has four workouts on it. They are 15 minutes each.You will need a mat, but no other equipment. The workouts are Butt series Part 1, Butt series Part 2, 15 Minute Body Blast (total body workout), and Swan Arms. The butt workouts are great. My butt is on fire after doing them. The Swan Arms workout is murder on your arms. She takes¬†little rests in between. It is a great workout, though.

Check out the Ballet Beautiful Body Blast dvd on Amazon.com, or on Walmart.com.
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Ballet Beautiful: Classic Workout

I have always loved ballet. But I never took ballet because I thought I would be able to do it because of my balance issues. Also, I used to get leg cramps. I have mild cerebral palsy which makes my legs get really tight and hurt.

I was looking for something different to do in my exercise routine. So I found Ballet Beautiful. The instructor is Mary Helen Bowers. She was a ballerina in New York. She got injured and developed a new way to get back in shape. She found out what she was doing was causing her to get stronger too. This new way became Ballet Beautiful. Later I found out that she is from Charlotte, NC (which is near where I live)!!

Mary Helen Bowers has several Ballet Beautiful workout dvds. The one I’m going to talk about today is her first one which is the Classic 60 Minute Workout dvd.¬†There are 6 workouts on dvd. They are 10 minutes each. You will need no equipment for this dvd.¬†But I do recommend either pilates, yoga mat for the floor exercises. The workouts are Bridge series, Abs, Inner Thigh, Outer Thigh, Arms, and Standing. The bridge series is a little tough for me because of my legs can get tight and hurt if I’m not careful.

This is mostly a stretching and toning dvd. There is no cardio in it.

Check out this Ballet Beautiful dvd on Amazon.com, or Walmart.com.
Ballet Beautiful at Walmart
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