The Bad Seed (1956)

I watched The Bad Seed (1956). Roku had said that it was on TV Time (an old movie network), but it was the wrong movie. But I did see the movie though. This movie has Nancy Kelly, Patty McCormack, Gage Clarke, Jesse White, Joan Croydon, William Hopper (love him), Evelyn Varden in it.

Big Warning: there is some violence and a sad part.

In this original movie, Rhoda Penmark is an eight-year-old girl who is accused of pushing her friend off a pier. She wanted a medal that she says she should have won. In this movie, her mother is alive unlike the remake. Her mother thinks she was adopted because she keeps dreaming of an orchard. She finds out that she was adopted and her mother (Rhona’s grandmother) was a serial killer and her mother killed her baby brother too. So she thinks Rhoda has a bad gene. Rhoda kills the handyman too. Rhoda’s mother tries to poison Rhoda and shoots herself. Rhoda goes out to try to find the medal in the lake during a rainstorm. Her mother said she threw it in the lake. She gets struck by lightning.

I liked this movie. Next week I’m watching The Bad Seed (1985). It is a remake of this movie.

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