The Student and Mr. Henri

I watched The Student and Mr. Henri. It is a French movie so there is some subtitles. I watched it on Tubi. It has Claude Brasseur, Noémie Schmidt, Guillaume de Tonquédec, Valérie Kéruzoré, and Antoine Glemain in it.

Big Warning: Have tissues ready because the ending is sad. I even cried at the end.

In this movie, a woman named Constance gets to go to a university in Paris. Although she has have terrible trouble with test taking she decides to go. (I am horrible at tests too. She looks for an apartment and she finds one. A grumpy old man named Henri owns the apartment. He makes her take an questionnaire. Later she finds out she is the one he picks. For exchange for rent, he wants her to break up his son’s marriage. She doesn’t really want to do it, but she doesn’t want to lose the apartment. She tries to seduce the son and she fails at first. The son’s wife is weird. But later she tries to seduce the son again and it works. It almost ends the marriage, but the wife ends out she is pregnant. So they get back together. Constance doesn’t lose the apartment because she has grown on Henri. She finds out she failed the test she trying to take. Henri suggests for her to try a music school. So she does. After she comes back she finds out Henri died. She tells Henri’s son that she failed the test to get in the music school, but she will try again.

I loved this movie. Next week I’m watching Gerda.

The Foreign Exchange Student 2: The Hunt

I watched The Foreign Exchange Student 2: The Hunt. Supposedly it is the sequel to the movie I watched last week. It has Roc Living, Jessica Law-Davis, Haydence Thompson, Tamekia Madison, Allana Grundy, Damian Valentine, and April Dillard.

Big Warning: there is lots of violence and bad acting.

Note: This is a terrible movie. I even rated it a 1 on IMDB. This “sequel” didn’t flow like the first one did. I guess it’s because there was different writers with this one. Like the first, there was bad acting. Also I couldn’t really figure out what was going on. At one point I had turn on the subtitles to know what was said.

Here’s the summary of this terrible movie: Jackie (the daughter from the first movie) became a teacher. She was head of the foreign exchange program at the school. She is the first to die. The Nelson family takes in two foreign exchange students. The Nelsons also have a daughter named Kayla. The Nelsons live across the street from the Reams (the family in the first movie). Kayla is going to be studying abroad and she wants to have her boyfriend to go with her. Her mother takes over Jackie’s job and her mother says no. Then it is found out that Kayla’s boyfriend does drugs and sleeps with one of the foreign exchange students. The baseball coach is suddenly killed. Mr. Nelson has been saying that he is going to be getting some money soon. He doesn’t have a job. Mr. Reams gets killed. Then the principal gets killed while on tv. Mrs. Nelson becomes principal. Then Mr. Nelson kidnaps one of foreign exchange students. He is one of the ones behind the killings, but he was hired by someone. His wife is the other person behind the murders. His wife says they had put DNA of the foreign exchange students at all the crime scenes. Kayla goes missing. She doesn’t show up at the end. I don’t know if they killed their daughter. The Nelsons get killed. The foreign exchange students decide to go to Dominica. Then Sinclair (the killer from the first movie) shows up. She is alive (which don’t really make since). I don’t know if she was the one who hired The Nelsons to do the murders. That is never revealed.

I didn’t like this movie. Next week I’m watching The Student and Mr. Henri.

The Foreign Exchange Student

I watched The Foreign Exchange Student. I watched it on Tubi. It has Mary Michelle, Bianca Tonsall, Donny Boaz, Roc Living, Ian Haywood, Brandi, Jamille Brown, Jae McCain, Reggie Choyce, and Jaye Alexander in it.

Big Warning: there is some bad acting and some violence.

In this movie, a girl from the Caribbean is going with a guy. Her friend tells her that he is no good, so Sinclair kills her boyfriend. Her parents had talked about getting her into a foreign exchange program for a change of scenery. With the police questioning her, she decides to do the foreign exchange program. The family she is put in has a daughter and a son. The daughter doesn’t like her of course. Her gut is right about Sinclair. Sinclair tries to seduce one of the teachers, but he doesn’t take the bait. (Good for him) Then she seduces Jackie’s boyfriend to get a paper that Jackie wrote. The teacher accuses her of cheating so she convinces another boy to kill the teacher and she kills the boy. The police and her caseworker question her. She kills her caseworker and she is supposed to be send back home, but she tries to kill the family she lived with, but they kill her.

It was a ok movie, just bad acting. Next week I’m watching The Foreign Exchange Student 2: The Hunt. Yes, they made a sequel. Probably more bad acting.

The month of March

Happy March!!

March 12th we change the clocks again. Boo.

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day!! Of I course I will be wearing green on that day. I will also be giving treats to the cats.

The Mandalorian is back on!! I will have to wait until Chris comes back down to see it.

March 9th- You part 2 comes on!! I haven’t watch You part 1 yet.

The Student Nurses

I watched The Student Nurses. I watched it on Tubi. It was made in 1970. It has Karen Carlson, Barbara Leigh, Elaine Giftos, Brioni Farrell, Reni Santoni, Richard Stahl, Richard Rust, Darrell Larson, and Pepe Serna in it.

Big Warning: there is some violence and a rape scene.

In this movie, there are four women who want to be nurses. They each fall for the wrong men. One of the women takes acid and she becomes pregnant. She wants an abortion, but the hospital she is interning at won’t do it. Another student nurse falls for a gynecologist. But she dumps him when he does the abortion. At the end of the movie she becomes a secretary to another doctor she has an affair with. The third nurses falls for a terminally ill patient. He ends up dying. She didn’t get to say goodbye because she was too busy celebrating that they four graduated. At the end of the movie, she decides to be a nun. The fourth nurse falls for a man who is an activist for the Hispanic community. She wants to be a nurse to the Hispanic community too.

I liked this movie. Next week I’m watching The Foreign Exchange Student.

The Omega Factor

I finished listening to The Omega Factor by Steve Berry. This book is a standalone book and not part of the Cotton Malone book series. I still wanted to read/listen to it anyway.

Big Warning: there is talk about child sex abuse by priests and some violence.

In this book, a man named Nick Lee wanted to see his ex girlfriend Kelsey who became a nun after they broke up. She had called him to talk about a major project she was working on. She is an art restorer. She was asked to clean the Ghent altarpiece Just Judges.  When she was cleaning it, she discovered the original painting was underneath. When Nick arrived, there was a fire happening. Someone set the painting on fire. Nick went into the building to search for Kelsey. She told him to get her laptop back. He went after the person who stole the laptop. That person was nun. The nun throw the laptop in the water below and Nick followed it to a convent. He did get the laptop back. On the laptop was copies of the painting. Kelsey and Nick begin their own investigations on who stole the laptop and why the painting was set on fire. The convent set the painting on fire to protect a secret that had sought to protect for many years. Nick and Kelsey find out that secret and they promise to keep it a secret. Kelsey joins the convent.

I loved this book. I’m reading next King of Fools by Amanda Foody. It is the sequel to the book Ace of Spaces which I read  a long time ago.