Today and this weekend

Today is my birthday!! I will be turning 37 at 5pm. I wrote Chris telling I’m 21 again. lol My mother made me a spice cake. It’s good. I got a soap rock from my great-aunt and a card from my mother.

This weekend my best friend and I will be going to see the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. While I’m gone, I hope my mother will dig up the roots of the holly bush (trees). I did get some zinnia seeds, aster seeds, and snapdragon seeds to plant in place of them.


Yesterday I did watch Inferno too. It is based on the book Inferno by Dan Brown. I read the book last year. The movie has Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Omar Sy, Irrfan Khan, Sidse Babett Knudsen, and Ben Foster in it.

Warning: there is some violence.

Inferno is another Robert Landon adventure. Robert Landon has a head wound and doesn’t remember anything of what happened in the last few hours. He goes on the hunt to find out what he was working on. He finds out a man was going to release a plague on the world. Robert was trying to find out where the virus was before the supposedly head wound.

There were a few differences between the movie and book. The main one is the end. I actually liked the book ending better. I read that Dan Brown is ok with the movie ending, but if it was me I wouldn’t have been ok with it.

Even though I didn’t like the ending, I did enjoy the movie. Next week I’m starting a Underworld marathon.

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Yesterday morning I decided to watch Unbreakable again since the ending of Split was connected to it. I couldn’t remember some of it. M. Night Shyamalan also wrote and directed it. It has Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Robin Wright, and Spencer Treat Clark in it.

Warning: there is some violence.

Unbreakable is about a man named David Dunn. He is the sole survivor of a train crash. He has no injuries on him. Another man named Elijah Price meets David Dunn. Elijah has a nickname Mr. Glass. The reason is because his bones break easily. Elijah has lost reality by believing in comic books. He tries to tell David Dunn that he is a superhero and has a gift. David ends up using his gift to save two kids. At the end, it is revealed that Mr. Glass caused the train crash and other things. His reasoning was that he was hoping to find someone like him that is special.

I do get the ending to Split now. Supposedly there will be a sequel to Split.I did like Unbreakable.

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Over the weekend, my mother mentioned that she wanted to see Split so we could celebrate my birthday. So Sunday afternoon we watched it. I had been wanting to see it too because I like M. Night Shyamalan’s storytelling. And I find multiple personality disorder fascinating. It has James McAvoy, Anya Taylor-Joy, Betty Buckley, Haley Lu Richardson, Jessica Sula, Izzie Coffey, and Bruce Willis in it.

Warning: there is lots of violence and a strange ending that connects to another movie.

Split is about a man who has 24 multiple personalities. He’s name is Kevin. He kidnaps three teenage girls. A psychologist who helps him doesn’t believe that Kevin has 24 personalities until sadly at the end she finds out about the 24th one. We only see a few of the personalities. The 24th one is called the Beast. The girls try to escape, but only one escapes.

The very end is connected to the movie Unbreakable. I liked this movie. The ending kinda puzzled me until yesterday morning.

Changes again

This past week I found out Clixsense had trouble with paypal. I’m very sad of this because I am past the 8 dollars to cash out. But of course, I want to wait until I get 10 dollars before I do cash out. So I decided to change my payment to payoneer. After it was done, I realized the cash out amount is set to 20 dollars. I don’t mind it, though.

Also, my mother chopped down (mostly) the holly bushes (which I called the trees). I’m hoping that we will be able to get the roots up. I would like to plant some zinnias or bee balm in place of the holly bushes.

The black kittens are fine. We are doing to get them fixed in two weeks. My mother bought them some balls and they are loving those balls. They played soccer one day with them.

Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology

Before  I begin, I should say I am a Christian. But I love learning/studying about cults and bible prophecy. I have been wanting to learn more about Scientology. That’s why I have been wanting to read this book.

Over the weekend also, I finished reading/listening to Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology by Leah Remini. She was also the narrator.

This is a great book. Scientology is a crazy brainwashing cult. I have been going back and forth of if I should try to read the book Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard.

I’m reading now Duma Key by Stephen King.

You can get this book at,, and

The Game of Lives

Over the weekend, I finished reading The Game of Lives by James Dashner. It is the third book of the Mortality Doctrine book series. The first books are The Eye of Minds and Rule of Thoughts.

Warning: there is a major sad part which I think shouldn’t have happened.

The Eye of Minds is about a guy named Michael who thinks he is real. He loves playing and hacking online games with his two best-friends. Then his world is turned upside down when an online task force asks him and his friends to find a bad hacker and find out what he has planned. Michael then learns he is not real. He is a computer program. The bad hacker named Kaine does an unthinkable thing to Michael. He turns Michael into a real person by using someone else’s body.

In Rule of Thoughts, Michael and his friends learn more about what Kaine has planned. He wants to make more computer programs into people by using other people’s bodies. The online task force has their own agenda which involves framing Michael and his friends for bombing their building.

In The Game of Lives, Michael and his friends get rescued by his former nanny. Then they try to rescue another girl. The task force’s agenda was to make it seem that they were saving everyone from Kaine, but they were making things worse. Michael took them down with help from Kaine. Kaine then becomes a person and Michael lets him go. I loved this series, but like I said I hated the sad part. It did have a good ending. I read my next book which was TroubleMaker by Leah Remi.

I loved this series, but like I said I hated the sad part. It did have a good ending. I read my next book which was TroubleMaker by Leah Remi.

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Girl on The Train

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I haven’t been on lately because I haven’t been feeling good with allergies and other stuff going on.

Anyway, yesterday I watched The Girl on The Train. I know it’s not really a romantic movie. It is based on the book by Paula Hawkins. I have read the book last year. The movie has Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux, and Luke Evans.

Warning: some violence and one sad part.

The Girl on The Train is about a girl on a train. Her name is Rachel. She watches a house where another woman lives. That woman is named Megan. Megan goes missing and is later found dead. Rachel tries to help solve the case because she thought she might have killed her. She does find out who did kill Megan and it wasn’t her. The movie pretty much followed the book. I do recommend reading the book first, though.

Next week I’m watching Inferno.

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Jason Bourne

I watched  Jason Bourne yesterday to finish my Bourne marathon. It is based on the books by Robert Ludlum. It has Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Vikander, Julia Stiles, and Vincent Cassel.

Warning: there is one sad part and some violence.

Jason Bourne is about Jason finding out more info about his past. Nicky hacks into the CIA to get the info on all programs to expose them. She learns that David Webb’s (Jason Bourne) dad was head of the Treadstone. She told him the info and then she got killed. (I hated that she got killed.) Jason ends up finding out who killed his father. He kills that guy. A woman named Heather Lee who replaced Nicky kills the director and takes his job. She tries to recruit Jason back in the program, but he doesn’t really say yes.

I liked the movie. Next week I’m watching Girl on The Train.

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I finished reading Feedback by Robison Wells yesterday. It is the second book of the book Variant. I liked Variant. It ended in a cliffhanger and I was a little mad that Overdrive didn’t have the second book. I had planned on buying the book until a few months ago I looked to see if Overdrive had the second one and they did!!

Variant is about a boy named Benson Fisher. He wanted to try out a private high school that sounded really nice and cool. But he soon found out that the school is not really a high school at all. There were “students,” but no adults. Which means no teachers. The high school was like a prison because you had bracelets that unlocked doors. And the only time you got to go outside was to play paint-ball. Then the real secret came out that some of the “students” were robots. Benson decided to try to escape.

Feedback is about Benson escaping. Benson and a girl named Becky arrive at a town. The town is full of humans from the school. The humans are connected to the robots. They have implants in them. Benson still wants to escape. The school still wants Benson and Becky. Becky gets kidnapped by the leader of the school. Benson goes to save her. In doing that, he learns that the leader has robots everywhere and wants to replace humans with robots. My guess to take over the world. It is hinted that the leader is an alien which escapes. The exposure of the robots would cause worldwide panic.

I liked this book up until the end. I hated that this ended up being an alien book. Now I’m reading Game of Lives by James Dasher (the third book of the Mortality Doctrine book series).

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