A good Christian book

A few years ago, I had stumbled across an interview (I think on YouTube) of a woman named Annie Lobert. She was talking about her life and how she found Jesus. She had wrote a book about how she found Him.

Fast Forward to last year, I finally decided to read her book. I normally don’t read non-fiction books, but I wanted to see what really happened to her. But when I downloaded the book, I realized I had the Spanish version. So I painstakingly translated (through bing and google translate) the book into English. I would highlight chunks of it, translate them, and then put the chunks into Word. It took a long while, but it was worth it. Although when I read it some of it wasn’t translated right, but that was ok.

The book is called Fallen: Out of Sex Industry and Into the Arms of the Savior. Annie Lobert was a prostitute. She got into the prostitute business from a friend who claimed  you could make a lot of money and you don’t have to do anything sexual. Which was actually a lie. Yes, she made a lot of money, but she was forced to do sexual things. She was also abused by the clients and her “boyfriend.”

She got out of the business when she almost died from a drug overdose. She prayed from Jesus to save her, and He did. From then on, she talked to other prostitutes about leaving and turning to Jesus. Some did and some didn’t. She ended up founding a safehaven for the prostitutes and victims for sex trafficking called Hookers for Jesus. She came up with the name because Jesus says to be fishman of people.

This was a great book. I’m glad that I finally read it even if it was in Spanish. It’s really sad that she had to go through all that.

If you want a great Christian non-fiction book to read check out Annie Lobert’s book on Amazon.com.
Fallen: Fuera de La Prostitucion y a Los Brazos del Salvador (Spanish Edition)

The Sunshine Blogger Award

I would first like to thank Shayneys Reviews for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

â—ŹThank the people/person who nominated you.
â—ŹAnswer the questions from your nominators.
â—ŹNominate eleven other bloggers and give them eleven questions

1. What is your favourite book that you own? And why?
I have two favorites. Twilight by: Stephenie Meyer
I love Twilight because Bella reminds me of me.
S is for Silence by: Sue Grafton
I loved S because it was like a glimpse to the past.

2. Have you ever seen a movie that you liked better than the book?
Interview with The Vampire. I liked the ending better.

3. Which book character would you like to switch places with?
I can’t think of any right now.

4. Do you have any guilty pleasures when it comes to reading?

5. What book has been on your “currently reading” shelf the longest? (Swapped for another book and forgotten about, that you keep meaning to get back to)
I do have a book that I read halfway through, but I can’t even remember the name of it. I doubt I will ever get back to it.

6. Has there ever been a book that you’ve been reading that you’ve had an instant connection with? Whether it’s the storyline, or the characters etc… (You don’t have to name the book if it’s too personal)
Twilight I think Bella reminds me of me.

7. If you could take one book and completly re-read it again for the first time with fresh eyes, which book would you chose?
Queen of the Damned by Anne Rice
I keep saying I want to re-read it. Haven’t yet.

8. What is the first book you remember buying for yourself?
New Moon by: Stephenie Meyer

9. What was the inspiration being you starting your blog?
I wanted to be an Amazon Associate, but I still haven’t made any money yet.

10. If you could go back to day one of you setting up your blog, would you do anything different?

11. What do you do in your spare time?
Read books, watch tv/movies, play an online game, and exercise.

Here’s my questions:
1. Who is your favorite author?
2. What is your favorite book series?
3. What book would you like to be made into a movie or tv show?
4. Have you ever wanted to step inside a book?
5. If so, what book?
6. What types of books do you like to read the most?
7. Have you ever thrown a book against the wall?
8. What was the first book you ever read?
9. If you could write another blog, what would the subject be?
10. Have you ever dreamed of being a librarian?
11. What is your favorite movie?

I nominate:
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A Birthday Tomorrow

Tomorrow is my best-friend’s son’s birthday!!  His name is Brian. I think he will be 15 years old this year.

I had asked my best-friend if Brian had a friend named Brian. If he had history would be repeating itself, but she said no.

Ever since he was born, I had been giving him 10 dollars. One year I almost forget to send the card. This year I sent the card early knowing I was going to be away for his birthday.

This weekend is also Memorial Day weekend!! I don’t take days off for any holiday. This holiday our family doesn’t celebrate.
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Another Tae Bo dvd

About a year ago, I decided to give my This is Tae Bo dvd to my mother. She is always complaining that she needs to start exercising so I give her that dvd. But she won’t use the dvd.

I decided to get a new Tae Bo dvd. I got Tae Bo Max Intensity. Billy Blanks adds in new moves and he adds in jumping near the end of the workout. I just don’t understand why jumps are always added at the end of the workouts on exercise dvds.

Anyway the dvd is 65 minutes long. At the end of the dvd he talks about pushing yourself. And he does push you in this dvd. By the way, Billy Blanks calls this dvd another name in the workout. He says it’s called The Tae Bo Way.

I do like the circle punch and some other moves he does in the workout. The workout is fast-paced. You don’t have to get on the floor in this dvd.

You should check out Tae Bo Max Intensity on Amazon.com, if you want a high intensity workout.
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Beautiful Creatures series

Back in 2013, Chris had asked me what movies I wanted to see when he came down. I written down Beautiful Creatures. I had seen commercials of the movie on tv and it looked really good. It was one of the movies I wanted to see with him. But we didn’t get to see the movie.

About a year ago, I decided I wanted to see the movie, but I wanted to read the book first. The movie is based on the book that is written by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl.

The book and movie are about a girl named Lena Duchannes. She is a witch. She is having hard time controlling her powers. She meets a new guy named Ethan Wate. They fall in love. They soon learn that their families are intertwined. She has a problem though.  She has go through a changing where she lets fate chose if she is a good witch or a bad witch. But instead of being like her ancestors, she chooses to be both good and bad. Ethan though gets in the middle of things and gets almost killed. She attempts to bring him back alive.

I think the book was so much better than the movie. I’m also glad I didn’t see the movie with Chris because I don’t think he would have liked it.

The authors did make the book into a series, and wrote short stories that went along with the books. I read them most of them. I did stop reading the short stories because I think some of them didn’t need to be written. I really liked the book series. The book series consist of Beautiful Creatures, Beautiful Darkness, Beautiful Chaos, and Beautiful Redemption.

Check out this awesome book series and movie on Amazon.com.

Tae Bo Express

When I got those three Tae Bo dvds,  I had often wished that Billy Blanks would make a dvd that was shorter than the 60 minute and 45 minute workouts. I wanted to be able to do the workout before going to  work instead of waiting until the afternoon or the weekends to do them.

My wish came true. Billy Blanks did make a 10 minute workout dvd. The dvd is called
Tae Bo Express. There is eight different workouts on the dvd. Those workouts are Abs, Punch and Knee, Fast Footwork, Kick Express, Isolation Toning, Combo Express, Power Punch, and Bootcamp Power.

I thought that this dvd would be awesome and that I could do two or three workouts in a row. After trying out the Bootcamp Power, I decided not to do that. Billy Blanks pushes you even in these 10 minute workouts.  But I love this dvd.

A warning though: there is some jumping in a one workout. You also will use a chair in the Isolation Toning workout. And the Abs workout you will have to get on the floor to do that one.

If you want a short and awesome workout, check out Tae Bo Express on Amazon.com.
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Thursday night I finished reading Variant by Robison Wells. It is part of a book series. Variant is the first book. The second book is called Feedback.

The book is a little slow at first, but it got really good later on. Variant is about a boy named Benson Fisher. He is a foster kid. He applies to a scholarship for a private school. When he arrives at the school, he learns the private school is no ordinary school. There are no adults in the school. The “students” are the “teachers” and “workers.” But there is another dark secret attached to the school that Benson finds out about.

Like I said it is slow at first, but I really did like this book. I will be reading the second book soon. The reason it is slow because he mostly talked about escaping, but he doesn’t until the end of the book. I thought this book reminded me of a movie made many years ago. But I was wrong. The movie was of aliens not what this book is like. The movie I’m taking about is The Faculty. It also reminded me of the movie The Village with the same kind of fear.

I do think Variant could really good movie too. If you want a book book to read check out Variant by: Robison Wells on Amazon.com.
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A new eyeglass case

A few years ago I got some new glasses. My old ones were crooked. The reason they were crooked was because I did an arm balance yoga move and fell sideways. The arm balance yoga move was crow. The eyeglass case I got with the new glasses was black with green lining in it.

Fast forward to last year I noticed that the lining in the eyeglass case was falling off in a pieces. The metal underneath was showing.


I want to get a new eyeglass case before Christmas, but I didn’t have enough Amazon gift cards to get it. So after Christmas I got a new pink eyeglass case that comes with a pink and white cleaning cloth. I love it. The eyeglass case I picked also says it can be used for a kinds of things not just a case for your glasses. It listed it can be used as a pen holder, phone cord holder, lipstick holder, jewelry holder, and sewing kit.

They have many colors in the cases. They have pink, blue, red, teal, green, purple, pink/purple, dark pink, and gold. I liked all the colors, but I chose pink because it’s my favorite color.

If you want some bling to your eyeglass case, check out the ones by Spunky Soul.
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Two Christian workouts

A few years ago I noticed in a Lifeway ad that My uncle had that Tae Bo has two Christian workouts. So I decided to get one and try it out. The one I got was Tae Bo: The Strength Within. I really liked it so I ended up buying the second one which is called Tae Bo: The Power Within. I liked the second one too. Both of the dvds have moves that I really doing.

The instructor is Billy Blanks. His daughter is also in the dvds. In the dvds, he quotes some scripture. In the Strength Within dvd, he prays at the end of the dvd. In the Power Within dvd, he prays at the beginning. The Strength Within dvd is 46 minutes long. The Power Within dvd is 45 minutes long. There is Christian music in both dvds.

In both dvds, Billy Blanks goes a little slower than his other workouts he does. For this reason I think they are good workouts for anyone who thinks he goes too fast in his other workouts. But in the both dvds, you do have to get on the floor to do some of the moves.
In the Power Within dvd, there are some balance moves. You can use a chair, or do the moves lower than the people in the dvd.

If you want some awesome Christian workouts to do check out Tae Bo: The Strength Within and Tae Bo: The Power Within on Amazon.com.

Grave Mercy

I finished reading Grave Mercy last night. It is part of a book series by Robin LaFevers. The book series is called His Fair Assassin. The books in the series are Grave Mercy, Dark Triumph, and Mortal Heart. The books are historical fiction.

Warning: This book is a page turner.

Grave Mercy is about a 17 year old girl named Ismae. First she sold to a pig farmer, then sent away to convent. The convent is no ordinary convent. They serve Death. They train the girls to become assassins. Death and a seer tells the girls who to kill. Ismae gets a second assignment where she learns that the convent is wrong in their teaching and she ends up following her heart. This book reminds me of the movie Point of No Return which is based on La Femme Nikita. In that movie though the girl doesn’t know she is being groomed to be assassin until it is too late. In Grave Mercy, Ismae knows.

I loved this book. I will be reading the second book soon. The second book is about Sybella, who is the crazy girl in Grave Mercy.

If you want a really good page turner to read, check out Grave Mercy on Amazon.com.
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