The Stepford Wives

I re-watched The Stepford Wives. It was made in 2004. It has Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler, Matthew Broderick, Glenn Close, Christopher Walken, and Faith Hill in it.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this movie, Joanna and Walter move to Stepford, CT because Joanna had a nervous breakdown after getting fired from her job. In this modern version of Stepford, a gay couple is one of newbies of the town. Walter joins the Men’s Association and they shown him the benefits of having a robot wife. Joanna, Bobbie, and Roger finds out about the wives aren’t exactly human. Bobbie and Roger becomes robots and Joanna is next. Only she doesn’t want to be a robot so Walter and Jonna come up with a plan. They turn everyone back to human. They had computer chips implanted in their brains. Then they “killed” Mike. Mike seemed to be the one behind the whole town, but it was actually his wife. Mike was actually a robot. His wife killed the real Mike many years before and then made a robot of him and decided to make a robot town.

I liked this movie. Next week I’m watching The Last Picture Show. Stephen King is obsessed with this movie in Lisey’s Story (the book and show) so I’m going to watch it.

The Revenge of The Stepford Wives

I watched The Revenge of The Stepford Wives. It is the last of the Stepford wives sequels I am watching. It was made in 1980. It has Sharon Gless,
Julie Kavner, Audra Lindley, Don Johnson, and Arthur Hill in it.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this movie, it is 10 years later after the first movie (the one made in 1975). Kaye Foster is a tv reporter and she wants to do a story on the town of Stepford, CT because there is no violence and it seems too perfect of a town. After she tells the motel owner that she is reporter, one of the robot wives almost runs her over. A human woman named Megan becomes friends with Kaye. Megan’s husband is trying to become a police officer in the town. He ends up joining the Men’s Association which means Megan becomes a robot. All over the town there is siren that goes off every few hours. The robot wives stop what they are doing to take their medicine. Kaye overhears about the rules when Megan becomes a robot. You can’t give them alcohol and they shouldn’t over medicate either. Of course Kaye breaks the rules and gives Megan a lot of alcohol in her tea. Megan becomes normal again. The men find out and want Kaye dead or get her to become a robot. Kaye and Megan form a plan to kill the man who started it all. They make the siren go off several times. The robot wives over medicate and they start destroying things. Then they push the man over the edge and kick him and push him until he is completely dead. Kaye leaves Stepford.

I liked this movie. Next week I’m rewatching the remake of The Stepford Wives that was made in 2004.

The Stepford Husbands

I watched The Stepford Husbands. It is one of the Stepford sequels. It was made in 1996. It has Donna Mills, Michael Ontkean, Cindy Williams, Sarah Douglas, Louise Fletcher, Jeffrey Pillars, and Joe Inscoe.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this movie, a woman named Jodi and her husband Mick live in New York. Mick is a writer and he is unhappy in New York. Jodi says maybe a change of scenery would help him. Her friend lives in Stepford CT so they decide to move there. Mick is unhappy there too. He is always angry. Jodi’s friend decides to intervene and get him some “help.” But Jodi doesn’t know that the couple that lived in the house before had been through that same “medical” help and the man shot his wife and himself. After Mick goes through the reprogramming, he has to take alot of medication. Mick is too agreeable to Jodi. Jodi switches Mick’s meds and takes his original meds to the hospital to find out what they are. They are serious drugs. Mick gets really sick and they try to change Mick again. Jodi tries to free Mick and the doctor who started it all decides to help free Mick. Mick then writes a book about it and it becomes a movie.

I liked this movie. Next week I’m watching The Stepford Children. Another sequel that was made in 1987.

The Stepford Wives (1975)

I watched The Stepford Wives (1975). I didn’t know there was an older version. I watched it on Tubi. It has Katharine Ross, Peter Masterson, Tina Louise, Nanette Newman, and Paula Prentiss in it.

Big Warning: there is a little bit of violence.

In this movie, Joanna and Walter move to a new little town called Stepford. Joanna is a photographer and Walter is a lawyer. The town has an all-male group. In order to be part of the group, you have to sacrifice your wife. Joanna and another woman named Bobbie are the only two real women in town. They later discover that the other women are robots. Joanna tries to run, but in the end, her robot takes her over.

I liked this movie. Next week I’m watching The Stepford Husbands. It was one of the sequels. It was made in 1996.

Mr. Harriagan’s Phone

I watched Mr. Harrigan’s Phone. It is on Netflix. It is based on a short story by Stephen King. No, I haven’t read the short story yet. In case you are wondering it’s in the book If It Bleeds. My mother is a big fan of Stephen King and she liked this movie and wanted me to see it. (She hasn’t read this story either.) The movie has Donald Sutherland (love him), Jaeden Martell, Joe Tippett, Frank Ridley, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, and Cyrus Arnold in it.

Big Warning: there are some disturbing and creepy scenes. Big Warning 2: Have tissues ready.

In this movie, a boy named Craig and a rich man ask Craig’s father if Craig could be his companion and he will pay Craig. So Craig comes to Mr. Harrigan’s house and read to him. Mr. Harrigan gives him advice and lottery tickets as Christmas presents. Craig doesn’t stop going to his house even when he goes to high school. While he is in high school, he gets a cell phone. He ends up giving one to Mr. Harrigan. Mr. Harrigan gets addicted to using his new cell phone. Mr. Harrigan dies and that is when it gets creepy. Craig buries Mr. Harrigan with his cell phone. He gets texts from Mr. Harrigan and he asks Mr. Harrigan to kill some people. Mr. Harrigan tells him to stop and Craig throws the phone into the lake. (I would have kept the phone.)

I liked this movie. Next week I’m watching The Stepford Wives (1975).

Don’t Worry Darling

I watched Don’t Worry Darling. It has Florence Pugh, Harry Styles,
Chris Pine, Olivia Wilde, and KiKi Layne in it.

Note: I read an article about this movie. In the article, it says it’s like the Stepford Wives. I loved The Stepford Wives so I had to see it. So I found it on the computer and watched it. It’s way worse than the Stepford Wives in my opinion. This is a short summary because I am NOT giving away the ending.

Big Warning: there is a traumatic part and a little bit of violence. Big Warning 2: cliffhanger ending.

In this movie, a woman named Alice and her husband Jack live in the style of the 1950s. Jack is working for a company that has a project called The Victory Project. It’s a supposedly top-secret project and no one is allowed to go into the desert. The wives of the community think there are weapons out in the desert and that’s why they aren’t allowed to go out there. Alice though has doubts and starts investigating and she finds out the secret.

I loved this movie. I read that there may not be a sequel, but I hope there will be because it didn’t have a cliffhanger ending. Next week I’m watching Mr. Harrigan’s Phone. My mother saw it and wants me to see it.

Spiral: From the book of Saw

I watched Spiral: From the book of Saw. Yes, I have seen all the Saw movies. No, I don’t like the violence, but I love the plot of it. This new one was Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, Max Minghella, Marisol Nichols, Dan Petronijevic, and Richard Zeppieri in it.

Big Warning: there is violence and a big huge twist at the end.

In this movie, a cop gets killed in a terrible way with his tongue ripped out. A detective named Zeke Banks is put on the case with a new partner named William Schenk. It is later found that this case is the start of a copycat of Saw. Many more cops die until Zeke finds out who is behind the killings.

I loved this movie. I read that there may be a sequel to this movie. I hope there is. Next week I’m watching Don’t worry Darling.

Jurassic World Domination

I watched Jurassic World Domination. Yes, I have seen the other movies and I loved them. It has Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Sam Neill (love him. I actually dreamed about him before I watched this movie.), Jeff Goldblum (love him), DeWanda Wise, Mamoudou Athie, Isabella Sermon, Campbell Scott, and BD Wong (love him) in it.

Big Warning: there is some violence.

In this movie, Charlotte Lockwood’s daughter is a teenager now and she is being a little rebellious by going into town. Owen does something stupid which leads the bad people to her and the bad people kidnap her and Blue’s offspring. Blue is one of the raptors that Owen has tamed. One of the bad people is Lewis who has developed huge locusts. They are eating almost all the crops which is really bad. (they are really scary looking.) Lewis is crazy and doesn’t care if all the people and dinosaurs die. Henry wants Charlotte’s daughter’s DNA because he can stop the locusts. In the end, he does get her DNA and the locusts stop. Lewis is killed by some dinosaurs.

I loved this movie. I have heard there will be another one. Yay!! Next week I’m watching Spiral from the book of Saw. It is another Saw movie.


I watched Blockers. I had taped it when it was it was on HBO. It has Leslie Mann, John Cena, Ike Barinholtz, Kathryn Newton, Geraldine Viswanathan, Gideon Adlon,
Miles Robbins, and Jimmy Bellinger in it.

Bad Warning: there is one gross part.

Note: this is an awesome movie. I recommend this movie to everyone.

In this movie, three girls become best friends in Kindergarten. The two dads and the mother of one of the girls become friends too. When they become teenagers and just before prom, they make a pact about losing their virginity on prom night. The mother and one of the dads want to stop that from happening. The other dad wants to protect his daughter from not being who she is. He knows she is gay. She was worried that she would lose her friends if she told them the truth. In the end, she does tell them and they accepted her as real friends should.

I loved this movie. Since I dreamed about dinosaurs last night and La Brea is coming back on next week, so I’m watching next Jurassic World Dominion.

The Bad Seed Returns

I watched The Bad Seed Returns. It is the sequel to the 2018 movie called The Bad Seed that Rob Lowe was the director. This sequel has Mckenna Grace, Michelle Morgan, Benjamin Ayres, Ella Dixon, Marlowe Zimmerman, and Patty McCormack in it.

Big Warning: there is some violence in it.

In this movie, Emma is a teenager now. Her aunt and her uncle are taking care of her and her baby cousin. She fakes being friends with some girls in a dance group. A new girl comes to her school named Kat who really knows Emma. Kat has a hunch about the deaths that happened in the past. She confronts Emma about them which was wrong to do. Emma kills the dog of one of the dance group girls. So she could get to be the dance group leader, but that backfires. She ends up killing the girl. She also hurt her uncle because he wanted her to go to a private boarding school. With Kat threatening to tell everyone, Emma kills her, her uncle, and her aunt. Emma and her baby cousin are going to a new family.

I didn’t like the ending, but I did like the movie. I just read that there may be a third movie. Next week I’m watching Blockers.