My red glasses

Some people were asking about my red glasses. So here’s the picture of them.

Today has been hectic. I bought a new shower curtain and some new shower curtain hooks. So today I got to put the new shower curtain. Lily, my black cat, wanted to help and she got in my way a few times. The hooks were a little hard to close, but I got it done.

And I tried on a new shirt and it is a little big, but I think I make it work. And I had to revise two articles on Textbroker. I have started back doing textbroker again. And it’s supposed to snow tomorrow.



Looking different

I did get my new glasses!! I was so afraid after reading all the bad reviews that I wouldn’t be able to see in them and I would have to wait another two weeks to get them. I got two pairs. But I can see in both of them. The pair I’m wearing has anti glare on them. The other pair don’t. The other pair is red. I got them both at America’s Best.


The month of December

Happy December!!!

I got Chris’ hoodie and put it in one of the gift bags I ordered. Lilly, my black cat, was all in my way yesterday when I was getting it ready. I hope the hoodie fits.

I haven’t got my eyeglasses yet from America’s Best. I hope to get them sometime this month. Lily, I think, has made my computer bigger (I mean the screen bigger). I didn’t fuss at her because I hope it will help me when I do get my new glasses.

Also, we will be going to my great-aunt’s house on Christmas Eve. We open presents on Christmas Eve.

Then Christmas Day is Chris’ birthday!! He will be turning 42 this year.

Sad news and other stuff

Happy Black Friday!!

I had posted earlier that one of my cousins had cancer. He died a few days ago. His funeral is tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to my great-aunt’s house. Her house, as usual, was beautifully decorated. (I don’t decorate until today and I did this morning.)

I did order the calendars And my best friend’s calendar might be here tomorrow. Early this morning I got Chris’ hoodie, and some other stuff.


I didn’t get the calendars yesterday. I had requested a Visa gift card from Earn Honey last Wednesday. I should have got the e-card yesterday, but I didn’t get the email. So I wrote them this morning and they said it has been delayed and flagged for further review. So I will either get the calendars later today or tomorrow.

Also, I couldn’t get to my email for awhile yesterday. Yes, I still have an AOL email account. I think the AOL add-on was messing up. I found out I could be a guest on Chrome and got my email. I deleted the add-on this morning.

The only thing good I guess is that my eye appointment went well. I didn’t get the pink glasses I wanted, but I did get some really nice ones. They are supposed to be ready by December 2 or sooner.

This weekend and beyond

Tomorrow I have that eye appointment that I was supposed to have had last week. I can’t wait.

I thought I would have a 5 dollar gift card this weekend so I can go ahead and get a calendar for me and my best friend. But EarnHoney’s meter missed up and I have to get the calendars on Monday. I thought I would try to get my calendar today, but the gift cards I have right now don’t cover it.

I changed my mind on the hoodie I’m getting Chris. I’m getting him another hoodie that I think he will like, but it’s a little bit more than the one I had thought about getting him. I hope to get it next Friday. It maybe be less by then.

Going Crazy

I was going to talk about this weekend, but this weekend isn’t going to happen as planned. My mother had scheduled me an eye appointment for tomorrow. But they called her and rescheduled the appointment for next weekend. I was confused about until I realized that tomorrow is a holiday. Veteran’s Day.

Another I’m going crazy over is Black Friday. I have been trying to figure out how much I would spend that day and what to get. Chris wants a hoodie this year and I have been trying to decide which one I should get him. And I have been trying to decide if I should get a pocketbook that I hope will fit everything I need to carry.