Firestarter (2022)

I watched Firestarter (2022). It is supposedly based on the book by Stephen King. Yes I have read the book a long time ago and I have seen the old movie. This movie can be found on Peacock. It has Zac Efron, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Sydney Lemmon, Michael Greyeyes, Gloria Reuben, Kurtwood Smith, and John Beasley.

Big Warning: there is some violence.

In case some haven’t read the book or seen the old movie, here’s a summary of all three. A guy named Andrew (Andy in this movie) and a woman named Vicky decide to do a clinical trial of a drug while they were college. The drug though makes them have special powers. Andrew has powers of making people believe anything and Vicky can move stuff with her mind. They fall in love and have a daughter named Charlie. Charlie has powers too. She can start fires with her mind. The government agency that did the clinical trial want Charlie to run tests on her. In the end, Charlie fights back.

I sorta liked this movie. I am watching the old movie next week so I can compare. But I do agree with some people on IMDB this movie shouldn’t have been rebooted and they should have put in movie about the clinical trials like the book and the old movie had. Also there is a tv show called Firestarter 2: Rekindled. It is supposedly a sequel to the movie. It’s on Peacock too. And I will be watching this show too soon.

Outer Range

I had a trailer of the new show Outer Range and it looked really good so I made plans to watch the show when it came out. It’s on Amazon Prime. Today I watched the last show of this season. I am really hoping they will do a season 2 because it left me hanging. You know that drives me crazy.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence, big twists and a cliffhanger.

It starts out that a ranger named Royal who finds a huge hole on the western pasture on his land. He puts his hand in the hole and sees a vision of the near future. Later a hippie woman named Autumn shows up and asks to camp on Royal’s land. He agrees to let her. She ends up knowing about the hole and alot of other stuff. She also pushes Royal into the hole and witnesses the future and he learns he had been dead for two years. Other strange things happen and Royal gets in a showdown with Autumn which turns bad and good in an odd way.

I love this show. I really want season 2.

No Escape Room

I watched No Escape Room. I had taped it when it was on SYFY, but it is on Netflix. It has Jeni Ross, Mark Ghanimé, Hamza Haq, Kathryn Davis, Dennis Andres, Brianna Barnes in it.

Big Warning: there is some gross parts and two sad parts. This is a WEIRD movie, but I didn’t like the end.

In this movie, Karen and her father Michael were going on vacation, but their plans of going horseback riding gets cancelled. Then the car breaks down so they find out there is an escape room in town. They decide to go even though the waitress jokes about people don’t come back out of the escape room. They are greeted by a woman named Josie and there are three other people also playing. They are handed a drink which is tea. They had to sign a contract and watch a movie. Josie told them if things get too weird to say awake and you can be set free. She then told them about the history of the house and that the inventor who own the house wanted to talk to the dead and had instruments to do so. He has drank ayahuasca (a tea I think they were given). They were to find five people and rescue them and find clues to escape each room. In the first room, they look for clues. Tyler looks through a mask hanging on the wall and sees his hand change. Then Melanie, his girlfriend, talks to herself through a phone. She hands the phone to Tyler who flips out that his ear is bleeding and the phone had worms in it. He yells awake and he goes. They find the key to get out of that room. In another room, they find Josie who is stabbed and she tells them to find the master key. Karen goes to find a way out, but she is led to another room which she finds a clue to where the master key is. Melanie though sees a video of herself in a loop and she finds Tyler’s body. He hung himself. She gets killed too. Michael is supposedly killed by a girl in a painting. Karen finally figures out the people they are to seek are themselves and they are in a loop. They find the master key in Josie’s body and they “leave,” but they find out the car has locks in there so actually they didn’t really escape the house.

I liked this movie, but like I said I didn’t like the end. I read there maybe a sequel maybe this year. I hope so. I would like to know more about the house and if anyone really escapes the house. Next week I’m watching Firestarter (2022). I have read this remake isn’t good as the book.


I finished reading  Seraphina by Rachel Hartman. She also wrote Tess on the Road which I read earlier.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this book, a girl named Seraphina has a few secrets. Her mother dies in child birth. Her father finds out her mother was a dragon then.  Seraphina is a half dragon.  Her father is a lawyer who helps bring about a treaty between the humans and dragon. He remarries and has four other kids. Tess is Seraphina’s half sister.  She also has a teacher who teaches her all about dragons. That teacher ends up being her uncle who is also a dragon. She doesn’t know he is her uncle and a dragon until she sees him in dragon form. When she does, she begins to have visions that cause her to blackout. Her uncle teaches her how to manage the visions. She later finds out that the visions are of real people and those people are half dragons like her.  Seraphina’s mother was a musician so  Seraphina is really into music too. So she leaves her father’s house and goes to become the court’s musician assistant. In doing so she gets to know the prince who is engaged to his cousin. She falls in love with the prince and she does end up telling him everything about her being a dragon. He confesses that he loves her too. Also Seraphina meets her grandfather, but her grandfather wants to destroy the treaty. Her uncle fights his father to the death and wins. But now her grandfather’s army wants war.

I loved this book. Now I’m reading Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman. It is the sequel to Seraphina.

The Bad Seed (1985)

I watched The Bad Seed (1985). It was a tv movie remake of the original movie made in 1956 (which I watched last week). It has Blair Brown, Lynn Redgrave, David Carradine (love him), Carrie Wells, David Ogden Stiers, and Richard Kiley in it.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this version, the little girl’s name is Rachel Penmark. Her mother is a widow. Rachel is accused of killing a little boy at a picnic because she wanted the medal she thought was supposed to be hers. Her mother thinks she was adopted and finds out she was the lone survivor of a serial killer mother. Rachel kills the handyman. In this version, it shows her mother throwing the medal in the ocean. Her mother gives her sleeping pills like the other versions and she kills herself. But in the version, the mother dies and Rachel goes to live with her grandfather (the adopter father of her mother). It hints that she may kill the neighbor because wants her necklace.

I think I like the 2018 and the original 1956 versions better. I will watch the sequel of the 2018 version after it comes on (May 30th). Next week I’m watching No Escape Room.

The Bad Seed (1956)

I watched The Bad Seed (1956). Roku had said that it was on TV Time (an old movie network), but it was the wrong movie. But I did see the movie though. This movie has Nancy Kelly, Patty McCormack, Gage Clarke, Jesse White, Joan Croydon, William Hopper (love him), Evelyn Varden in it.

Big Warning: there is some violence and a sad part.

In this original movie, Rhoda Penmark is an eight-year-old girl who is accused of pushing her friend off a pier. She wanted a medal that she says she should have won. In this movie, her mother is alive unlike the remake. Her mother thinks she was adopted because she keeps dreaming of an orchard. She finds out that she was adopted and her mother (Rhona’s grandmother) was a serial killer and her mother killed her baby brother too. So she thinks Rhoda has a bad gene. Rhoda kills the handyman too. Rhoda’s mother tries to poison Rhoda and shoots herself. Rhoda goes out to try to find the medal in the lake during a rainstorm. Her mother said she threw it in the lake. She gets struck by lightning.

I liked this movie. Next week I’m watching The Bad Seed (1985). It is a remake of this movie.

The End of Forever

I finished listening to The End of Forever by Steve Berry and M.J. Rose. It is a novella of Cassiopeia Vitt, the girlfriend of Cotton Malone. There are sixteen books in the Cotton Malone book series. Yes, I have read them all. No, I don’t have a favorite. I love them all. Steve Berry’s newest book coming out wouldn’t be about Cotton. I’m still going to read it.

Big Warning: There is one sad part and some violence.

In this book, Cassiopeia finds out that a family friend was murdered. She was wanting to investigate who did the murder but had no real leads. Then the castle she is building gets damaged a little bit. She thinks it was a warning of some kind and she thinks maybe the murder of a friend is connected. She goes to see a friend about some maps and then she gets kidnapped. She finds out that she was right the murder and the damage was connected and the man behind it all was a man on a revenge kick. She had put him in hot water with the police and lawsuits. So he wanted to ruin her life. She does kill him and saves Cotton and her friend from getting killed.

I loved this book. Now I’m reading Seraphina by Rachel Hartman. She wrote the Tess of the Road which I read earlier.

The Bad Seed (2018)

I watched The Bad Seed (2018). I had taped it when it was on Lifetime. It has Rob Lowe, Mckenna Grace, Sarah Dugdale, Marci T. House, Luke Roessler, Lorne Cardinal, and Patty McCormack in it.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this movie, a little girl named Emma gets jealous that a friend of hers gets a medal that she says she deserves. So she pushes him off a cliff and takes the medal. She explains it away saying they were playing a game. Then she kills her teacher because she was investigating how Milo was pushed off the cliff. Her father wants to kill her, but you know what happens. So she goes to leave with her aunt.

Note there will be a sequel on Lifetime On May 30th. I will try to watch it.

I did like this movie. Next week I’m watching The Bad Seed (1956). It’s the original movie.

The House of Long Ago

I finished listening to The House of Long Ago by Steve Berry. This is one of his novellas about Cassiopeia Vitt, the girlfriend of Cotton Malone. There are sixteen books in the Cotton Malone book series. Yes, I have read them all. No I don’t have a favorite. I love them all. Steve Berry’s newest book coming out wouldn’t be about Cotton. I’m still going to read it.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence and some sad parts.

In this book, Cassiopeia visits her family’s villa in order to sell the painting in the house and the house itself. Her museum friend tells her that the paintings are copies. She finds out that her father had the originals hidden in a secret vault (This reminds of a The Blacklist episode where Red had gotten into a secret vault of a private detective.). Cassiopeia goes to the secret vault and finds the paintings that were missing. She seeks to find out who stole the paintings. In doing so, she gets almost killed and her friend almost gets killed.  In the end, she learns that her father was a great man who restored happiness to a lot of people.

I loved this book. Now I’m going to listen to The End of Forever by Steve Berry. It is another Cassiopeia Vitt book.