Today is the last weekday of July

I don’t want this month to end yet. This year is going too fast. I need it to slow down.

Next week will be August!! Also next week the Olympics start. I hope to get to watch some of it on tv. I love watching the gymnastics, and the equestrian. For the winter Olympics, I love watching the luge.

Also in August, children and college kids will be going back to school. My mother had thought about getting another degree (she graduated with one last semester), but she said she forgot to register for it. So she might not be able to do it for the fall.

Nothing big is happening for me in August.I just hope next month will be a little bit cooler than this month as been.I do hope Chris can get to come for a visit.

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The Eye of Minds

Last night I finished reading Eye of Minds by James Dashner. It is the first book of a book series called The Mortality Doctrine. There are two other books in the series. They are The Rule of Thoughts and The Game of Lives.

There is a cliffhanger ending. This book is AWESOME. It has a mix of The Matrix, Divergent, and one scene of The Stand in it.

The Eye of Minds is about a guy named Michael. He has two friends named Sarah and Bryson. They are gamers and coders. They go into the games in what they call Sleep (kinda like The Matrix, but a little creepier). Michael is approached by some officials about trying to find a man named Kaine. Kaine was supposedly doing something illegal. Michael and his friends are chosen to find the guy because they are really good coders. They do run into some trouble and they almost quit. But they figured out a way to get to the Path (a series of tests). On the Path, they do encounter a woman in a rocking chair (the Stand) which gives them a clue to continue on The Path. Michael ends up being the one left at the end of The Path and meets Kaine, but he doesn’t get to kill him. Instead, he learns something about himself. (I’m not going to spoil it.) ¬†It seems Kaine is unstoppable for the moment until the next book that is.

I’m waiting on the second book and City of Bones by¬†Cassandra Clare. I have one person ahead of me on both books. I thought about reading another book, but it ended up being something else.

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Ballet Beautiful book and another workout

Mary Helen Bowers not only founded the Ballet Beautiful workout series, but she also wrote a book. In the book, she talks about how she started the workout series which was because an injury she had. She also talks about the food she eats and she gives recipes for them.

The main reason I got the book was to find out more about her and that the fact she also includes exercises you could do. I wanted to be able to do the exercises when I go on vacation. Of course, I never get to the exercises on vacation anyway.

Also, there is another ballet beautiful dvd, but  I chose not to get it. It is called Sculpt and Burn Cardio Blast. It has two 30 minute workouts. There is some light weight work involved. One of the Amazon reviews says that the first workout has some standing arm with light weights and swan arms. The second workout is the toning portion which is bridge, abs, outer thigh, and inner thigh. You should use two to three-pound weights.

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Zoo 2

Yesterday Zoo 2 came available on the digital library. I am reading another book so I had to stop that one to read Zoo 2. I had heard that people can read it in three hours.  I was going to get the audiobook, but there was a long wait for it.
Zoo 2 is by James Patterson and  Max DiLallo.It is a BookShots book.

Warning: this book has a cliffhanger ending.

Zoo 2 is a continuation¬†of the first book Zoo. At the end of Zoo, Oz and his family go to the Artic Circle thinking there are very few animals there. In Zoo 2, Oz was wrong. He gets attacked by a bear. Then he gets an email from an official asking him to join a team to find out a cure for the animal attacks again. At first, he doesn’t want to, but he goes anyway. He takes his wife and son to Paris thinking they will be safe, but they really aren’t. Their apartment gets attacked. Oz also finds out that the “disease” has grown to humans. (they aren’t like the show’s¬†mutant humans.) ¬†He does get his family rescued in Paris. Later Oz and another scientist develop a cure for the infected humans and they try it on his wife who comes infected.The¬†vaccine¬†gets dispersed, but then they see cockroaches¬†heading their¬†way. And that is how it ends.

I hope he makes Zoo 3. You can’t leave it hanging like that. Anyway, I’m reading Eyes of the Minds by James Dashner. After it, I hope to read The¬†Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner.

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Ballet Beautiful: Cardio Fat Burn

Before I begin I need to say that I’m not an Amazon¬†Associate anymore. They were going to cut off my account in three months because I wasn’t getting any sales. But then they cut my account because I was using my own facebook page instead of a fan page.

Anyway, I’m posting about the Ballet Beautiful: Cardio Fat Burn dvd. This is the first Ballet Beautiful dvd¬†I bought. Like the other ones Mary Helen Bowers is the instructor. There are four 15 minute workouts on the dvd. They¬†can be done in one whole workout session, or in sections. When I got the dvd, I watched the whole dvd¬†to make sure I could do the exercises. It made me tired just watching it. I decided to do it in sections. When you do it in sections there are actually¬†five workouts. I count the warm¬†up as a workout. When I do a section I do the warm up first and then the workout I had planned that day.

The workouts are Core, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Total Body. She does an Allegra cardio interval first then she does a toning workout of the core , upper body, and lower body. You don’t any equipment. Just a workout mat.

Mary Helen Bowers is the trainer of Natalie Portman in the movie Black Swan. I love that movie.If you never saw it, you should watch it.

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Nice loafers

Before I begin my blog post, I should say I’m 36 years old and I have very small feet. I’m 4’11, but I always say I’m 5 foot tall.

Many years¬†ago I had some black penny loafers. I loved to wear them with my dress pants. Those black penny¬†loafers started hurting my feet so ¬†I got some new black shoes. They were more like clogs. I loved those shoes, but then later they started hurting my feet. I got some shoe liners and it helped, but I was sad that I couldn’t wear them without the shoe liners.

I looked everywhere for some penny loafers, but I could find any in the stores. Last year I finally looked on Amazon and I found some I liked. They say they are boys shoes on the inside flap, but I don’t care. I choose the deep red color. They are little big, but they are fine. They are made by Kenneth Cole Reaction.

Here are the shoes I bought:

Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter

A few months now, I have been following a blog by a man named Kent Wayne. He’s an author. He wrote the books Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter and Echo Volume 2: The Taste of Ashes. He writes funny ads for his books. He also writes musings of thought invoking stuff. I had been wanting to read his book, but never got a chance to buy it. Last week he had a free promotional of the first book, so I got the book for free!! I really liked the book even though I’m not really into war books.

Here is Kent Wayne’s blog:¬†

Warning: the book has some violence and some cussing.

Echo Volume 1: Approaching Shatter is about a man named Atriya. He lives on a planet called Echo. He is in a military unit called The Crew. But lately, he had been feeling like everything is going against him and he also started noticing things that most people wouldn’t notice. (I thought he was going to say that people were brainwashed, but I was wrong.) He gets into a fight with his old boss who is part of a religious group called the Jury. His old boss gets him to be part of a mission where most of the people are part of the Jury and they want to kill him. After the fight, he goes to see a woman who was in the military, but now she is a chaplain. She heals his knife wound he got in the fight with some energy work.On the mission, he thinks he is slowly losing his mind like his own personal nightmare.

I won’t be able to get Echo Volume 2: The Taste of Ashes yet.But I will eventually read it. I’m reading next either Zoo 2 by James Patterson (I have one person ahead of me ),or Eyes of the Minds by James Dashner (I’m next in line for it).

You can find both books on

Zoo season 2 premiere

Last year I was excited about the tv show Zoo. It sounded like it would be a good show. I found out the show was based on a book by James Patterson so before I watched the show I read the book.

Zoo the book is not like the tv show. In the book, they have a different theory of why the animals were acting so differently. Their theory was because the cellphones and pollution were making the animals go crazy. The people were asked to not to use their cars and not use their cellphones for a week. The animals went back to normal. But people thought they were entitled started using their cars and cellphone. The animals went crazy again.
Also in the book, Abraham was killed by a tiger.

In the show, their theory is that a company made a chemical in a cell that was putting into everything that was fed to the animals. Also in the show, Abraham is alive.

I like the theory in the book better than in the show. But I do like watching the show.

The season 2 premiere of the tv show was pretty good. They got the leopard that supposed to have the cure, but they found out the “disease” has evolved. They saw vultures feasting on soldiers that were trying to protect a scientist.They found out the “disease” has evolved into humans which made one man become a monster.

A few months ago James Patterson wrote a sequel Zoo 2. I haven’t read it yet. I plan on reading it after I read Echo by Kent Wayne.

I highly suggest reading the book Zoo by James Patterson. The book and season 1 of the tv show can be found on,,,, or

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Mr. Robot season 2 premiere

I have been all excited about this new season of Mr. Robot. I found out the premiere was going in two parts. I got to see the first part last Thursday and I had to see the second part on Saturday. I have been wanting to know what happened to Tyrell. He became missing near the end of Season 1.

It wasn’t revealed yet!! ¬†The season 2 premiere was a little bit too weird. Elliot had been trying to “ignore” Mr. Robot, but it doesn’t really work. Mr. Robot still hasn’t said anything about Tyrell. ¬†His sister has taken over FSociety. I wish she would just call Elliot. I think Elliot should go along with Mr. Robot so he can find out about Tyrell instead of ignoring him.

I hope this season is as good as the first season.

If you haven’t seen the first season of Mr. Robot, you can get it at, or

Blue Dragon

I¬†finished reading Blue Dragon by Kylie Chan over the weekend. Blue Dragon is the third book of the Dark Heavens book series. The book series is a martial arts fantasy book series. The other two books in the book series are White Tiger and Red Phoenix.I had thought Chris would like the series, but he won’t read them. I ended up liking the series, though.

The Dark Heavens book series is about a woman named Emma Donahoe. She is a tutor at an elementary school and a part-time nanny to man’s daughter named Simone. The man’s name is John Chen. He offers her a job as full-time nanny to his daughter. She quits the teaching at the school¬†and becomes a¬†full-time nanny. But later she finds out John Chen is not really human. He is a Shen (god). His daughter is half Shen. She later is trained in martial arts and energy work to fight demons. John and Emma fall in love and he proposes to her, but he’s frail and he has to find her before getting married.

In Blue Dragon, Emma’s family visit her and they freak out about who John is, and they also freak out when they found out Emma is a big black snake. They later end up liking John and accepting that Emma is still Emma. She will never hurt the people she loves. Later Emma and John found out the bad demon that wants John’s head had been making copies and hybrids of people. Leo gets possessed, and later gets hurt badly. Simone gets kidnapped. John does get his head cuts off, but Emma finds out that John will find her again in order to come back to her. Simone ends up killing the demon that killed her father and mother. I’m reading next: Journey to Wudang: Earth to Hell by Kylie Chan. It is the next book series. It takes place 8 years after John is gone.

I’m reading next: Journey to Wudang: Earth to Hell by Kylie Chan. It is the next book series. It takes place 8 years after John is gone.

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