My new clarinet strap

I have been playing the clarinet since 7th grade. I took marching and concert band all through high school. Now I play for my church sometimes.

I never heard of a strap for clarinet players. I have seen straps for saxophones, but not for clarinets.As you know, your thumb is very fragile part of your body. After I play though my thumb was always sore. A few weeks ago the tip of my thumb was already sore from reading my kindle, I think.

I had been looking at some straps and decided on getting one. I got one that had a thumb rest tab. Sunday I was excited to try it out. After playing, my thumb wasn’t sore. But the tab was a little scratchy so this week I’m going to try it on the leather side.
I was also scared that I wouldn’t be able to put the clarinet on my lap during rests because of the strap. But I found out that I can.

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