A discovery of my own

After¬†I got back from my mountain trip, we discovered that my uncle’s cats loved one of my cat’s toys. Since I had to bring back that toy with me, my mother and I decided to get a new one for my uncle’s cats. We also decided to get some new food too.

So I got Lily a can of Tiki Cats and a few cans of Canidae. She loves both brands, but they are pricey when you get a case of it. I had known that Instagc.com has Petco gift cards. I usually get Amazon gift cards through Instagc. But the gift cards are 1000 points for a 10 dollar gift card. More than what I’m used to. But I decided to make it a goal.

Then I discovered that SwagBucks has Petco gift cards too. Although the points there for Petco gift cards is 2220 which is more than I’m used to. I used to get Amazon Gift cards through Swagbucks.

I was going to do run both websites at the same time on two browsers. It was driving me crazy because one of them wouldn’t work. I decided to download the Opera browser to see if it would help. The videos looked funny, but they ran. This morning I thought that a setting was making the video look funny. It was. I changed that setting and I found out Firefox has that same setting under another setting. So I changed that setting on Firefox.

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The Time Traveler’s Wife

I watched¬†The Time Traveler’s Wife yesterday. I had taped it when HBO was a free preview. It has Arliss Howard, Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams, Brooklynn Proulx, Ron Livingston, Jane McLean, Hailey McCann, Tatum McCann, and Stephen Tobolowsky in it.

Warning: Have tissues ready. It’s sad at the end.

In this movie, A man named Henry who was in a car accident with his mother. His mother died, but the accident causes him to time travel (my theory). He meets a woman named Claire who ends up being his wife. He also time travels to when she was little and they end up being friends. He does marry Claire and they try to have a baby which doesn’t come to term at first because of time travel. But they do have a girl who learns how to control her time traveling.

I liked the movie even though it was sad. Next week I’m watching TomorrowLand.

The Ghost Writer

I saw¬†The Ghost Writer yesterday. I had taped it when Cinemax was a free preview. It has Ewan McGregor, Jon Bernthal, Kim Cattrall, Jim Belushi, Olivia Williams, Pierce Brosnan, Tom Wilkinson, and Tim Faraday in it. The Ghost Writer is based on a book by Robert Harris. I haven’t read the book.

Warning: there is a sad part and some violence.

The Ghost Writer is about a ghost writer. The ghost writer is given the task to go over a manuscript of a book about a Prime Minister named Adam Lang. The manuscript was written by another ghost writer who had mysterious died. The first ghost writer had found out a secret about Prime Minister and he was supposedly killed. This new ghost writer finds out the secret, but he finds out too late.

I didn’t like the ending, but I did like the movie. On IMDB, they say the ending is different in the book. Next week I’m watching The Time Traveler’s Wife


While reading Song of Susannah (which I just finished reading), I was confused at one point. Mia, the spirit that hijacked Susannah, told her that Discordia was in the center with the beams pointing outward. I originally thought Roland said that the Dark Tower was in the center and the beam pointed outward. I thought maybe Discordia was interchangeable, but then she mentions the Dark Tower.

So I looked it up on Google to find out if it’s actual place in the book. When I did find out there is a computer game called Discordia. It’s a puzzle game like the computer game Myst. The graphics were a little graphic, but very cool. The places in the game are found in the last two books of the Dark Tower book series. Supposedly there a shooting part too. But I didn’t do the shooting part. I did kinda cheated myself though because it does give details of what happens in the last two books.

The game is only two chapters long. I hope he makes more chapters to it. Here is the website for the game: https://stephenking.com/darktower/discordia/

Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah

I finished reading The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah by Stephen King. There are eight books in the book series.

Warning: there are some gross parts and some violence.

In this book, Stephen King writes himself in the book. No, that is not the mild blowing part that I mentioned earlier. In the previous books, Eddie, Jake, and Susannah all say they are taken out of different years in New York. In this book, Eddie discovers through Calvin Tower’s friend that his childhood neighborhood is a different town in New York according to Calvin’s friend. Which means Eddie, Jake, and Susannah were taken out of different worlds of New York instead of different years. This was mind-blowing for me.

In this book, Susannah is hijacked by Mia (a spirit). She leaves the celebration of killing the wolves and takes the bad Ball Thirteen. She goes into the door of the cave. Mia is determined to have her baby. The others learn she is gone with the ball. The bad thing is the door won’t open again. The magic is barely there. Roland gets a plan to open the door again by using the Manni’s magic tools. Eddie and Roland go to Maine to find Calvin Tower to make him sell the lot to them. Calvin refuses until Roland convinces him. Then Eddie decides they need to see Stephen King. They find out that Eddie is a twin of Roland’s friend. Stephen King does help Jake later on with a hotel key.

Meanwhile, Susannah is in New York in 1999. She finds a turtle in the bag with the ball. The turtle is magical where it hypnotizes people. So she uses it to get a hotel room and puts the ball in a safe in the room. She goes to the Dixie Pig where she finds out what the low men are. She has the baby in an Experimental lab where the wolves bring the children to be operated on. Mia learns that she was tricked (she was very na√Įve.) into believing she would take care of the baby. Jake and Father Callahan fall into New York of 1999. Jake uses the touch to find Susannah/Mia. They go to the hotel room to take the ball somewhere else. Then they take the turtle that Susannah drops and go into the Dixie Pig.

At the end of the book, Stephen King has his diary of the rest of the books of the Dark Tower series. It was really neat until the last entry of the diary. I did like this book. Now I’m reading Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower by Stephen King. It is the last book of the Dark Tower book series.

You can get this book at Wordery.com, Kobo.com, and Downpour.com.


Mind Blowing stuff

There are two things that have blown my mind lately. One I will hopefully post about on Friday. It deals with the book I’m reading which I hope to finish reading by Friday.

The other thing is a tv show that I have been watching. The show is called One Strange Rock. I had watched an episode with my mother (she was falling asleep through some of it) on Father’s Day. She keeps telling me that I need to see the other episodes. I decided to tape the show.

The show is hosted by Will Smith (love him). The show talks about our planet Earth. I have learned some stuff from watching the show. I always thought that it would be easy to move people to another planet like some movies out there. But we as a people forget the planets are moving all the time. So it will be hard to get people to another planet if we needed to. The show also talked about how gravity would make it hard too. And radiation would be another hard factor.

Another coloring page picture:



Lost Cat Corona

I did watch Lost Cat Corona yesterday. I had taped it when Showtime was a free preview. It has Ralph Macchio, David Zayas, Paul Sorvino, Jeff Kober, Adam Ferrara, Michael McGlone, Kathrine Narducci, and Ajay Naidu in it.

Warning: there is lots of cussing and a little bit of violence.

In this movie, a man named Dominic had let out his wife’s cat at night. She asks him to look for her cat. The cat’s name is Leonard and he’s black. (I tried to get Lily to watch this movie, but she wouldn’t watch the movie.) So he and his best-friend Ponce go look for the cat. But the cat was in the garage when they left and then wonders around. While looking for the cat, Dominic gets into some sticky situations. He ends up finding the cat at the end.

Even though there was lots of cussing, it was a cute movie. I sorta liked it. Next week I’m watching The Ghost Writer.

Lady in the Water

I watched Lady in the Water yesterday after I watched The Village. I thought I never saw it, but I guess I had seen a little bit of it. It has Paul Giamatti,  Bryce Dallas Howard, Jeffrey Wright, Bob Balaban, Sarita Choudhury,  Cindy Cheun, M.Night Shyamalan, and Freddy Rodríguez in it.

Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this movie, a man named Cleveland is an apartment supervisor. A few nights he sees someone swimming in the pool, but doesn’t catch the person. One night he catches the person. It is a woman. She saves his life. He later finds out she is not from this world. She is bedtime storybook character. He isn’t the only who can see her. Other tenets see her and they try to help her get back home.

I liked this movie. I also liked The Village. In two weeks I watching Lost Cat Corona.

Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla

I finished reading Dark Tower V: Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King. There are eight books in the Dark Tower book series.

Warning: there are some gross parts and there is some violence.

In this book, Roland and his friends are traveling in the woods. One of them senses that someone is following them. Roland says that there is a group following them, but not to worry. Then one night Eddie, Oy, and Jake travel to NYC. They fade in and out. While there in NYC, Eddie, Jake, and Oy sees the other Jake in 1977. (Spooky) The other Jake goes into the bookstore. Jake tells Eddie they shouldn’t go inside, but Eddie does anyway. People sense them, but can’t see them. Then the other Jake leaves. Jake tells Eddie this is when he goes to see the rose. He really wants Eddie to see the rose. But Eddie sees the car of his former drug boss. So they linger at the bookstore to see Calvin Tower get beat up. It was over a contact of the vacant lot where the rose is located. Later Eddie gets idea to get Calvin Tower to let them buy the vacant lot from Tower. When Eddie does talk to Calvin, he learns that everything is connected.¬† Meanwhile, Roland finds out that Susannah is another person again and she is pregnant with a demon (perhaps). Roland keeps this secret until Jake finds out and then he tells Eddie.¬† ¬†The group following them make themselves known. They tell them that they need help because wolves are coming to take their children. The children come back with part of their brain missing and they end up giants. They end up dying young. Roland agrees to help, but some people won’t like it. One of the group is a priest who has another part of the Wizard’s Rainbow. The ball is called Black Thirteen which will help them go anywhere and any when. The gunslingers find out the truth to the wolves. Roland has a plan of deception which throw off the wolves and they win.

I had thought this book sounded like the movie The Village because the whole town, Calla, was so frightened by the wolves to anything about it. A select few knew what the wolves were and how the info was passed on to the wolves. The difference though the wolves weren’t people like in The Village.¬† Even though there were some gross parts in the book, I liked the book. Now I’m reading The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah by Stephen King.

You can get this book at Wordery.com, Kobo.com, and Downpour.com.


Now You See Me 2

I watched Now You See Me 2 on Tuesday. I had taped it on FX. It has
Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco, Daniel Radcliffe,  Lizzy Caplan,Jay Chou, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, David Warshofsky, and Tsai Chin in it.

Warning: there is another twist and some violence.

In this movie, the Four Horseman gets antsy. One of them thinks he has contacted the Eye. He later finds out another magician was behind that contact. That other magician ends up kidnapping the Four Horseman so they can steal something for him. Before they do that, Dylan gets a plan together to expose a tech giant for not caring about safety. Dylan does save the Four Horseman. In the process of doing that, they all learn some of the members of the real Eye. They end up exposing the other magician and his evil plan.

I loved this movie. I hope there will be a third movie. In two weeks I’m watching Lost Cat Corona.