Wax Burners

Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) last year my mother wanted to get a wax burner for my uncle. She said she wanted me to help her pick one out. I did and she also got me one.

The wax burner was a small one that plugs into the wall. I really liked it. It was a bamboo screen design. She also gave some wax cubes. I kept forgetting to turn it on, though. She would ask me if I had used it almost every time I talked to her. I did use it when Chris came for a visit and two other times.

A few months ago when she came for a visit, she wanted to try out one of the wax cubes I had. I was trying to tell her how to take out the wax cubes. She kept saying she knew how to and she ended up breaking the wax bowl. It was made out of glass. (From now on, I would not buy anything of glass. I wanted a glass tumbler, but I know she would break it if she cleaned it.)

We went to Walmart and she bought me a new wax burner. This new one is a tabletop one. The bowl is made of metal. It’s a bronze trellis look to it. She made me promise to use it every day.  But then the bulb it came with burned out. I was trying to find the right bulbs and no one had the right kind. My uncle finally got me a 2 pack of the right bulbs. Now I use it 6 days a week.

You can find the first one I got and the bulbs at Bed Bath and Beyond. You can find the second one at Walmart.com.

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