The month of August

Happy August!!

The new Twilight book is coming out tomorrow. Overdrive says the pre-release is August 8th. I have it on my holds. I’m a little excited about it. I had read the leak that came out many years ago thinking that she wouldn’t publish it. Now she has published it. I have been re-watching some of the movies to celebrate.

Nothing much else is happening.

The Month of June

Happy June!! Today is my uncle’s birthday!! I gave Lily a treat to celebrate.

Tomorrow would have my other uncle’s birthday!! I will give a treat to Lily to celebrate.

June 21st is Father’s Day.

Our county will be doing Phase 3 soon (I think it will happen June 8th). I hope the virus will go away soon so Chris can come down again.

13 Reasons Why returns for season 4 June 5th.

The Month of May

Happy May and Star Wars Day!!

Today I gave Lily (my cat) a treat for Star Wars Day. Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo (I don’t celebrate, but Lily will get a treat though.)

Friday was May Day. May Day always reminds of the May Day dance we had in elementary school. Lily did get a treat that day.

May 8 our state’s stay at home ends unless they extend it.

May 10 is Mother’s Day. Lily will get a treat and a new scratching post.

Later this month my best friend’s son has a birthday. I hope he will be able to celebrate fully by then. Lily will get a treat to celebrate.

Tonight Creepshow is going to be on AMC. I’m not sure if I want to see it. And May 21 Burden of Truth comes back on!!

The Month of April

Happy April!!

Today I gave some treats to Lily to celebrate April’s Fools Day.

April 12th is Easter. Even though Easter is canceled, I’m going to give Lily some treats to celebrate.

April 22- my best-friend’s birthday Lily will be getting a treat that day.

Killing Eve is coming back on!! And sometime this month Frankie Drake mysteries comes back on!!

Chris had said he was wanting come down this month, but now he can’t.

The month of March

Happy March!!

I did have a good birthday last Monday. Chris did come down and we saw Fantasy Island. Then Saturday I went shopping with my best friend.

This Saturday we change the clocks again. Spring Forward.

March 10th I’m going to get may haircut again. I’m also going to dye my hair again. I bought some hair dye on Amazon.

March 15th Westworld comes back on HBO!! I don’t have HBO, but I will tape the first episode if I get HBO on free preview that day.

March 17th St. Patrick’s Day. I’m giving Lily a treat that day.

Then later this month Lily is going to the vet. If she does good at the vet, she will get an extra treat.

The Month of February

Happy February!!

The 2nd was Groundhog Day!! My uncle said he saw his shadow, I gave Lily a treat to celebrate.

Chris came down that weekend. We saw Bad Boys for Life. It was really good. He went back to NJ on the 2nd so he could watch the super bowl.

The 14th is Valentine’s Day. Lily will get a treat that day.

The 24th is my birthday!! I will be turning the big 40. Lily will get a treat to celebrate.

Chris had said he is coming down again for my birthday.

New Year

Happy New Year!! 🎇🎆

I didn’t stay up until midnight. I did drink one glass of wine to celebrate and gave Lily a treat. I also watched some episodes of The Twilight Zone.

Today I gave Lily a treat and I will drink another glass of wine to celebrate. I will watch some more Twilight Zone.

Manifest comes back on this month!! Also This is Us comes back on!! Emergence comes back on!! The Sinner comes back on!! A Million Little Things comes back on!! Supernatural comes back on!!

Chris says he is coming down again this month.

Later this month my mother’s birthday!!

The Month of December

Happy December!!

My Thanksgiving was good. Chris and I did go see Charlie’s Angles. It was really good. I will post about that next week. He also brought a movie which was good too. I’ll post about that too next week. And I watched US which I will post about next week.

I did have a good Black Friday too. I did get Chris’ present, some food for Lily, and some stuff for me.

Dec. 15th our church will have Christmas adult musical. Dec. 24 is Christmas Eve which Lily will get a treat. Dec. 25th Christmas Day is Chris’ birthday. He will be 46 this year. Lily will have a treat on that day too.