This weekend

Happy Friday the 13th!!! Since I have been feeding two little cute black kittens, I might have some bad luck today. Plus I’m wearing a black cat shirt that my grandmother bought me years ago.

Tomorrow would have been my grandmother’s birthday!! She died when I was 19. I do miss her. I’m going to light a candle in honor of her tomorrow.

Cirque du Soleil

I have been wanting to see Cirque du Soleil live for a long time. I had seen their shows on PBS. Cirque du Soleil is French. It means circus of the sun. They are an acrobat circus. They do dress up as animals too. It’s so cool.

They once came to Charlotte, but I didn’t get tickets in time and it rained. I thought I would have to wait until I get to go to Paris (someday) to see a show.

I found out they had shows in Las Vegas. So when Chris and I went, I told him that I thought he would like Cirque du Soleil. He never haveĀ seen the shows on PBS. I wanted to see either Zumanity (which is an adult only show), or Ka (an martial art one ). We went to see Ka. It was so much better than what I saw earlier. I think I saw some of it on PBS. Some parts of it was funny. I did buy two shirts and a book of the show. Chris also enjoyed the show.

Here is the trailer of the show:

Black Mirror

When I came back from Las Vegas, I didn’t have many shows to watch. I had been wanting to watch Black Mirror, but never got around to watching it. Black Mirror is a Netflix show. It’s a British show. It’s a modern Twilight Zone type of show where every episode is different story. Only all the shows are all about technology.

I have gotten so far to season 3 episode 4. I will see episode 5 tomorrow. Most of the episodes so far have been sad and horrible. This episode 4 though was sweet and sad. Episode 3 reminded me a little of the book The Stranger by Harlan Coben.

I have seen that they are going to do a season 4. I hope they do. Even though the episodes are horrible and sad, the show is really good.

Mini movie reviews

Chris andĀ I watched The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box. It was really good. It was made in 2013. It is based on the book Mariah Mundi by G. P. Taylor. It is about two boys who discover that their parents are treasure hunters. Their parents leave them because a bad guy got a map to the Midas Box. The Midas Box was rumored to turn things to gold. But it also turned water into the fountain of youth. In the end, they save the box from the bad guy.

Then Chris wanted to go see a movie for his birthday. So we saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. It was really sad. It was about Jyn and her journey to save her father from making a big mistake by making the Death Star.

While on the Las Vegas trip, we saw The Passengers.The commercials for it was driving me crazy. The commercials were wrong though. It was really, really good. It was a little sad though. It was about a man named Jim Preston who walks up way too early on a spaceship going to a new planet. I asked Chris if he would have done what Jim did and he said no.

Last week I watched Nocturnal Animals. It was good. I sorta didn’t like the end. But I understand why it ended like it did. It is about a woman who owns an art gallery. Her ex-husband is a writer. He wrote a book for her that is very violent and horrible. (I think she misunderstood the meaning of the book. She might have thought it was a love note for her.)

I did see half of the movie The Intern while on the Vegas trip. It was really cute movie. It is about a 70 year old man who becomes an intern at a company. I also saw a little bit of the movie Joy. It is the true story of Joy Mangano.

This week I began a Bourne marathon. I re-watched Bourne Identity.

You can get The Adventurer and Bourne Identity at and

I’m back

I’mĀ back from my trip. I went to Las Vegas. Flying wasn’t really bad. But I did get sick with a cold while on the trip. I only went for a week.

My mother was here while I was gone, but she didn’t do the laundry so I had a mountain of clothes and blankets to wash and put away. She was sick too and watched the Walking Dead marathon instead. Also, she had talked about two black kittens hanging around so I fed them and played with one kitten. It snowed here and I brought the kittens in, but they were too much for me so I took them back outside yesterday.

Anyway, the trip was great. I saw a few movies which tomorrow I will do a mini review for them. Thursday I will post about the Cirque show we saw.