The Omega Factor

I finished listening to The Omega Factor by Steve Berry. This book is a standalone book and not part of the Cotton Malone book series. I still wanted to read/listen to it anyway.

Big Warning: there is talk about child sex abuse by priests and some violence.

In this book, a man named Nick Lee wanted to see his ex girlfriend Kelsey who became a nun after they broke up. She had called him to talk about a major project she was working on. She is an art restorer. She was asked to clean the Ghent altarpiece Just Judges.  When she was cleaning it, she discovered the original painting was underneath. When Nick arrived, there was a fire happening. Someone set the painting on fire. Nick went into the building to search for Kelsey. She told him to get her laptop back. He went after the person who stole the laptop. That person was nun. The nun throw the laptop in the water below and Nick followed it to a convent. He did get the laptop back. On the laptop was copies of the painting. Kelsey and Nick begin their own investigations on who stole the laptop and why the painting was set on fire. The convent set the painting on fire to protect a secret that had sought to protect for many years. Nick and Kelsey find out that secret and they promise to keep it a secret. Kelsey joins the convent.

I loved this book. I’m reading next King of Fools by Amanda Foody. It is the sequel to the book Ace of Spaces which I read  a long time ago.

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