Partners in Crime

I finished reading Partners in Crime by Agatha Christie.  This is the second book of the Tommy and Tuppence book series. There are five books in the book series.

Note: I wanted to read this book because Ovation network has a new show called Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime. I thought the show would be based on the book, but it’s based on this book, but two other books in the series which I am going to read.

This book is a short stories book. In this book,  Tommy and Tuppence take over the Brunt Detective Agency. Since no one knows who the real Mr. Blunt is, Tommy becomes Mr. Blunt. They solve some interesting crimes. One was of a missing pearl, one was solving alibi issue (which I solved before they did), a switching of a suitcase, etc.

I love this book. Next I’m reading The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie. It is the first book in the Tommy and Tuppence book series. 


I watched Focus yesterday. I taped it when it was on TNT. It has Will Smith (love him), Margot Robbie, Adrian Martinez, Rodrigo Santoro, BD Wong, Robert Taylor, and Dominic Fumusa in it.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this movie, a man named Nicky is a con man. He meets a woman named Jess who is doing a con too. He decides to teach her what tricks he knows and they fall in love. But then Nicky suddenly breaks up with her. Three years later he is doing a con with a racing car owner. One slight problem Jess is “dating” the racing car owner. When the con is revealed, Jess admits that she wasn’t really dating the owner. She was running a con herself trying to get his watch.

I loved this movie. Next week I’m watching Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

The Romanov Prophecy

I finished listening to The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry. It is another stand alone book. In the Cotton Malone book series there are seventeen books so far.

Warning: there is a lot of violence.

In this book, a man named Miles Lord is lawyer. He is in Russia looking to info that will be bad for the new czar of Russia. His co-worker on this job is gunned down in front of him. He runs for his life. He tells his boss about it. Unknown to him, his boss is behind the hit which was meant for Miles. His boss “works” for a committee that is trying to get a man to become the new czar of Russia. Miles does find info that would hurt the czar candidate. He finds info that two of the Imperial children had survived the massacre. While running for his life, Miles runs into a woman who ends up helping him in a quest to find the Imperial’s descendants.  They do find a descendant.

I did like this book. Next I’m reading Partners in Crime by Agatha Christie.

The Wolf of Wall Street

I watched The Wolf of Wall Street yesterday. I taped it when it was on FX. It is based on a book by Jordan Belfort. It has Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Margot Robbie, Matthew McConaughey, Kyle Chandler, Rob Reiner, Joanna Lumley, and Jon Favreau in it.

Warning: there are some sex scenes and a little bit of violence.

In this movie, Jordan Belfort tells his story of how he made it “big” as a stockbroker. He ended up going to prison for fraud for 22 months.

I sorta liked the movie. Next week I’m watching Focus.

The month of August

Happy August!!

The new Twilight book is coming out tomorrow. Overdrive says the pre-release is August 8th. I have it on my holds. I’m a little excited about it. I had read the leak that came out many years ago thinking that she wouldn’t publish it. Now she has published it. I have been re-watching some of the movies to celebrate.

Nothing much else is happening.

The Amber Room

I finished listening to The Amber Room by Steve Berry. It is a stand-alone book. I think it is his first published book.

Big Warning: there is a rape scene and talks of torture.

In this book, a judge named Rachel  has a father who survived WWII. Her father is obsessed with the amber room (panels made of carved amber). A man named Christian and a woman named Susanne are treasure hunters for two rich families. They steal art and other things that were already stolen. They are looking for the amber room. Although Susanne knows where the amber room is. Christian visits Rachel’s father and discovers nothing so he kills Rachel’s father.  In the end, they all know where the amber room is.

The Amber Room is a real thing. Here’s info on it:

I sorta liked this book. I would love to see the amber room. Now I’m listening to The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry.

Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

I watched Ghosts of Girlfriends Past yesterday. I taped it when it was on Cinemax. It has Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Michael Douglas, Breckin Meyer, Lacey Chabert, Robert Forster, and Daniel Sunjata in it.

This is an unique and cute take on The Christmas Carol. Conner is a womanizer. He learned how to be one from his uncle. He learned mainly to get over losing a girl when he was younger. But at his brother’s wedding, he is visited by his uncle’s ghost who tells him he will be visited by three girlfriend’s ghosts. The ghosts show him how he needs to change. He does change and he gets the girl he lost and saves his brother’s wedding.

I did like this movie. It was really cute. Next week I’m watching The Wolf of Wall Street.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic yesterday. I had taped it when it was on Starz. It based on a book series by Sophie Kinsella (I haven’t read the books, but I do plan on reading the last three books of the book series). The movie has Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy, Krysten Ritter, Joan Cusack, John Goodman, John Lithgow, Robert Stanton, Leslie Bibb, and Kristin Scott Thomas in it.

In this movie, a woman named Rebecca Bloomwood is a shopaholic. (I think everyone is one. I am, but I’m not as bad as her. And I’m not so upscale as her either.) (Also I think it stems from from her parents being thrifty,) She wants to go to interview at a fashion magazine, but on the way she sees a green scarf which she says she has to have for the interview. But her credit card is maxed out. A man offers her some money to get the scarf so she gets the scarf. But she is late for the interview. Someone else gets the job. A desk clerk tells her that she could get a job at a financial magazine in order to work her way to the fashion magazine. So she goes to that magazine for an interview and the same man who gave her the man is the editor of the financial magazine. She gest the job, but she doesn’t really get it. But she cleverly writes an article which is huge success. She ends up falling for the editor and she turns down the fashion writer job. The editor quits and has his own magazine.

I loved this movie. It was really cute. Next week I’m watching Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

The Columbus Affair

I finished reading The Columbus Affair by Steve Berry. It is a stand alone book.  There are seventeen books in the main Cotton Malone book series.  There is a prequel of this book called The Admiral’s Mark which I read earlier.

Warning: there is some violence

In this book, a man named Sagan is about to kill himself. His name was ruined and he sorta knew who was behind his name being ruined. Then he gets a visit by a man who shows him a video of his daughter being tied up. He is asked to agree for his father’s grave to be dung up. He finally agrees. His daughter wasn’t really kidnapped. She set the thing up so he would agree to have the grave dung up. In the grave was a packet of stuff that a man (who “kidnapped” Sagan’s daughter) was really after. The packet told about where to find the Jewish Temple treasure is.  Christopher Columbus (not his real name) was a Jew (might be true) and had hidden the Jewish Temple treasure.  Sagan doesn’t kill himself instead he refuses to let the man have the packet and go after the treasure himself. In the end, he finds himself and restores his relationship with his daughter.

I liked this book. Now I’m listening to The Amber Room by Steve Berry.

Forever, Darling

I watched Forever, Darling yesterday. My mother taped it when it was on TCM. It has Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, James Mason, and Marilyn Maxwell in it.

In this movie, Lorenzo is a chemist at a chemical plant. He is making a mosquito spray that kills mosquito. He is married to a woman named Susan. After five years of marriage they drift apart. Largely due to that she wants what her friend has which a more interesting husband and life. Then she sees a guardian angel that she can only see. The guardian angel tells her to go on the trip with her husband (who is supposed to show off the spray to clients) and get interested in the work he does. So she goes on trip and discovers that her life is perfect the way it is.

I liked this movie. Next week I’m watching Confessions of a Shopaholic.