Kingdom Come

I finished listening to Kingdom Come by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. It is sadly the last book of the Left Behind book series. I loved this book series. The drummer of my church commented that why read it because it is half biblical. I said so what. What I should have said is that no one really knows what will happen during that time. The Bible doesn’t tell us everything. God only knows everything. If we knew everything that would happen and exactly how it happens we wouldn’t need him or the Bible.  Yes,  The Left Behind book series is Christian Fiction.  I am going to miss this book series. I’m glad I finished this before we got through with the book of Revelation at church.

In this book, Jesus burns up the old temple. He creates a new temple and King David is their advisor of everything.   Chloe and some others start a group for children called COT which tries to get the children to become believers before they reach one hundred. Kenny, Chloe’s son, also starts a group called Millennium Force. The reason the group was started was because some other nations were going against God. They had a group called The Other Light. They were saying that God was not kind and that the Devil will win at the final battle once he is released again. Rayford gets an assignment from God to go to Egypt. He is allowed to take two others along. In Egypt, they bring some people to Christ. Kenny falls in love with a girl who actually goes on a date with another guy. This other guy was going to part of Kenny’s group. He tells the girl everything about the group which he wasn’t supposed to do. Kenny and some of the group decide not to have him in the group. Kenny tells the girl that he is jealous of the other guy. The girl tells Kenny she wants to go with him instead. The other guy gets mad and starts a smear campaign against Kenny.  Kenny gets his reputation back and the other guy dies when he is 100. Then Rayford experiences something like the Rapture.  Jesus makes the Earth and Heaven anew.

Now I’m listening to Babylon Rising by Tim Lahaye and Greg Dinallo. It is another series by Tim Lahaye that similar to the Left Behind series.

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The Rapture

I finished listening to The Rapture by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.  It is the third book of the Before They Were Left Behind book series. Chronologically it is the third book of the Left Behind book series.  I’m glad they wrote this because I was wondering what was happening in Heaven while  Rayford and the others found out they were left behind.

In this book, Rayford continued “seeing” Hattie. (the other books made it seem like a harmless flirting, but this book, in my opinion, is worse. He was going out to dinner with her several times.) Rayford’s wife did change churches. Instead if waiting for the presidential election, Nicolae threatens the current president of Romania. His men killed the president’s mother and badly hurt his girlfriend. The current president resigned. Nicolae becomes the president of Romania. Then the Rapture happens. Rayford’s wife and son go to heaven. She says she feels that she is home. The judgment of believers happens. (Even though this is a fiction book, the heaven parts are so cool and emotional.)  Then there is chaos on earth. Nicolae knows what happened by getting an answer from his spiritual guide (the Devil),  but he lies to the public saying it is a chemical reaction.

I really loved this book. I hope Heaven will that cool where you could go back in time and see what people did and be able to ask Jesus anything.  Next, I’m listening to Kingdom Come by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins. It is sadly the last book of the Left Behind series.

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The Regime

I finished The Regime by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins. This is the second book of the Before  They  Were Left Behind.  Chronologically, it is the second book in the Left Behind book series. This book is not read by Jack Sondericker sadly. It is read by Jerry Sciarrio. He is an ok reader, but I like Jack better.

In this book,  Cameron’s mother gets sicker by the minute. He goes to an award dinner and misses to see his mother in time. She dies. His brother doesn’t get over that. Rayford and Chloe refuse to go to a new church. They like their old church. Rayford gets a covert job for the CIA. He becomes a friend with a fighter pilot. The fighter pilot finds out his wife becomes a Christian. Nicolae gets rid of some people that were against him. He also wins an election in Romania. Cameron gets a dream job at Global Weekly and wins awards. He also meets the president.

I did like this book. Next, I’m listening to The Rapture by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins. It is the third book of the Before They Were Left Behind.

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Ice Age: Collision Course

To end my Ice Age marathon, I watched Ice Age: Collision Course. I haven’t seen this one. It has Adam Devine, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Queen Latifah, Denis Leary, John Leguizamo, Jennifer Lopez, Keke Palmer, Simon Pegg, Jessie J, Ray Romano, and Wanda Sykes.

In this movie, Scrat, the squirrel, found a spaceship that is controlled by the nut. He causes an asteroid to come close to Earth. Peaches tell her parents that she wants to leave home once she gets married. Ellie doesn’t want her to leave home. Manny doesn’t like the guy. Manny and the others want to run from the asteroid, but Buck tells them to go to the crash site to redirect the asteroid. They follow him and found out the rock there have other animals in it. They convince them to help get the crystals in a volcano. They do redirect the asteroid. Peaches get married and her parents tell her she can leave home.

I did like this movie. I read that they might make another Ice Age movie. I think they should because they are so cute. Next week I’m watching Moana.

Update on my uncle

They moved my uncle in a regular room a few days ago. My mother says he sis still confused. I finally got to see him on Sunday. The hospital that he is in is really nice. It’s big. I wish I had worn different shoes. He was confused while I was there. He asked me three times about who is playing at church. He also asked about the house I grew up in if it has been sold and asked where the money was for it. (we already sold to someone many years ago. The guy we sold it to finally sold the house in April.)

They said he could get to go home this week. But the doctor had recommended for him to go to a rehab. My mother, my great-aunt, and I think it is best for him to go to a rehab place. My mother told him about it and he is willing to go to it. The rehab sounds really nice. They will help him with his memory too.

The Rising

I finished listening to The Rising by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins. It is the first book of the Before They Were Left Behind.  Chronologically it is the first book in the Left Behind book series.

In the book, Rayford is a kid. He wants to be a pilot or pro-athlete. He does become a pilot. He meets his wife in ROTC. But at that time he “dated’ another girl, but he didn’t love her. He broke up with her and dated his wife. Meanwhile, overseas a woman has a very urge to have a baby. She is married to a man who she didn’t love.  She meets a medium and the medium tells her she will have a baby boy named Nicolae. The medium serves the Devil. The woman does have a baby. She tries to intervene to be a mother. She gets in a fight with her son which ends causes her death. He doesn’t care that he died!! He ends up finding out who the donors were and killed his fathers.  He is tempted like Jesus was. He thinks he is a god.

I did like this book. Next, I’m listening to The Regime which the second book of Before They Were Left Behind.

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Ice Age: Continental Drift

To continue my Ice Age marathon, I watched Ice Age: Continental Drift. I haven’t seen this one. It has Denis Leary, Queen Latifah, John Leguizamo, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Keke Palmer, Wanda Sykes, Ray Romano, and Josh Gad.

In this movie, the squirrel makes the continents happen. Manny, Sid, and Diego are separated from the others. Manny promises to get back to them. They encounter a monkey pirate with an animal crew. Manny, Sid, Granny, and Diego steal the pirate’s ship. They do make it to the others. The monkey pirate gets eaten by sirens. The squirrel also makes Atlantis disappear.

I did like this movie. Next week I’m watching Ice Age: Collision Course.