Today, pants and shoes

Happy Friday 13th!!

I do have a black cat named Lilly. I had posted her brother’s (Sneezy) picture a long time ago. We think someone took Sneezy. Anyway, I was looking at the picture a few days ago and I thought it was time to take a picture of her because she has grown.

Here she is:


In that picture, you can see my new shoes that I bought. I ended up using all my gift cards that I was supposed to be saving up for Christmas to get the shoes. But I did need them. I have been wanting to get rid of some New Balance shoes that were looking old and has a hole in the heel of them.

The new shoes are Adidas Altarun K. They are grey and pink. They are very comfortable and they fit my feet.

Also, I had ordered many months ago some pants to replace my stirrup pants. I bought some jogging pants by ToBeInStyle. I bought a red pair and a blue pair. They fit, although I might have needed a Medium instead. I love them though.

You can get the shoes here. You can get the pants here.


The month of October

Happy October!!

Today I am supposed to get the shoes I ordered.

I’m glad for the new and old shows coming tv. But right now there are too many shows to watch. Mr. Robot is coming back on!! Yay!! It was too crazy last season.

I’m not glad though that I have a doctor’s appointment later this month. I hate going to the doctor. It is just an annual check-up.

Also, I hope Chris comes down this month.

Labor Day Weekend

My mother heard from my uncle who is in the mountains with his so called best-friend. She said he was doing pretty good up there. But we are still worried about him.

Saturday I wasn’t feeling good. I decided not to go to church on Sunday. I thought I would get to spend the day with my mother. But I ended up spending half the afternoon with her on Sunday. We took Lily over to my uncle’s house again. Some of my cousins were at my great-aunt’s house. I found out some sad news about one of my great-uncles. My mother had Lily in the car and showed her off to my great-aunt and cousin.

The month of September

Happy September!! Today is my great-aunt’s birthday!!

Sunday I will be going to her house for a Labor Day get-together. Although my uncle won’t be there. He has decided to go with so-called best-friend to the mountains. My mother and I are scared of him going with him. He is still forgetful.

Nothing else is happening this month after Labor Day.


Our preacher has been doing the book of Revelation. This past Sunday he was talking about Heaven. He was saying that every race would be invited into heaven. I do believe that we wouldn’t care if we standing near another person of a different race when we are in heaven. I know the people who protest for the statues and flags say it’s about history and heritage. I suggest those people to watch the documentary Life After People. It shows what happens to certain things when there are no people around. Those statues and flags will be dust. Are you going to protest to North Korea if they bomb your precious flags and statues? Start worrying about the bigger picture than the smaller things in life.

And you don’t see the Native American Indians protesting that this is their land and their heritage.

Update on my uncle

My uncle did get out of the hospital on Sunday and is back home. My mother says he is in good spirits now, but he gets confused at times.

Yesterday I went over to his house to see the partial Eclipse with him and my mother. I have too many trees here and I wouldn’t be able to see it good. My mother did have Eclipse glasses for me, her, and my uncle. My uncle’s “best-friend” was there too. My uncle was walking pretty good. He didn’t use the walker the hospital gave him. He did walk a little slow.

We also had brought Lily, our cat, there too. Lily did ok in the car, but she was afraid of my uncle’s “best-friend.” (I would be too.)

Update on my uncle

My uncle didn’t get to go the rehab like I thought. The physical therapist passed him to be able to go home. So he went home on Wednesday. My mother said he was still confused.

Then yesterday he kept holding his head and told my great-aunt he needed to see the doctor. He has an infection and had a fever. He might be able to come home today.