Buti Yoga: A different kind of yoga

I was looking for a different kind of yoga to do. I wanted a fun and a little challenging yoga workout.

I found a youtube video of Buti Yoga. The instructor and founder is Bizzie Gold. She mixes tribal dance, plyometrics, and yoga together. I love the videos where she is advertising for a tea called Good Earth Tea. She introduces the dance before getting into the workout.

Here’s one of the videos:

I ended up getting the first dvdĀ set of But Yoga called The Transformation Series. It is a box set of three workout dvds. TheĀ first one is the 25-minute workout with bonus short tough sculpt workouts for your Abs, upper body. and lower body.The second dvdĀ is the 45-minute workout with bonus sculpt workouts. The third one is the 60-minute workout with bonus sculpt workouts.

TheĀ 60-minute workout is brutal. I have pause alotĀ to get water. Your shoulders are on fire with this one.

I have done the sculpt workouts. They are short and they are only done once. You can choose to do them twice, or three times. I think I did them twice.

I got my copy at Amazon.com, but for some reason, it’s not available on there or on the ButiĀ yoga website. You can get the 25 minute and 45-minute dvdĀ set on ebay.com.

Everything Fits Yoga Bag by Gaiam

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