The month of October

Happy October!!

I can’t believe it’s October already.

Oct. 21 The Blacklist comes back on!! I can’t wait to find out if Liz is ok and what Red told her. And if Red is actually her mother.

Oct. 25 The 4400 is being rebooted. I’m sure if I am going to watch it. I vaguely remember the show.

Oct. 31 Halloween. The cats will get treats to celebrate.

The Month of September

Happy September!!

September 1st was my great-aunt’s birthday. I gave the cats treats to celebrate.
September 6th was Labor Day. I didn’t work. I looked around for my mother’s headphones. Mine are starting to peel. I didn’t find them yet. I also gave the cats treats.

Sometime this month I need to get my Christmas lists ready for my mother and my great-aunt. I have been putting it off.

Sept. 16th The Lost Symbol comes on Peacock (NBC’s streaming network), and Sept. 22nd A Million Things comes back on.

The Art of Racing in the Rain

I finished listening to The Art of Racing in The Rain by Garth Stein. I also watched the movie. The movie has Kevin Costner (love him), Milo Ventimiglia (love him), Amanda Seyfried, Andres Joseph, Gary Cole, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, Kathy Baker, Ian Lake, and Martin Donovan in it.

Big Warning: Have tissues ready for both the book and movie.

Note: I do believe that all animals do have souls. I know people say that they don’t, but the bible doesn’t tell everything. I had once seen an episode of The Simpsons where Bart sells his soul. In the episode, Bart couldn’t laugh and have real emotion without his soul. Animals do have emotions.

In this movie and book, a dog named Enzo is picked by Denny to be his dog. He is unlike other dogs and he believes he will become a man when he dies. Denny is a race car driver. Enzo and Denny goes through many trials and Enzo does become a boy who gets to meet Denny in person.

Differences between book and movie:
1. Instead of pushing his in-law, in the book Denny is accused of rape.
2. Denny doesn’t know Eve is dead until a phone call in a dog park in the book. In the movie, he knows.
3. Denny isn’t invited to the funeral in the book.

I really loved the book and movie. Now I’m listening to Finding God in The Lord of the Rings by Kurt Bruner. Next week’s movie is A Dog Purpose. I may be listening to that book too later.

The month of July

Happy July!!

Sunday was July Fourth!! Lily and other cats got some treats. I went over to my great-aunt’s. I ate some homemade ice cream.

Not much else going on this month. I may watch some shows on Netflix. Still going to be working on Chris’ diamond painting and reading. For his diamond painting, I will have to buy a new frame for it. The one I had planned on using might not look good and another one is too small.

The month of June

Happy June!!

Today would have been my uncle’s birthday. He died back in February. He died from Covid. I am going to give the cats treats later.

Tomorrow would have been my other uncle’s birthday. I will be giving the cats treats to celebrate.

June 13th my mother and I will be getting our second shot.

The month of May

Happy May!!
May 1st was May Day!! The cats got some dry treats that day to celebrate.

Today is Star Wars Day!! The cats will get dry treats in few minutes to celebrate.

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day!! I hope to spend the day with my mother. I got her a card. Lily will be getting a treat and the other cats will get some dry treats to celebrate.

Later this month will be my best friend’s son’s birthday!! I will be sending him a card. Of course Lily will be getting a treat and the other cats will be getting treats too.

May 21st Netflix will have a Jurassic World show. May 28th Netflix will have another season of Lucifer.

The Month of April

Happy April!!
April 1st Lily got some treats. I tried out a new treat, but she didn’t like it and none of the other cats didn’t like it either. And she hasn’t been eating other treats either.

April 4th was Easter. I didn’t get to go to sunrise service, but I did get to go over to my great-aunt’s house. Lily got a different treat and rabbit food to celebrate Easter.

April 7th everyone can get vaccinated here. I am going to look up about getting vaccinated.

April 8th a new show called Rebel is coming on. It’s about a woman who is like Erin Brockovich (she was the first paralegal). I’m not sure if I’m going to watch this show.

April 22nd is my best friend’s birthday. Lily will get a treat to celebrate.


I watched Carriers yesterday. It has Lou Taylor Pucci, Chris Pine, Piper Perabo, Emily VanCamp, Christopher Meloni, and Kiernan Shipka in it.

Warning: there is some violence and some sad parts.

In this movie two brothers and their girlfriends are on a mission to go to the beach to wait out a pandemic. On their way, they encounter a man and his daughter. The daughter has the virus. They end up helping the man and his daughter. They go a makeshift hospital at a school, but they found out the doctor doesn’t have a serum. The brothers decide to leave the father and daughter there. Then one of the girls has the virus because she helped the little girl from dying. One brother gets the virus too. The other brother kills him. He does make it to the beach with the other girl.

I didn’t really like this movie. Next week I’m watching either Yentl or House of Versace. I’m posting next week about John Wick Chapter 3 and Tomb Raider (remake).

The month of March

Happy March!!

I will be moving into my uncle’s house sometime this month. Lily, my cat, is there at his house getting used to his cats. My mother is really pushing me to move soon, but my uncle had a lot of stuff that needs to go before I move in.

March 10th Ovation is supposed to have the second season of Riviera.

March 11th A Million Little Things comes back on.

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day. Lily will be getting a treat to celebrate.

Sometime this month Lily will be going to the vet and hopefully Chris, my boyfriend, will be visiting.