More of my Las Vegas trip

We stayed at The Rita Suites. We found out that most people stayed there for conventions because it’s near the convention center. The Rita Suites was nice though. They have couches, a refrigerator, and a microwave. They even have a Keurig. I don’t drink coffee, but it’s cool that they have one. They have free wifi. They also have a pool, and a bar that is only is open at 4pm. Of course, it was too cold to use the pool. One day they were fixing some wiring, and it made the fire alarm go off.

We went to Circus Circus. We looked around in there. We didn’t gamble. We also didn’t see any circus act there. I would like to go back to the do the Adventure Dome. It looked cool. I did get my best-friend a keychain and necklace there.

We ate at the Vince Neil’s restaurant and the Blue Bull restaurant. The movie theater we went to see The Passengers was at The Grand Station Casino.


2 thoughts on “More of my Las Vegas trip

  1. Love Circus Circus! Glad it’s still around. 🙂 Do they still have Treasure Island with the pirate ships and sword fight shows? (That was way cool.)


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