Buti Yoga: Soul Sweat

The second new Buti Yoga dvd set is called Soul Sweat. The set has two dvds. There are four workouts on the dvds. The first dvd is called Soul Rise. It has a 30-minute workout and a 60-minute workout. The second dvd is called Soul Set. It has a 30-minute workout and a 45-minute workout.

Bizzie Gold is the instructor. She is alone on both dvds.The Soul Rise is like a morning type yoga workout. She doesn’t really dance like she does in The Transformation Series dvd set. But she does some plyometrics and some balance moves. She also talks about a chakra area.

The Soul Set is basically a leg toning workout dvd. She does some balance moves in it too. She doesn’t really dance in this one either. She does some squats in this one.

Both dvds have great music in them.

You can find Soul Sweat at Amazon.com and Butiyoga.com.

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