The Ruby Landry movies

Instead of doing separate posts for all four movies, I am doing a short summary for each of them. I watched them a few weeks ago. I haven’t read the books. They are written by Andrew Neiderman who is writing under the name V.C. Andrews. The movies have: Raechelle Banno, Gil Bellows, Karina Banno, Sam Duke, Ty Wood, Mason Temple, Crystal Fox, Bob Frazer, and Naomi Judd in it.

Big Warning: there is some sad parts and hints of incest.

In this movie Ruby Landry is love with Paul. Her grandmother is a voodoo healer. Her grandmother is sick and she tells Ruby that Paul is her half brother. So Ruby tries to break up with Paul. Then her grandmother tells her who her father is and that she has a twin sister. When her grandmother dies, she goes to find her father and she lives with them. Ruby’s twin makes it hard to live with, so Ruby goes to a voodoo madam and does a curse on her twin. Her twin gets in a car accident and ends up in a wheelchair.

In this movie Mr. Dumas decides it would be best for the twins to go to a boarding school. Ruby makes friends with a girl, but it is short lived. Then she meets Louis who becomes her friend. Beau (Ruby’s boyfriend who was her twin’s boy toy) shows up and Ruby becomes pregnant. She gets kicked out of the school. She ends up going back home. She has the baby and names her Pearl.

In this movie, Paul shows up again and they get married. Ruby gets word that her father had died so she goes to the funeral. She finds out her twin marries Beau. She also learns her stepmother is getting married to another man. Some time passes and then Ruby’s twin gets really sick. Ruby wants to be with Beau so they decide to switch identities of the twins. Ruby becomes her twin. Then Paul slowly declines. He thinks Giselle is actually Ruby. Then Paul dies. There is a custody battle that happens and in the end Ruby keeps Pearl.

In this movie, some time passes and Ruby has three kids. Two boys and Pearl. Pearl wants to be a doctor. She doesn’t believe in voodoo. One of Ruby’s boys gets bit by a snake and Beau falls and hits his head. Ruby goes to see who is behind the curse. In the end, they find out it was Paul’s mother who put the curse on Ruby. They do end the curse.

I sorta liked these movies.

Dead Pets Don’t Lie

I finished reading Dead Pets don’t Lie by Joe Ardis and Donna Lee Howell. I decided to read this book because of a documentary that featured the authors.

I do recommend this book to all pet owners.

This book is a non-fiction book about the dangers and lies that goes on in the pet food industry. Some stuff I knew about because I used to follow and get Susan Thixton’s newsletters. Things you learn in this book: rendering plants, what things are put in pet foods, the dangers of flea medication, etc.

I liked this book. I’m reading next Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough. Behind Her Eyes is a limited series on Netflix. My mother asked me to watch it and it’s awesome. Now I want to read the book.

The Stand

I finished listening to The Stand by Stephen King. Chris, my boyfriend, had been reading this book, but never finished it. I decided to listen to the book. I have seen the 1994 movie miniseries. There is a new show of the book, but I don’t have the channel to watch it.

Side Note: I think everyone who refuses to wear a mask should read or listen to this book. It is very uncanny of how relevant this book is. Stephen King wrote this book in 1978 and then in 1990 he added in a few details (which is the version I listened to.)  I really think everyone really should read (or listen to) this book. I had considered recommending my Sunday School bible study class to have study this book, but I really doubt they would go for it.

In this book, the government (a lab) makes a super virus and accidently releases it. It doesn’t tell how it was accidently released. (I think Covid was accidently released because they were researching bats to see what other bats from other regions have coronavirus. I had read a medical journal about the SARS virus (the original coronavirus that happened a few years ago) and it said they were going to research more bats from other regions.)

Anyway,  a man who worked out outside that government lab finds out and runs. He takes his wife and kid to Texas. His wife and kid die in the car. He later dies and spreads the virus. The virus spreads fast and millions of people die. The president (like our former) LIES about the virus saying it’s noting but the flu. Nothing to worry about.  The government tries to cover up the virus mess, but it is too late. Stu Redman is one of the people in Texas that was close to the man who first spread the virus. But Stu doesn’t get sick. The government try to figure out why, but can’t find out. Stu isn’t the only one who is immune to the virus, there are others that were immune. They were saved for a special purpose.

Stu and some others have dreams about a old black woman named Abagail. She is messenger of God. Others have dreams about a dark man named Randall Flagg (the villain in all Stephen King books). Flagg is a demon. He also goes by the Walking Dude, the Dark Man. Stu Redman, Larry Underwood, Glen Bateman, and Ralph Brentner  go to Las Vegas to take a Stand against Randall Flagg.

I loved this book. Now I’m going to read Mrs. McGinty’s Dead by Agatha Christie.

The Warsaw Protocol

I finished listening to Warsaw Protocol by Steve Berry. It is the latest Cotton Malone book. There are sixteen books in the book series.

Warning: there is a lot of violence.

In this book, Cotton Malone is in Bruges, Belgium. He is supposed to attend a book auction. But he is sightseeing first. He is in a church and witnesses a robbery in action. It is a robbery of a holy relic. He promises the priest that he would get the relic back. Only he gets arrested for crashing a boat while chasing the thieves. Luckily Stephanie was there to help him out. The robbery was part of something bigger and that’s why she was there in Bruges. There were other relics stolen in order to be part of an auction of some information being sold to the highest bidder. The information is of the president of Poland’s past. The U.S. wants that info so missiles can be placed in Poland.  Other countries want the info for different reasons. Cotton really didn’t want to be involved, but he ends up being involved because he wants to save Stephanie’s job and the Russians are making him be involved. So the deputy of the US government and Cotton go to the auction. But things turn ugly and the Russians kill most of the people there. A Polish agent kills the guy who started the auction and she takes back one of the relics that was stolen. The Russians think that the information was gone for good since the guy who knew where it was hidden is now dead, but someone knew where the info was hidden. Cotton also found out where the info was hidden. The Russians do get the info, but Cotton gets the info back by killing the Russian. He ends up giving the info to the president of Poland who burns it.

I loved this book. The next Cotton Malone book is coming out in February (right before my birthday). I can’t wait. Now I’m going to listen to The Stand by Stephen King.

The Darwin Affair

I finished reading The Darwin Affair by Tim Mason.

Big Warning: there is some violence.

In this book, Queen Victoria was attacked again. The inspector over the case decides that the attack was part of a conspiracy. No one believes him. He ends up being right, but the conspiracy is against the prince, not the Queen like he thought. The conspiracy tells with the fact that the Prince likes Darwin’s ideas and wants him to be knighted. Some of the scientists and religious people don’t like that so they hire an assassin. The assassin is insane. He plays as a surgeon and cuts the ears off his victims. The assassin kidnaps a boy who had seen the assassin on the day of the attack of the Queen. The boy gets confused and sorta wants to be free. The inspector does find out that the Prince is in danger and demands to be with the Prince at all times on a family trip. The Prince finally believes the inspector when the assassin makes his move. The Prince was killed, but he gets injured thank goodness. But the assassin gets away.  The inspector does find the assassin and kills him.

I did like this book. Now I’m reading  Kor’Thank: Barbarian Valley Girl by Kent Wayne. He wrote the Echo books that I loved.


I finished reading Malorie by Josh Malerman. It is the sequel to the book BirdBox. Yes, I have read BirdBox and seen the movie.

Warning: there is some violence.

Note: I didn’t want this book to end. Now I’m sad that has ended. I do hope the movie will be as good as the book.

In this book, Malorie and the two kids are at the school of the blind. About a year into their stay there, a woman who seemly blind goes mad and kills almost everyone. Malorie thinks the creatures touched the blind woman, but it was later revealed that blind woman wasn’t really blind. Malorie and the two kids make their way to an abandon camp. They make their home there. The two kids become teenagers. Then one day a man appears at the camp. He says he is taking a census. Malorie tells him to leave and he does. The teenagers discover he had left the census papers behind. They read the papers and discover that Malorie’s parents are on a list of survivors. Malorie decides to try to find her parents. So they go get on a train which leads them to a town where her parents are at.

 I loved this book. Now I’m reading The Darwin Affair by Tim Mason.

The Third Secret

I finished listening to The Third Secret by Steve Berry. It is not part of the Cotton Malone book series, but one of his stand alone books.

Warning: there is some violence and a suicide.

In this book, a man named Colin Michener is told by the pope to look into the Mary visionaries. Colin does because he is the pope’s secretary. But he can’t understand why. Later he finds out that it has to do with the third secret of Fatima. The pope finds out there was more to the third secret that was said in public. A bishop had stole part of the third secret. But the translator of the third secret sent a copy of it to the pope. The pope sends Colin to find out about another secret, but then the pope dies suddenly. Colin goes to find out that other secret and finds the third secret to compare them. Once he knows the secret, the church and his life is changed forever.

I loved this book. Now I’m reading Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer. Yes, it is the “new” Twilight book.

Postern of Fate

I finished reading Postern of Fate by Agatha Christie. It is the fifth book of the Tommy and Tuppance book series.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this book, Tommy and Tuppence are getting old and they move into a new house to “retire.” But retiring they don’t do exactly. The previous owners of the house left a lot of books in a upstairs room. Most of them are children’s books. Tuppence was getting down the books and reads some of them. One of the books has a secret message that she writes down. The owner of the book was a boy who used to live in the house many years earlier. The message was that Mary Jordan didn’t die naturally. It was one of us. Tuppence tells Tommy and they decide to find out who Mary Jordan was and why she died. Tuppence hears a lot of hearsay of what happened and Tommy enlists help from some important people. They end up putting together what happened from a lot of clues and they learn that the past becomes the present.

I did like this book. Now I’m listening to The Third Secret by Steve Berry.

By Pricking of my Thumbs (book)

I finished reading By the Pricking of My Thumbs by Agatha Christie. It is the fourth book of the Tommy and Tuppence books series. There are five books in the book series.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this book, Tommy’s aunt is a nursing home. Tommy and Tuppence decide it was time to visit his aunt. The aunt is rude to Tuppence so she goes to sit in the waiting room where she meets a nice old lady (so it seems). Tuppence stares at the fireplace and the old lady says something strange. She asks Tuppence was it your poor child dead in the fireplace. Later on Tommy’s aunt dies and Tuppence wants to go back to the nursing home to see if she can ask the old lady what she meant by the dead child in the fireplace. She doesn’t get to ask because the old lady was taken away by “family.” Tuppence notices a picture on the wall in the aunt’s room. It was supposedly given to the aunt by that old lady.  Tuppence says she knows that house in the picture. She had seen it from a train. Tommy goes to a conference so Tuppence goes looking for that house. She does find the house, but she doesn’t find a dead child in the fireplace. She asks around to find the old lady, but no one knows her. But she does hear of tales of missing children that turned up dead. Then Tuppence gets hit in the head. Tommy comes home to find Tuppence gone. He goes looking for her and finds out about a criminal gang who robs banks and hides the loot in houses. When Tommy gets back with Tuppence, they find some of that loot. Later on Tuppence does find out who is the child murderer (which is a complete surprise to me and her).

I did like this book. I told my mother about this book and she likes it too. Now I’m reading Postern of Fate by Agatha Christie. It is the fifth book of the Tommy and Tuppence book series.

The Secret Adversary

I finished reading The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie. It is the first book in the Tommy and Tuppence book series. There are five books in the book series. Like I said earlier, I’m reading this book because of a new show on Ovation network called Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this book, Tommy and Tuppence want to be adventurers.  They put out an announcement. Tuppence gets an offer by a man named Mr. Whittington. He wants her to go to Paris. When asked for her name, she gives a fake name (of a real girl) Jane Finn. Jane Finn was a girl who was on a boat which was sinking. A man standing next to her hands her some important documents because women and children are off the boat first. Jane Finn goes missing. Mr. Whittington was wanting to use Tuppence as a fake Jane Finn. When Tuppence uses that name, Mr. Whittington pays her off. Then Tommy and Tuppence meets a man who is a secret agent who tells them about who Jane Finn is and about the important. He hires them to find Jane Finn. Then they meet a cousin of Jane Finn who wants to find her too. They do eventually find Jane Finn and find the important documents.

The difference between the show and book:

  1. Jane Finn is on a train on the show and not on a boat like the book.
  2. Tommy and Tuppence aren’t married in the book. Tommy does ask Tuppence get married in the Partners in Crime book (the short stories book).
  3. Tommy and Tuppence doesn’t have a kid in this book.
  4. Albert is a shoe shine boy that lives near Rita in the book. In the show, he is teacher and Tommy’s friend.
  5. Mr. Carter is not related to Tommy in the book.
  6. Julius is Jane’s cousin in the book and he does proposed to her. In the book, Julius has much bigger part in the book. He helps Jane and Tuppence escape. I think he is much younger in the book and he’s not black.
  7. The house in Solo is not a peep show place. It was actually a meeting place with many important people.
  8. Mr. Brown wasn’t an assassin in the book.
  9. Rita isn’t an opera singer in the book. Tuppence, Peel, and Julius witness the murder of Rita. She wasn’t hanged.
  10. Jane faked being Annette in the book. Jane had documents in the book and not a tape recording as in the show.
  11. Tommy doesn’t owns bees in the book and I think he was a secret agent in the book.

I did like the book better than the first part of the show. Now I’m reading N, or M? by Agatha Christie. It is the third book of the Tommy and Tuppence book series and the second part of the Agaths Christie’s Partners in Crime show.