The Lost Symbol

Instead of reading Good Wives, I decided to see if The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown was available while I wait for Angels & Demons to come available. I found out The Lost Symbol was available so I snag it. I finished listening to it this morning. The Lost Symbol is the third book of The Robert Landon book series.

The Lost Symbol is about a lost symbol. lol The book takes place after the book The Di Vinci Code. Robert Landon is called to give a presentation in Washington.Robert Landon is an expert on symbols. But when he gets there, no one was there. He was also asked to bring a small box that a friend gave him many years ago. Later he finds out he was tricked by a madman who wanted revenge. In the small box was a capstone that held secrets of the Freemasons. (the way Dan Brown describes the Freemasons makes me wish they would accept women. It sounds so cool.) Anyway, Robert Landon translates the symbols on the miniature pyramid in hopes to get his friend back. (In one part I thought Dan Brown was killing off Landon. I knew that can’t be because,in Angels & Demons and Inferno, Landon is alive.) He does get his friend back and there is a twist near the end of the book.

I loved this book. I can’t understand why people wouldn’t like this book. I hope they do make a movie of this.I know they were going to, but I think they should. I’m reading next: while I’m waiting on Angels & Demons, I’m going to read 23 minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese.

You can find The Lost Symbol at,,,, or

Yoga Mat and Yoga towel

After I asked my mother to get me a Pilates dvd, I got a pilates mat. It’s blue and it’s a thick mat. A pilates mat is longer than a traditional¬†yoga mat.

I kept slipping around when I did yoga on it. So one year¬†for my birthday while I was out with my best friend, I got a yoga mat towel. It’s pink with little pink flowers dots on the back so the towel won’t slip around. And the towel¬†didn’t slip around on my pilates mat.

This year though I got tired of using my pilates mat. It was dirty and I didn’t know how to clean it.I wanted a real yoga mat. I found one at Kohls that I liked. It’s a teal color with a medallion on the side. I wish it was pink, though. It’s a sticky mat, but I haven’t tried it as sticky yet. The towel does¬†move around¬†on it, though. I will try it sticky this weekend.

You can find the pilates mat at

You can find the yoga mat and yoga towel at ,, and
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Shatter Me

I think this song fits this book very nicely:

I found this song yesterday after a woman suggested this violin player on Mylot.

Some  background first of why I wanted to read Shatter Me: Many years ago I had a short nightmare of a girl walking down a street. She comes upon a car and she puts her hand on the back windshield and then blood appeared on the windshield. After I had the dream, I thought it might make a good story. I was itching to make it into a story.

So I got my chance a few years ago when I was taking creative writing for my paralegal degree. I also was “working” at a place for people who help people find jobs for disabled people. (they named us consumers, not employees) I often wrote the place as a mental institution.

My story was about a girl named Josie who can kill people with her hands. She was in a mental institution. I changed the ending of the story for it to be a ghost story.

Now to the book Shatter Me: Shatter Me is the first book of a book series by Tahereh Mafi. It is a mix of my story and the book 1984. Shatter me is about a girl named Juliette. She can kill people with not only her hands but also her body. She was sent to a mental institution. She doesn’t have any visitors until a boy showed up at her cell. She recognized the boy by his eyes. She went to school with him. She ends up getting freed from the mental institution. But the man who wanted her freed is a crazy psychopath. Her and the boy (Adam) run away and then ends up joining a movement of other people who have special abilities. I LOVED this book. I thought I wouldn’t since it’s similar to my story, but I really do like it. I’m reading next: I’m next in line for Angel and Demons by Dan Brown so I won’t be able to read the second book yet. So while I wait I’m going to go back reading Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott.

I LOVED this book. I thought I wouldn’t since it’s similar to my story, but I really do like it. I’m reading next: I’m next in line for Angel and Demons by Dan Brown so I won’t be able to read the second book yet. So while I wait I’m going to go back reading Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott.

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Buti Yoga: Soul Sweat

The second new Buti Yoga dvd set is called Soul Sweat. The set has two dvds. There are four workouts on the dvds. The first dvd is called Soul Rise. It has a 30-minute workout and a 60-minute workout. The second dvd is called Soul Set. It has a 30-minute workout and a 45-minute workout.

Bizzie Gold is the instructor. She is alone on both dvds.The Soul Rise is like a morning type yoga workout. She doesn’t really dance like she does in The¬†Transformation Series dvd set. But she does some plyometrics¬†and some balance moves. She also talks about a chakra area.

The¬†Soul Set is basically a leg toning workout dvd. She does some balance moves in it too. She doesn’t really dance in this one either. She does some squats in this one.

Both dvds have great music in them.

You can find Soul Sweat at and
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Buti Yoga: Dynamic Flow

After I bought the Buti Yoga Transformation Series dvd set, I learned that Bizzie Gold had two new dvds. I decided to get them for Christmas.

One of the new dvd sets is called Dynamic Flow. There are 2 dvds in the set. One dvd has a 30-minute workout with bonus sculpt workouts, and the other dvd has a 60-minute workout with sculpting workouts. The sculpting workouts are short.

Bizzie Gold says this dvd¬†is an introduction dvd¬†for those that want to learn what Buti Yoga is all about. Even though I have been doing Buti Yoga for awhile, I still got the dvd¬†to see what it is like and I could use it on days when I don’t want to do anything hard.

Once I did the 60-minute¬†dvd, I think it’s a little bit advanced. She does some balancing moves that I can hardly do. But I did like the dvd¬†set. She doesn’t do much dancing like she does in the transformation series. Also in this dvd set, she is alone teaching. She does do some jumping also in this dvd¬†set.

I did forget to say¬†in yesterday’s post that I love the music in the transformation¬†series dvd set. In this dvd set, she does have some good music¬†in it as well.

You can find Dynamic Flow at and at
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Buti Yoga: A different kind of yoga

I was looking for a different kind of yoga to do. I wanted a fun and a little challenging yoga workout.

I found a youtube video of Buti Yoga. The instructor and founder is Bizzie Gold. She mixes tribal dance, plyometrics, and yoga together. I love the videos where she is advertising for a tea called Good Earth Tea. She introduces the dance before getting into the workout.

Here’s one of the videos:

I ended up getting the first dvd set of But Yoga called The Transformation Series. It is a box set of three workout dvds. The first one is the 25-minute workout with bonus short tough sculpt workouts for your Abs, upper body. and lower body.The second dvd is the 45-minute workout with bonus sculpt workouts. The third one is the 60-minute workout with bonus sculpt workouts.

The 60-minute workout is brutal. I have pause alot to get water. Your shoulders are on fire with this one.

I have done the sculpt workouts. They are short and they are only done once. You can choose to do them twice, or three times. I think I did them twice.

I got my copy at, but for some reason, it’s not available on there or on the Buti¬†yoga website. You can get the 25 minute and 45-minute dvd¬†set on
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Wax Burners

Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) last year my mother wanted to get a wax burner for my uncle. She said she wanted me to help her pick one out. I did and she also got me one.

The wax burner was a small one that plugs into the wall. I really liked it. It was a bamboo screen design. She also gave some wax cubes. I kept forgetting to turn it on, though. She would ask me if I had used it almost every time I talked to her. I did use it when Chris came for a visit and two other times.

A few months ago when she came for a visit, she wanted to try out one of the wax cubes I had. I was trying to tell her how to take out the wax cubes. She kept saying she knew how to and she ended up breaking the wax bowl. It was made out of glass. (From now on, I would not buy anything of glass. I wanted a glass tumbler, but I know she would break it if she cleaned it.)

We went to Walmart and she bought me a new wax burner. This new one is a tabletop one. The bowl is made of metal. It’s a bronze trellis look to it. She made me promise to use it every day. ¬†But then the bulb it came with burned out. I was trying to find the right bulbs and no one had the right kind. My uncle finally got me a 2 pack of the right bulbs. Now I use it 6 days a week.

You can find the first one I got and the bulbs at Bed Bath and Beyond. You can find the second one at

The Rules of Thoughts

I finished reading The Rules of Thoughts a few days ago. It is by James Dashner. It is the second book of the Mortality Doctrine book series. The Game of Lives is the third book. I have 10 people ahead of me so it will take a while to read it.

Warning: there is a cliffhanger ending and some violence.

This is another AWESOME book even though it does have a cliffhanger ending. I don’t know how they would do a movie of these books, but it would be awesome movies. It is similar to the Matrix.

I’ll have to spill the beans on the twist from the first book so I can do a summary of this second book. The twist of the first book was that Michael was/is a computer program called Tangent!! Kaine, the elusive villain, is also a Tangent!! Kaine wants to be human. He is obsessed with wanting to be human. The Mortality Doctrine was to be making Tangents human. So Michael took over a human teenager named Jackson Porter.

Michael as Jackson Porter learns that his friends Sarah and Bryson are human teenagers. He also learns that Jackson had a girlfriend. He ends up using her to do something that ends up being a cruel joke on him and his friends. He and his friends get¬†put in jail. He gets very confused by this and then they get free by Sarah’s kidnapped parents (which were freed by other Tangents). This also confuses Michael.

I can’t wait to read the third book. I hope it ends well. Like I said I might be reading next Shatter me by Tahereh Mafi.

You can find this awesome book at,,, and/or
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City of Bones

City of Bones is the first book of the Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandra Clare. There are six books in the series. I already listened to the second book City of Ashes.

Warning: there is some violence and a hint of incest.

City of Bones is about a 15-year-old girl named Clary Fray who discovers that she is not quite human. She meets three other teenagers who are shadowhunters who kill demons. She also learns that the guy she fell in love with is actually her brother. And her father is the villain, Valentine.

The differences between the show and movie:
1. Luke is not a police officer.
2. Luke, I think, is a white guy.
3. Simon gets turned into a rat.
4. Simon doesn’t tell Clary he loves her until the second book.
5. The Mortal cup gets taken by Valentine.
6. The final battle takes place in a mental hospital.
7. Simon doesn’t turn into a vampire until the second book.

When I listened to this book, I thought the voices of Jace, Alec, and Isabelle was wrong. They had an English accent. But when I watched the movie, they had that same accent. So I was wrong. ¬†I finished reading The Rules of Thoughts by James Dashner which I will post tomorrow. I’m hoping to read next Shatter me by Tahereh Mafi and then maybe the third book City of Glass by Cassandra Clare.

You can find the City of Bones at Kobo, Walmart, Amazon, and/or Wordery.
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The Mortal Instruments City of Bones

This¬†week’s movie is The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. It was made in 2013. It is based on the first book of the book series by Cassandra Clare. It has Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers, Jemima West, Robert Sheehan, Lena Headey, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Aidan Turner.

Warning: there are some violence and some hint of incest.

The differences between the show and the movie:
1. Luke is not a police officer.
2. Luke is a white guy, not black.
3. Hodge is an old guy and more of a tutor than a martial artist.
4. In the movie, Clary doesn’t give Valentine the Mortal cup. She carries it in her jacket pocket.
5. Magnus Bane is more an Asian in the movie. (I actually the guy in the show better than the one played in the movie.)
6. The final battle doesn’t take place at the Institute. In the show, it takes place in a hospital.

My mother gave me this movie. I had watched it before and I didn’t really like it. But after reading the first book, I actually really liked it. I will be posting about the first book tomorrow.

You can the movie at, and at