Paradise (Divine Comedy)

I finished listening to Paradise by Dante  Alighieri. It is third book of the Divine Comedy.

In this book, Dante goes to Paradise with Beatrice. Paradise is spheres and a garden. The lowest level is where  people have broken their vows. Once broken can’t be unbroken. At one point Dante wants Beatrice to smile, but she says if she does, she will hurt his eyes. She does though later, he loses his eyesight for a short while. Once restored, his eyesight is much more better. (I wish that could happen to me.)  Later he hears about preachers who aren’t like the preachers of the old. These newer preachers tells jokes to appease the listeners. (This is so true today.) (I saw an interview with Chris Rock who said he gets his inspiration from his grandfather who was a preacher.) At the end, Dante can’t really describe what he sees, but he has great emotion of it.

I liked this book. Next I’m listening to The Rising by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B Jenkins. It is the next book of the Left Behind books series. It is before they were left behind.

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Ice Age: Continental Drift

For my Ice Age marathon, I watched Ice Age: Continental Drift. I haven’t seen this one. It has Denis Leary, Queen Latifah, John Leguizamo, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Keke Palmer, Wanda Sykes, Ray Romano, and Josh Gad.

In this movie, the squirrel makes the continents happen. Manny, Sid, and Diego are separated from the others. Manny promises to get back to them. They encounter a monkey pirate with an animal crew. Manny, Sid, Granny, and Diego steal the pirate’s ship. They do make it to the others. The monkey pirate gets eaten by sirens. The squirrel also makes Atlantis disappear.

I did like this movie. Next week I’m watching Ice Age: Collision Course.

Update on my uncle

My uncle did have the surgery on Saturday. They said they got most of the cyst out, but pieces were left. They had said that those pieces would absorb, but now they are scared the pieces will reform.

He came awake Sunday and was confused about the date and other things. My mother says he is getting better now with questions.

He had another MRI, but I didn’t know the results of it yet.

Sad and bad news

My uncle hasn’t been feeling and acting like himself lately. He finally went to the hospital yesterday and they had sent him home. Then the hospital called him back in. He has a colloid cyst on his brain. He was sent to another hospital. Today they are doing an MRI and then the surgeon will talk to him.

Purgatory (Divine Comedy)

I finished listening to Purgatory by Dante  Alighieri. It is the second book of the Divine Comedy. I got this book through RB Digital which is like Overdrive. It is through my local library as well. But it uses Windows Media files so I had to convert them through Real Player to get it on my Kindle. It is a different reader and he’s much better than the reader of Inferno. And it has music at each chapter. I have decided to re-listen to Inferno with this same reader.

Anyway, in this book, Dante and Virgil go to Purgatory. Purgatory is a mountain. He has to climb to the top. Dante learns what keeps the souls there which is love of other things. He also learns what love is. The ground of the mountain is full of death and wars. Dante has terrible dream of a woman who is very ugly and mean. Virgil does leave him at one point. Dante does reach the top where he finds the tree of Knowledge.  He ends become pure so he can go into Paradise.

I did like this book. I will be listening next (after re-listening to Inferno) Paradise by Dante Alighieri.

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The Circle (movie)

My mother did rent The Circle for us to watch. The Circle is based on the book by Dave Eggers. I read the book many months ago. The movie has Emma Watson, Ellar Coltrane, Tom Hanks, Karen Gillan, John Boyega, and Patton Oswalt.


The Circle is about a woman name Mae. She gets an opportunity to work at a tech company called The Circle. The Circle though has products that invade privacy.

They chopped the book into pieces. It was horrible. Ty wears a hoodie and he doesn’t actually tell her who he is. Mae is NOT a hero in the book. She’s a believer of the company even at the end of the book. Annie is in a coma at the end of the book. The movie sucked. My mother even didn’t like it. Some of the acting wasn’t good. The only good thing about this movie was Tom Hanks.

Inferno (Divine Comedy)

I finished listening to Inferno by Dante Alighieri. I had been wanting to read Inferno for a long time, but I forgot about it. Inferno is the first book of The Divine Comedy. There are three books. They are poems.

Inferno was a little difficult to follow. I’m glad I got the pdf that came with the audiobook. By the way, on Goodreads a reviewer posted about a lego artist that did the nine levels of Hell in legos. The lego depictions are well made.

Anyway, Inferno is about Dante goes to Hell with Virgil as a guide.  There are nine levels of Hell of different sins in them.

I did sorta like it. Now I’m going to Purgatory. That is the second book of Dante’s Divine Comedy.

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