This weekend

Sunday is my mother’s birthday!! She came for a small visit Monday so she could go to a lunch interview on Tuesday. Monday night my uncle threw her a little birthday party. Tuesday afternoon she said she got the job!! So that’s why she is moving back in with me. Tuesday night we watched the Scientology shows. They were good.

Also, Chris is supposed to be coming for a visit tomorrow. I can’t wait for him to meet the kittens.

Another change was my Christmas Cactus. It is blooming. Picture was taken with my camcorder.


From Dusk Till Dawn The Series

Last year I found out there was going to be a season 3 of From Dusk Till Dawn The Series. I don’t have El Rey network so I watched some of the episodes online. The show is sorta based on the movie. But then other shows came on tv, so I stopped watching season 3. Since I got through watched Black Mirror (which was great), I decided to finish watching season 3 of From Dusk Till Dawn.

In season 3, Kate becomes the Queen of Hell. The Queen of Hell used the snake vampires as slaves. (I didn’t like Kate being her) In the season finale, it is revealed why Richie saw demons when he and Seth were at that store after they robbed the bank. The Peacemaker and his ex-wife make up. Santánico Pandemonium ends up being queen again after Kate kills the Queen of Hell. Richie, Seth, and Kate rob a bank.

There is no word of another season. I hope they do.

You can find all three seasons at and

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series – Season 3 [Blu-ray]


There have been alot of changes lately.
My mother will be living with me again. I will explain that on Friday. Also, AOL has changed their email again. I sorta like the new change. At least I won’t be accidentally deleting email.

Also, I decided to quit the adult paid to click site. It was taking too long to get enough to cashout and they changed their ads around. And I have been having fewer ads than when I started. Plus one ad kept freezing up. So I decided to add another site called Wordlinx, but it wasn’t what I thought. So now I do Ojoowad and Clicksbux.

Ojoowad is a neat paid to click site because they have a draw captcha for their ads. Both Ojoowad and Clicksbux have grids and offers you can do to earn money.

Bourne Ultimatum

Monday I continued my Bourne marathon with Bourne Ultimatum. I had seen this one before. It is based on books by Robert Ludlum. I still haven’t read the books yet. It has Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, Albert Finney, Joan Allen, and Tom Gallop.

Warning: there is some violence.

In Bourne Ultimatum, Jason Bourne remembers a little bit more about his past. A journalist finds out that the black ops program started with Bourne. Jason tries to protect the journalist, but the journalist gets killed. To try to stop the insanity, Landy tells Bourne what his real name is and where it all began. Jason finds out that he volunteered for the program. I did like this movie. Next week I’m watching The Bourne Legacy. Yes, I know it doesn’t have Bourne in it, but I’m watching it anyway.

I did like this movie. Next week I’m watching The Bourne Legacy. Yes, I know it doesn’t have Bourne in it, but I’m watching it anyway.

You can find Bourne Ultimatum at and


I hardly watch sitcoms. Last year it was announced that there will a new sitcom about a boy with cerebral palsy. It’s called Speechless. I thought it might be a neat show. I have mild cerebral palsy. I don’t have it as bad as the character JJ.

When it came close to tape the show, I was a little worried that they would make fun of him. I decided to tape the show anyway. I’m glad I did. I think it’s a cute show. People have said that they think the family is rude. But I think it’s more sarcasm than rudeness.

You can stream the show through

My green tights

Many years ago I had green, blue, white, black, and red tights. I lost my red tights in moving several times.

I have a Christmas Eve outfit of a red velvet shirt with a black velvet skirt that has roses on it. I usually wear my black tights with it, but this year I couldn’t. I was going to wear my black ones on my trip to Las Vegas. (Only I didn’t get to wear those black tights)

So I decided to wear my green tights to my great-aunt’s house on Christmas Eve. I found out when I put them on they had a huge hole at the top and a small hole on my toe.

After Christmas Eve, I decided to get some new green tights. I got a ten dollar Amazon gift card from my cousin at Christmas so I use it toward the tights. At first, I couldn’t decide which one to get.

I ended up getting Hue tights in shadow olive. I liked the color. When I got them, though, they were darker than I expected.I like them anyway. They fit too. I hope to get wear them for St. Patrick’s Day.

You can get the tights at

Narcissus in Chains

I finished reading Narcissus in Chains last night. It is the 10th book of the Anita Blake series. They are written by Laurell K Hamilton.

Warning: there is lots of sex, violence, and some sad parts in this book. This book goes a little crazy and I think is the start of the vampire porn. As I said on Monday, Anita Blake is a vampire hunter and a necromancer (raises the dead). In Narcissus in Chains, Anita gets a call about one of her wareanimals was kidnapped at a club. She almost gets killed while saving him. She also gets scraped by one of the wereanimals. They think that she will be turned into one. Richard, her ex-boyfriend and werewolf, had kidnapped the wereanimal that almost made her into one. She rescued him. Then a major battle happened with a multiple personality pananimal.

I sorta liked this book. It was a little too crazy. Now I’m reading Echo Volume 2: A Taste of Ashes by Kent Wayne.

You can find this book at,,, and

More of my Las Vegas trip

We stayed at The Rita Suites. We found out that most people stayed there for conventions because it’s near the convention center. The Rita Suites was nice though. They have couches, a refrigerator, and a microwave. They even have a Keurig. I don’t drink coffee, but it’s cool that they have one. They have free wifi. They also have a pool, and a bar that is only is open at 4pm. Of course, it was too cold to use the pool. One day they were fixing some wiring, and it made the fire alarm go off.

We went to Circus Circus. We looked around in there. We didn’t gamble. We also didn’t see any circus act there. I would like to go back to the do the Adventure Dome. It looked cool. I did get my best-friend a keychain and necklace there.

We ate at the Vince Neil’s restaurant and the Blue Bull restaurant. The movie theater we went to see The Passengers was at The Grand Station Casino.

Bourne Supremacy

I have been wanting to see the new Bourne movie, but I decided to re-watch the earlier ones before I do. Last week I watched Bourne Identity. So this week I watched Bourne Supremacy. They are based on the books by Robert Ludlum. I haven’t read the books, but I will read them whenever I get rid of the other books I need to read. The movie was made in 2004. It has Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Joan Allen, and Julia Stiles.

Warning: It has one sad part and some violence.

I don’t think I actually watched all of this movie before so I’m glad I re-watched it. Bourne Supremacy is about Jason Bourne is set up by another man of killing two officers and stealing some files and money. His girlfriend ends up getting killed too. In the end, he does get his named cleared and he learns what his real name is.

Next week I’m watching the third movie Bourne Ultimatum.

You find Bourne Supremacy at Amazon or Walmart.

Obsidian Butterfly

While I was in Las Vegas, I finished reading Obsidian Butterfly by Laurell K Hamilton. It is the ninth book of the Anita Blake book series. There are 28 books in the book series.

Anita Blake is a vampire hunter. She’s also a necromancer (raises the dead). In Obsidian Butterfly, Anita is called by Edward to work on a case. Edward is a hitman. He wants Anita’s help on a strange case where something is skinning people alive. Edward doesn’t tell Anita that he has a girlfriend. The girlfriend and her kids don’t know that Edward/Ted is a hitman. Anita does help solve the case. The something turns out to be a person who thought he was a god.

It was neat to look into Edward’s life. Now I’m reading Narcissus In Chains which is the tenth book. I’m almost through with it, but it’s been hard to read it. After Narcissus In Chains, I’m reading Echo Volume 2: A Taste of Ashes.

You can find Obsidian Butterfly at,,, and