The Month of March

I have a little bit of a cough. I decided not to take Theraflu last night to see if I could sleep without it.

March is not really busy for me. I will have to celebrate my birthday with my mother which I hope to do soon.

St. Patrick’s Day is the 17th. I will be wearing green.

March 13th a new show is coming on that I have been waiting on. It is called For The People.

I might be getting my hair cut this month.

The picture below is the first coloring I did while I was sick.



My birthday weekend

I was sick on my birthday. I still have a cough, but no fever. I didn’t get to go anywhere for my birthday.

My mother did bring me a cake. It’s really good. She gave some coloring books and colored pencils. My best friend gave me a candle. When we celebrate our birthdays together, there will be a second gift.

Hopefully taking Theraflu tonight will take away my coughing for good so I can at least get to celebrate a little bit soon.

This weekend

Tomorrow is my birthday!!  I will be 38 tomorrow.

Last weekend my best-friend was supposed to come by to celebrate my birthday since she might have to work tomorrow. But she was worried about getting sick with the new strain of flu going around. We decided to celebrate my birthday with hers in April.

But then on Monday night I started coughing. I have been taking medicine and drink alot of water. Last night I didn’t cough at all. And this morning I only coughed a few times. My nose though is giving problems. I do feel a little better. I also been watching the Olympics which also helped me feel better.

My mother is supposed to be coming by tomorrow too.


The month of February

Happy  Groundhog Day!!

This month will be a little busy for me. February 9th is the Winter Olympics. I hope to watch a little bit of it. I love the figure skating, luge, curling, speed skating, and skeleton.

February 14 is Valentine’s Day!! I’m mailing Chris a card today.

And the 24th is my birthday!! I hope to spend some time with my best-friend. And maybe some spend time with my great-aunt. Chris might come down too.


The month of January

I didn’t say on  Tuesday what I got with my gift cards. With my Kohls card, I got a dark green ribbed shirt. It’s really soft and it fits. I now want the shirt in two other colors.

When me and Chris went to exchange the size of the Sailor Moon jacket he got me, I got the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I wanted to get Sucker Punch, but the store didn’t have it. Yes, I have seen both movies. I also got another bottle of hand soap from Bath and Body Works.

With the gift cards, I got some underwear and two wallets. One wallet for my best friend for next Christmas, and one wallet for my mother for her birthday.

Speaking of her birthday it is the 29th of this month. Also, the 14th would have my grandmother’s birthday.

Also this month some shows come back on. Including one I thought was canceled. I was really surprised that Falling Water is coming back on.


My Christmas

Happy New Year!!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Chris did come down and stayed until Dec. 29th. I stayed up late with him which caused me to be sleepy most of the day and Lily also slept on my lap. And one of my presents from my best friend helped me to be sleepy for awhile.

Speaking of presents, I got an Amazon gift card from my cousin. A Kohls card from my great-aunt. A gift card from my mother. My mother also gave me a soft and warm blanket, soft pjs, and cute slippers. She got Lily a blanket too. My best friend gave a cute black cat mug, lotion, and a Himalayan salt lamp. Chris gave me a pink Sailor Moon jacket (he got the wrong size and we exchanged it), and a personal alarm.

The hoodie did fit Chris, but he left it here. I’m probably going to send it to him. My best friend did like the calendar and jewelry I gave her.


This weekend

Merry Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas early!!

Today my best friend is coming by to exchange gifts. I can’t wait. I think she will like the calendar I got her.

Chris said he will arriving tomorrow or Sunday. I can’t wait. I hope the hoodie fits him.

Sunday I will be going to my great-aunt’s. I can’t wait to wear the new shirt I bought.

Monday is Chris’ birthday!! He will be 42 years old this year. We are going to see the new Star Wars movie.