The Month of June

Happy June!!

June 1 was my uncle’s birthday!! He died two years ago from Covid. I gave the cats treats.

June 2nd was my other uncle’s birthday!! He died a few years ago. I gave the cats treats and listened to some Eric Clapton music.

June 18th is Father’s Day.

June 15th Black Mirror will be back on Netflix!! I can’t wait. I love that show.

The month of May

Happy May!!

Yesterday was May Day!!

May 14th is Mother’s Day!! I will give the cats treats.

Later on in May is my best friend’s son’s birthday. I will give the cats treats on that day.

May 24th- American Born Chinese comes on. It is a show with Chinese mythical gods.

May 25- Fubar comes on. It’s a spy show with Arnold in it. It’s on Netflix.

The Month of April

Happy April!!

April 1st was April’s Fools Day. No Joking around here. I did giving the cats dry treats and Henry, the fish, a treat.

April 9th is Easter. I will be giving the cats treats and Henry a treat.

Later in April is my best-friend’s birthday. Again the cats will get treats and Henry will get a treat. The day before her birthday would have been my mother’s best friend’s birthday. We found out her best-friend had died two years ago. It was shocking to hear. We had talked about her a few days before finding out she had died. Anyway, the cats and the fish will get treats that day too.

There are some new shows coming on, but I don’t know if I will see them because I am trying to catch up with other shows.

The month of March

Happy March!!

March 12th we change the clocks again. Boo.

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day!! Of I course I will be wearing green on that day. I will also be giving treats to the cats.

The Mandalorian is back on!! I will have to wait until Chris comes back down to see it.

March 9th- You part 2 comes on!! I haven’t watch You part 1 yet.

The month of February

Happy February!!

February 2nd was Groundhog Day!! The cats got treats that day. Yes we have more winter.

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. The cats will get treats on that day.

February 24th is my birthday!! I will give the cats treats on that day.

Also February 8th Kung Fu comes back on. February 9th You comes back on!!! I can’t wait. February 26th The Blacklist comes back on!!

Christmas and the Month of January

I went up to New Jersey to visit my boyfriend. He has a new computer and I thought I would be able to get on here, but his computer doesn’t have a USB port which meant I couldn’t plug in my computer mouse. I also wanted to install the avast browser on his computer, but it wouldn’t work either. I did have a good time anyway.
He got me a new hoodie and a workout book.

Happy New Year!! and Happy January!!

Thursday I will be able to find out if my liver is better. (I had Hepatitis C and had the treatment. This is the last lab test.) Also I will be getting some curtains I ordered.

Saturday would be my grandmother’s birthday!! She died many years ago.

January 29th is my mother’s birthday!!

As for as tv shows I did watch that National Treasure show and it was really good.
Already started- Kaleidoscope on Netflix (I have heard this is a good show.)
Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches-AMC (I haven’t read all the mayfair witch books, but I do want to watch this.
Miss Scarlet and the Duke is back on PBS!!

The Month of December

Happy December!! I can’t believe that it is already December.

There isn’t much going in December.
Dec. 14- NATIONAL TREASURE: EDGE OF HISTORY comes on Disney+. I had heard about this show and it sounds really good. I don’t have Disney+, but I think Chris (my boyfriend) still has it so if I get to see him I might get to watch it.

Dec. 24th is Christmas Eve!! I will give the cats treats.

Dec. 25th is Christmas Day and Chris’s (my boyfriend) birthday!! The cats will have treats. Also Dec 25th- THE WITCHER: BLOOD ORIGIN comes on.

The Month of October

Happy October!!

October 27th is National Black Cat Day!! So Lily (my black cat) will get a treat.

October 31st is Halloween!! All the cats will get treats of course.

As for shows, there are too many. lol Kung Fu comes back on for another season on Oct. 5th!!
The Winchesters (the prequel to Supernatural) will be on Oct 11th.
Annika and Miss Scarlet and the Duke (mystery shows on PBS) come on Oct. 16th.
The Vow (a show about the sex cult NXISM) is coming back on Oct 17th!!

What I can’t believe is that they remade the movie Hellraiser which will be on Oct 7th.

The month of September

Happy September!!

September 1st was my great-aunt’s birthday!! I gave the cat treats to celebrate.

Sept. 5th was Labor Day. I gave the cats treats to celebrate.

Sept. 14th The Handmaid’s Tale comes back on!! I can’t wait. I will be watching it.

Sept. 25th Van de Valk comes back on!! It’s a mystery show on PBS.

Sept. 27th La Brea comes back on!! I really can’t wait for that.

Sept. 29th CSI: Vegas comes back on!!