Mr. Robot season 2 premiere

I have been all excited about this new season of Mr. Robot. I found out the premiere was going in two parts. I got to see the first part last Thursday and I had to see the second part on Saturday. I have been wanting to know what happened to Tyrell. He became missing near the end of Season 1.

It wasn’t revealed yet!!  The season 2 premiere was a little bit too weird. Elliot had been trying to “ignore” Mr. Robot, but it doesn’t really work. Mr. Robot still hasn’t said anything about Tyrell.  His sister has taken over FSociety. I wish she would just call Elliot. I think Elliot should go along with Mr. Robot so he can find out about Tyrell instead of ignoring him.

I hope this season is as good as the first season.

If you haven’t seen the first season of Mr. Robot, you can get it at, or

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