The Foreign Exchange Student

I watched The Foreign Exchange Student. I watched it on Tubi. It has Mary Michelle, Bianca Tonsall, Donny Boaz, Roc Living, Ian Haywood, Brandi, Jamille Brown, Jae McCain, Reggie Choyce, and Jaye Alexander in it.

Big Warning: there is some bad acting and some violence.

In this movie, a girl from the Caribbean is going with a guy. Her friend tells her that he is no good, so Sinclair kills her boyfriend. Her parents had talked about getting her into a foreign exchange program for a change of scenery. With the police questioning her, she decides to do the foreign exchange program. The family she is put in has a daughter and a son. The daughter doesn’t like her of course. Her gut is right about Sinclair. Sinclair tries to seduce one of the teachers, but he doesn’t take the bait. (Good for him) Then she seduces Jackie’s boyfriend to get a paper that Jackie wrote. The teacher accuses her of cheating so she convinces another boy to kill the teacher and she kills the boy. The police and her caseworker question her. She kills her caseworker and she is supposed to be send back home, but she tries to kill the family she lived with, but they kill her.

It was a ok movie, just bad acting. Next week I’m watching The Foreign Exchange Student 2: The Hunt. Yes, they made a sequel. Probably more bad acting.

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