Buti Yoga: Dynamic Flow

After I bought the Buti Yoga Transformation Series dvd set, I learned that Bizzie Gold had two new dvds. I decided to get them for Christmas.

One of the new dvd sets is called Dynamic Flow. There are 2 dvds in the set. One dvd has a 30-minute workout with bonus sculpt workouts, and the other dvd has a 60-minute workout with sculpting workouts. The sculpting workouts are short.

Bizzie Gold says this dvd is an introduction dvd for those that want to learn what Buti Yoga is all about. Even though I have been doing Buti Yoga for awhile, I still got the dvd to see what it is like and I could use it on days when I don’t want to do anything hard.

Once I did the 60-minute dvd, I think it’s a little bit advanced. She does some balancing moves that I can hardly do. But I did like the dvd set. She doesn’t do much dancing like she does in the transformation series. Also in this dvd set, she is alone teaching. She does do some jumping also in this dvd set.

I did forget to say in yesterday’s post that I love the music in the transformation series dvd set. In this dvd set, she does have some good music in it as well.

You can find Dynamic Flow at Amazon.com and at ButiYoga.com.

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