Our preacher has been doing the book of Revelation. This past Sunday he was talking about Heaven. He was saying that every race would be invited into heaven. I do believe that we wouldn’t care if we standing near another person of a different race when we are in heaven. I know the people who protest for the statues and flags say it’s about history and heritage. I suggest those people to watch the documentary Life After People. It shows what happens to certain things when there are no people around. Those statues and flags will be dust. Are you going to protest to North Korea if they bomb your precious flags and statues? Start worrying about the bigger picture than the smaller things in life.

And you don’t see the Native American Indians protesting that this is their land and their heritage.

The Jefferson Key

I finished reading The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry. It is the seventh book of the Cotton Malone book series. There are 12 books in the series.

Warning: there is lots of violence.

This book deals with pirates and Bath, North Carolina (I have visited there.  I live in North Carolina. My mother used to live in Greenville, North Carolina which is close to Bath. My uncle and I visited her once and looked around Bath, North Carolina. I didn’t know the town was once a pirate town. I did know about Black Beard, but didn’t know other pirates came to Bath.)

In the book, Cotton Malone gets an email from his former boss to come to New York. He and Cassiopeia go to NY. Cotton gets a message from his former boss to go to a hotel. Inside the hotel room, he sees a box in the window and a note addressed to him. He looks outside and sees the president outside. The box opens and shoots fire at the president!!  Cotton goes out the window and tries to stop or redirect the bullets. The another box opens in another window, and a rocket came out. Cotton redirects it and shoots at the other box.  Then Cotton runs from the police and the secret service. He does get arrested, but the president lets him go. The president was unharmed. The president tells Cotton and Cassiopeia that pirates had tried to kill him. They are called the Commonwealth.  They are four families and they call themselves privateers (but reality they are pirates.)  Mr. Hale is one of the four. He is the main captain. The other three captains had ordered the hit on the president. The main reason is because the president would not give them protection from being investigated. There was a puzzle that dated back from Andrew Jackson. The puzzle told where two papers that proved the letters of marque was real. Mr. Hale was determined to figure out the puzzle and find the two papers. Cotton also found out the email from his former boss was not exactly real. Someone posed as her. She was kidnapped by Mr. Hale. The person who sent that email was a former co-worker named Wyatt. Wyatt wanted Cotton dead because Cotton made him lose his job.  Later Wyatt sorta made up with Cotton. Cassiopeia learns about a secret of the president and the first lady. They both were having sorta affairs. She also rescues Stephanie, Cotton’s former boss. Then Cotton rescues Cassiopeia. Wyatt does find the papers and tears them to pieces. Mr. Hale dies with his ship and the rest of the Commonwealth gets arrested.

I loved this book. Next, I’m reading Seeds of Yesterday by V.C Andrews.

You can find this book at Wordery.com, Kobo.com, Downpour.com.



I watched Trolls yesterday. I thought the movie would be stupid, but it wasn’t. It was awesome. It was so cute. It has Anna Kendrick, Justin Timberlake, Zooey Deschanel, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Russell Brand, Christine Baranski, Gwen Stefani, and John Cleese.

Trolls is about trolls. lol (I still have some my old trolls. They are so cute.) The trolls were scared of the Bergens because they had a tradition/holiday to eat trolls. The reason is because the Bergens were unhappy. They thought eating the trolls would make them happy. When it was time for the holiday, the trolls left. Princess Poppy took over and she wanted to have a loud party. Which caused the Bergens to invade again. Poppy was determined to rescue the trolls and try to teach the Bergens that happiness is inside and it’s not caused by eating them. She, Branch, and some others helped a maid girl find true happiness with the prince. The Bergens did finally realize how to be happy at the end.

Like I said I loved this movie. I just read there will be a sequel coming in a few years. Next week I’m watching Beauty and the Beast (the live action one).

The Europa Conspiracy

I finished listening to Europa Conspiracy by Tim Lahaye and Bob Phillips.  It is the 3rd book of the Babylon Rising book series. There are four books in the series.

Warning: there are several sad parts and a cliffhanger ending.

In this book, Michael Murphy gets another clue from the unknown man to another artifact. He had to swing on ropes. The artifact pointed to the writing on the wall. He wanted to go to Babylon again to see it. His preacher tells him about a man who talked about the end of the world. Michael goes to see him. The man tells Michael that he and his co-worker caused the Anti-Christ to come into being. Talon kills the man though. Michael loses the paperwork that the man had. Then Michael contacts a friend of his that has ties to the Middle East. He finds out about terrorists that were planned something in NY. Michael figures out Talon is behind the terrorists. The terrorists almost bomb a bridge. Meanwhile, a reporter for a news agency is sleeping with her boss. He tells her about the seven  He also wants her to get info on Michael. During one of the classes Michael was teaching, the reporter gets a change of heart. She tries to warn Michael but doesn’t get to. Later she stupidity calls Michael and tells about the seven. Of course, her phone was bugged, and Talon kills her. Michael and his team go to Babylon to search for the writing on the wall. He does find it and some treasure.  Then an earthquake happened. Michael and his team make it out alive. Then he learns his friend needs him in Israel. A man who was studying the earthquake found that it causes Israel to have Iraq’s oil. Talon kills him too. Michael and his friend experienced gunfire and they went underground and got trapped.

I did like this book. I have the fourth book on hold on Open Library. While I’m waiting on it, I’m going to read The Jefferson Key by Steve Berry.

You can get this book at Wordery.com, Kobo.com, and Downpour.com.


Micah (book)

I finished reading Micah by Laurell K Hamilton. It is the 13th book of the Anita Blake book series. It is also a novella. There are 25 books in the Anita Blake book series.

Warning: there is some sex scenes.

In the book, Anita gets a call from Larry, her co-worker. He wants her to stand in for him on a zombie job because his wife is in labor. His wife wasn’t supposed to be in labor yet. They were trying to slow down the labor. Anita agrees to do the zombie job. She decides to take Micah, her were-leopard lover, along with her. Which turns out to be a good thing.  The FBI agent knows Micah from when he was attacked by a were-leopard. The other FBI agent Anita dealt with in New Mexico. She finds out why he dislikes her is because he is a psychic. Things go bad at the cemetery.  Anita’s powers get too strong because one of the lawyers delays the zombie raising. Then the zombie gets out of control and goes after the lawyer who was delaying the ritual. The reason is because the lawyer was working for the Mob and he pinned the body on a semi-innocent man (the zombie). Then a shooter shoots at Anita. Then she hits her head on a rock. Later she finds out the zombie ate the lawyer and the shooter is dead.

I sorta liked this book. In a few weeks, I will be reading Danse Macabre by Laurell K. Hamilton. It is the 14th book.

YOu can get this book at Wordery.com, and Kobo.com.

The Secret of Ararat

I finished listening to The Secret of Ararat by Tim Lahaye and Bob Phillips. It is the second book of Babylon Rising book series.

Warning: there are two sad parts.

In this book, Michael Murphy gets another clue to another artifact. He had to go into a cave. Inside the cave were two little puppies and a piece of wood which was the clue to what he was supposed to find. He rescued the puppies. The wood pointed to the story of Noah’s Ark. (I love that story because it’s amazing how they got the animals on ark.) The piece of wood was stolen. So the unknown man gave Michael another clue. Michael decided that he needed to find the Ark. He got a group of people together to go to Mount Ararat. Some terrible things happened while there. They were shot at, one man was killed while rescuing another guy. And two others were almost killed. Later it was revealed there were two moles in the group. One man from the group survived which was the pilot. Ms. McDonald also survived. She is the ancient language expert.  Michael and his team did see and walk on the Ark. They found a chest containing a sword and some measurement items. Also in the chest was something that could turn any metal into energy. The artifacts were stolen by Talon (a killer), but Michael managed to get the items away from the killer.

I did like this book. Next, I’m listening to The Europa Conspiracy by Tim Lahaye and Bob Phillips.

You can get this book at Wordery.com, Kobo.com, and Downpour.com.


I watched Moana a few days early since the Eclipse happened yesterday. I had been wanting to see it. It was really good. I liked the music too. I laughed and cried. It also has a great message. Moana is about a girl named Moana.

Moana is about a girl named Moana. lol She was called by the ocean. Her grandmother told stories of a demi-god who stolen the heart of Te Fiti. The stone is the creation of life. Since he stole the heart, there is a curse of all lands which reaches Moana’s Island. Moana’s grandmother tells her that she must convince the demigod to return the heart. Moana ends up doing that, but Maui (the demigod) get discouraged and Moana decides to return the heart herself. When she does, everything is right again.

I loved this movie. Next I’m watching Trolls.

Update on my uncle

My uncle did get out of the hospital on Sunday and is back home. My mother says he is in good spirits now, but he gets confused at times.

Yesterday I went over to his house to see the partial Eclipse with him and my mother. I have too many trees here and I wouldn’t be able to see it good. My mother did have Eclipse glasses for me, her, and my uncle. My uncle’s “best-friend” was there too. My uncle was walking pretty good. He didn’t use the walker the hospital gave him. He did walk a little slow.

We also had brought Lily, our cat, there too. Lily did ok in the car, but she was afraid of my uncle’s “best-friend.” (I would be too.)

Babylon Rising

I finished listening to Babylon Rising by Tim Lahaye and Greg Dinallo. It is another book series by Tim Lahaye. There are four books in the series. (I didn’t there were four. I thought there were only 3. Overdrive had only the three books. I found the fourth one at OpenLibrary.org. Although I have to wait for it. I’m next in line though.)

Warning: there is one really sad part.

The book series is about a man named Michael Murphy (my mother’s ex-boyfriend has the same name, but he’s definitely not like the character.) who is a professor at a college in North Carolina. He also hunts down ancient artifacts that prove the Bible and Christianity. (He is like Indiana Jones.) An unknown man plays a game with Michael in finding the artifacts. The artifact that has to search for is from the book of Daniel. Michael had to wrestle a lion to get a clue to know what the artifact is. The artifact turns out to be a bronze serpent. Meanwhile, seven people want that serpent also. They enlisted a few people to try to destroy Christians and to get the serpent. The bronze serpent is in three pieces and the pieces are scattered around the world. What Michael didn’t know was the serpent pointed to a bigger artifact that is more dangerous. The serpent was a red herring.

I did like this book. Next, I’m listening to The Secret of Aararat by Tim Lahaye and Bob Phillips. It is the second book in the Babylon Rising series.

You can get this book at Wordery.com, Kobo.com, and Downpour.com.

13 Reasons Why (tv show)

Last Friday I finished watching the first season of 13 Reasons Why on Netflix. It is based on the book by Jay Asher. I listened to the book many months ago. There will a second season happening in 2018. I can’t wait.

The show and book are about a girl named Hannah Baker who commits suicide. She makes 13 cassette tapes of the reasons why she committed suicide. Like I said earlier, I was bullied in school, but her experience was worse. Clay Jensen gets the tapes and listens to them.

The main difference in the book and show is that Clay listens to the tapes in one night. And he passes on the tapes in the book. In the show, he gives them to the counselor. Even with these differences, the show is awesome. The acting is great. (much better than the movie The Circle. Sorry still upset of that.) When I got through listening to the book, I was wondering how Clay would act in school after listening to those tapes.