Perfect Sense

I watched Perfect Sense. I had taped it when it was on TMC. It has Ewan McGregor, Eva Green, Denis Lawson, Stephen Dillane, Malcolm Shields, and Alastair Mackenzie in it. This movie was made in 2011.

Big Warning: There is some violence.

Note: I DID NOT LIKE THE ENDING. It doesn’t end the way you think it will.

In this movie, a virologist named Susan finds out a patient had come in saying he had a crying attack and then then he couldn’t smell anything. She finds out the virus has spread everywhere. (No, this virus is NOT COVID. Remember this was back in 2011.) Then Susan meets a chef that works in the restaurant near her apartment. They end up falling in love. Then Susan gets the virus and Michael (the chef) also gets the virus. She gives it to him. Then the virus becomes worse. Then there is no taste. Then the virus makes them not hear, and finally their sight is taken away.

The reason I didn’t like the ending is that they didn’t come up with a cure for it and it didn’t show if they end up getting their senses back. Next week I’m watching Until the End of the World.

Ginger and Rosa

I watched Ginger and Rosa. I had taped it when it was on Showtime. It has Elle Fanning, Alice Englert, Annette Bening, Oliver Platt, Christina Hendricks, and
Alessandro Nivola in it.

Big Warning: there is a cliffhanger ending.

In this movie, two girls named Ginger and Rosa are very close best friends. It is during the Cuba missile crisis and they live in England. They hang out together. Rosa takes Ginger to church and Ginger is passionate about the Cuba missiles. She and Rosa join a youth protest group, but Rosa really isn’t interested in the protests. They drift apart and Rosa ends up sleeping with Ginger’s dad!! She tells her that she might be pregnant. Ginger’s mother tries to kill herself.

I didn’t like the cliffhanger ending, but I did like this movie. Next week I’m watching Perfect Sense.


I watched Parasite. I had been wanting to see this movie since it came out. I decided to watch it because I have started watching Them. It has Song Kang-ho, Sun-kyun Lee, Cho Yeo-jeong, Choi Woo-sik, So-dam Park, Lee Jeong-eun, Jang Hye-jin, Park Myeong-hoon, and Keun-rok Park in it.

Big Warning: there is some violence and a cliffhanger ending

In this movie, a family named the Parks are rich and they were looking for a university student to teach their daughter English. Another family named the Kims are poor and live in a basement apartment. Their son Ki-woo comes up with a scheme to get himself a job with Parks. Then he gets his sister, his father, and his mother jobs doing tasks in the Parks’ home. But an expected twist happens and their plans turn sour.

I liked the movie, but I didn’t like the end.

Firestarter (1984)

I watched Firestarter (1984). I had seen it before many years ago, but I couldn’t remember how it ends and I wanted to compare the newest version with the old one. I watched it on Peacock. It is based on the book by Stephen King which I read many years ago too. It has Drew Barrymore (love her), David Keith, Heather Locklear, George C. Scott, Martin Sheen, Art Carney, Moses Gunn, and
Freddie Jones in it.

Big Warning: there is lots of violence.

In short summary, a man named Andrew McGee and a woman named Vicky join a clinical trial of a drug so they get paid for it. The drug ends up making them have special powers like Andrew can make people believe anything and Vicky can move objects with her mind. They get married and have a girl named Charlie. Charlie can make fires with her mind. The government wants Charlie so they can make her into a weapon.

Differences between the old and new:

  1. In the old movie, they do go into detail about the clinical trial.
  2. Rainbird kidnaps both Charlie and Andrew in the old one. In the new one, they kidnap Andrew and use Rainbird to get Charlie to the agency.
  3. Rainbird pretends to be a housekeeper to gain Charlie’s trust in the old one.
  4. The old man who picks them up has a wife that is alive in the old one. In the new version, the old man has a wife in a coma.
  5. Charlie does burn down the agency in both. But in the old version, she kills Rainbird. In the new version, Rainbird leads her away. I think this is because of the new show in which Rainbird teaches her.
  6. At the very end of the old version, Charlie goes to leave with the old man and his wife.

I liked the old version better than the new version. It does cover the book better. This week’s movie was Parasite.

Firestarter (2022)

I watched Firestarter (2022). It is supposedly based on the book by Stephen King. Yes I have read the book a long time ago and I have seen the old movie. This movie can be found on Peacock. It has Zac Efron, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Sydney Lemmon, Michael Greyeyes, Gloria Reuben, Kurtwood Smith, and John Beasley.

Big Warning: there is some violence.

In case some haven’t read the book or seen the old movie, here’s a summary of all three. A guy named Andrew (Andy in this movie) and a woman named Vicky decide to do a clinical trial of a drug while they were college. The drug though makes them have special powers. Andrew has powers of making people believe anything and Vicky can move stuff with her mind. They fall in love and have a daughter named Charlie. Charlie has powers too. She can start fires with her mind. The government agency that did the clinical trial want Charlie to run tests on her. In the end, Charlie fights back.

I sorta liked this movie. I am watching the old movie next week so I can compare. But I do agree with some people on IMDB this movie shouldn’t have been rebooted and they should have put in movie about the clinical trials like the book and the old movie had. Also there is a tv show called Firestarter 2: Rekindled. It is supposedly a sequel to the movie. It’s on Peacock too. And I will be watching this show too soon.

The Bad Seed (1985)

I watched The Bad Seed (1985). It was a tv movie remake of the original movie made in 1956 (which I watched last week). It has Blair Brown, Lynn Redgrave, David Carradine (love him), Carrie Wells, David Ogden Stiers, and Richard Kiley in it.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this version, the little girl’s name is Rachel Penmark. Her mother is a widow. Rachel is accused of killing a little boy at a picnic because she wanted the medal she thought was supposed to be hers. Her mother thinks she was adopted and finds out she was the lone survivor of a serial killer mother. Rachel kills the handyman. In this version, it shows her mother throwing the medal in the ocean. Her mother gives her sleeping pills like the other versions and she kills herself. But in the version, the mother dies and Rachel goes to live with her grandfather (the adopter father of her mother). It hints that she may kill the neighbor because wants her necklace.

I think I like the 2018 and the original 1956 versions better. I will watch the sequel of the 2018 version after it comes on (May 30th). Next week I’m watching No Escape Room.

The Bad Seed (1956)

I watched The Bad Seed (1956). Roku had said that it was on TV Time (an old movie network), but it was the wrong movie. But I did see the movie though. This movie has Nancy Kelly, Patty McCormack, Gage Clarke, Jesse White, Joan Croydon, William Hopper (love him), Evelyn Varden in it.

Big Warning: there is some violence and a sad part.

In this original movie, Rhoda Penmark is an eight-year-old girl who is accused of pushing her friend off a pier. She wanted a medal that she says she should have won. In this movie, her mother is alive unlike the remake. Her mother thinks she was adopted because she keeps dreaming of an orchard. She finds out that she was adopted and her mother (Rhona’s grandmother) was a serial killer and her mother killed her baby brother too. So she thinks Rhoda has a bad gene. Rhoda kills the handyman too. Rhoda’s mother tries to poison Rhoda and shoots herself. Rhoda goes out to try to find the medal in the lake during a rainstorm. Her mother said she threw it in the lake. She gets struck by lightning.

I liked this movie. Next week I’m watching The Bad Seed (1985). It is a remake of this movie.

The Bad Seed (2018)

I watched The Bad Seed (2018). I had taped it when it was on Lifetime. It has Rob Lowe, Mckenna Grace, Sarah Dugdale, Marci T. House, Luke Roessler, Lorne Cardinal, and Patty McCormack in it.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this movie, a little girl named Emma gets jealous that a friend of hers gets a medal that she says she deserves. So she pushes him off a cliff and takes the medal. She explains it away saying they were playing a game. Then she kills her teacher because she was investigating how Milo was pushed off the cliff. Her father wants to kill her, but you know what happens. So she goes to leave with her aunt.

Note there will be a sequel on Lifetime On May 30th. I will try to watch it.

I did like this movie. Next week I’m watching The Bad Seed (1956). It’s the original movie.

Bad Times at the El Royale

I watched Bad Times at the El Royale. I had taped it when it was on HBO. My mother had recommended me to see this movie and I’m glad I had taped it. It has Jeff Bridges, Dakota Johnson, Jon Hamm, Chris Hemsworth, Cailee Spaeny, Lewis Pullman, and Bethany Brown in it.

Big Warning: there is some violence.

In this movie, there are seven strangers that go to a hotel that is on the state lines of California and Nevada. They have something to hide which ends up costing their lives.

Yes, I didn’t do my usual summary because this was an awesome movie. It is as good as Quentin Tarantino’s movies. But they didn’t tell who was the management of the hotel. My mother thinks it was the CIA or another federal agency.

Like I said I’m watching The Case for Christ this weekend.

Once Upon a Time in Deadwood

I watched Once Upon a Time in Deadwood. I watched it on Tubi. It has Robert Bronzi, Michael Paré, Karin Brauns, Lauren Compton, J.D. Angstadt, George j. Merino, Sierra Sherbundy, and Jadzia Perez in it.

Big Warning: there is alot of violence and bad acting.

In this movie, a man who was a colonel in the army is now a gunslinger. A woman named Ursula finds him and asks if he would save her sister and her slave girl from some kidnappers. The kidnappers took them to Deadwood where they would work in the Gem Saloon (Al Swearengen’s saloon). The gunslinger refused. She save him some food and begged him to save them. Then she told him that the food was poisoned and he has to save them because her sister has the antidote. On their journey, He shoots some guys who were Al’s guys. Then Ursula tells him that the food wasn’t poisoned. She lied to get him to save them. He gets mad and leaves her. She does get to Deadwood and confronts the men who have her sister and tries to shoot them. Then the gunslinger shows up and kills the men and the slave gets killed, but her sister is saved.

Even though there was bad acting, it was a pretty good movie. The music was good too. Next week I’m watching Bad Times at El Royale.