The House of Long Ago

I finished listening to The House of Long Ago by Steve Berry. This is one of his novellas about Cassiopeia Vitt, the girlfriend of Cotton Malone. There are sixteen books in the Cotton Malone book series. Yes, I have read them all. No I don’t have a favorite. I love them all. Steve Berry’s newest book coming out wouldn’t be about Cotton. I’m still going to read it.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence and some sad parts.

In this book, Cassiopeia visits her family’s villa in order to sell the painting in the house and the house itself. Her museum friend tells her that the paintings are copies. She finds out that her father had the originals hidden in a secret vault (This reminds of a The Blacklist episode where Red had gotten into a secret vault of a private detective.). Cassiopeia goes to the secret vault and finds the paintings that were missing. She seeks to find out who stole the paintings. In doing so, she gets almost killed and her friend almost gets killed.  In the end, she learns that her father was a great man who restored happiness to a lot of people.

I loved this book. Now I’m going to listen to The End of Forever by Steve Berry. It is another Cassiopeia Vitt book.

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