My booties

As I said earlier, I had to give away my white sandal dress shoes and my payless white flat shoes.
Since I was wanting to get that pink dress for my Las Vegas trip, I decided to get some pink booties. I wanted to shoes that wouldn’t twist my ankle and I could walk fast in them.

When I got them, I did try them on right away to make sure they would be perfect for the trip. They fit and they feel great on.

As it turned out, I ended up wearing them twice on my trip. I hurt the back of my heel when we were rushing to get on the second flight going to Las Vegas. In case we had to rush to get to the flight going back home, I wore the booties. The booties did come untied a few times, but they didn’t hurt my feet.

They have a women’s and girl’s size in this bootie. Here is the bootie I got:

My green tights

Many years ago I had green, blue, white, black, and red tights. I lost my red tights in moving several times.

I have a Christmas Eve outfit of a red velvet shirt with a black velvet skirt that has roses on it. I usually wear my black tights with it, but this year I couldn’t. I was going to wear my black ones on my trip to Las Vegas. (Only I didn’t get to wear those black tights)

So I decided to wear my green tights to my great-aunt’s house on Christmas Eve. I found out when I put them on they had a huge hole at the top and a small hole on my toe.

After Christmas Eve, I decided to get some new green tights. I got a ten dollar Amazon gift card from my cousin at Christmas so I use it toward the tights. At first, I couldn’t decide which one to get.

I ended up getting Hue tights in shadow olive. I liked the color. When I got them, though, they were darker than I expected.I like them anyway. They fit too. I hope to get wear them for St. Patrick’s Day.

You can get the tights at

My pink dress

Even since I was nine, I loved the movie Dirty Dancing. I used to get perms. And one year my step-father’s mother (I called Nana) made me a “Baby dress.” The dress she wore at the end. I picked out the fabric. It was a soft, pink fabric. I loved the fabric so much I asked her to make me little curtains for a doll house I owned.

The dress isn’t exact, but I still loved it. Flash forward to this year, I wanted to try on the dress to see if I could still wear it. I wanted to maybe take it on my secret trip. But sadly it was too tight. So I looked everywhere for a dress I would wear on the secret trip. I found a dress I loved on Amazon. After I found that dress I saw on that they had a similar dress to my “Baby dress,” but it wasn’t my size.

I ended up buying the Amazon dress and booties with my Amazon gift cards that I saved up. Here’s a picture of me wearing the dress.


I love the feel of the fabric of this new dress.

You can find this dress at You can find the similar “Baby dress” at
Baby dress 1 at walmart
icon Baby dress 2 at walmart

My white shoes

Many years ago I had some pretty patent shoes with little heels. I loved those shoes. A few years ago my mother got into one of cleaning moods and kept fussing about the shoes. They were scuffed up, but I didn’t care. I could call them black and white shoes. She refused and made me throw them away.

A few months later I made her take me shopping for some more white shoes since she threw those away. We could hardly find any white shoes in the store. I found some at last. They were little white sandal dress shoes made by Nina.

But one year when I wore them at Easter, my feet froze. So I looked up some shoes at payless. They had some cute ones, but they were only online. We went to the store anyway. Their shoe sizes aren’t normal. I found some cute white ones, but they are too wide. But I got them anyway. I did wear them to church a few times.

Flash forward to the present, I am hoping to take a trip soon with Chris. I thought about making a strap for those payless shoes. Chris is way taller than me and I usually can’t keep up with him. But when I tried them on a few days ago, my big toe is hitting the end on them. So I have decided to give them away.

You can find similar shoes at, and
Nina Tabytha Dress Sandal (Little Kid/Big Kid), Silver, 4 M US Big Kid
Smartfit shoes on ebay

Also, my five Laurell K Hamilton books are still on ebay.
5 books by Laurell K. Hamilton on ebay

Good news and my black witch shoes

I’m jumping for joy today because Microsoft Edge is working fine now. I guess it wanted a day off. lol

Many years ago I had some black lace up pointed toe boots. I loved those boots. I called them my witch shoes.  My mother called them granny shoes. They got so worn that I had to throw them away about two years ago.

Then that same year on Black Friday I found some similar boots at JCPenney. They aren’t a pointed toe, though. They are a rounded toe style of boot.The ones I had you had to tie the laces. These rounded toe ones have a side zipper which is nicer.

You can find these boots at and
Steve Madden witch boots

My grey skirt

Many years ago I got a dark grey skirt. It had a silver buckle design. It zipped up in the back. I loved that skirt. I usually wore it around my birthday to look more “grown up” or nowadays I say to look more my age. Most people can’t believe I am 36 years old.

Anyway last year I decided to give the skirt away. It was getting too short. Last Easter while I shopping at Kohls, I found a grey skirt that will be a replacement. It really makes me look elegant. It is made by Elle. It’s a pull on style. It’s spaced dyed and a lighter grey than my other skirt.

You can find the skirt at Kohls, or at

Women's ELLE™ Space-Dye Pencil Skirt Elle skirt at Kohls    Elle skirt on ebay

My blue/green shirt

Many years ago, I had a blue paisley turtleneck long sleeve shirt that I loved. The tag in the back of the shirt was itching me so I cut it out. When I took out the tag, it left a medium size hole. I wore the shirt anyway because I would have long hair when I usually wore it and the hole wouldn’t show. I also wore jackets too which hid the hole.

Last year my mother and I went through my clothes and I decided to get rid of that shirt. I hated getting rid of that shirt, but I knew that hole will eventually get bigger. So last Black Friday I saw a mock turtleneck paisley long sleeve shirt. The paisley is done in a blue-greenish color with a black background. The shirt is made by Kim Rodgers. I love the shirt.

I couldn’t find the exact shirt I got, but here’s some that are similar.

kim rodgers paisley shirt on ebay