A Birthday today

Today is my mother’s birthday!! She is 58 years old today. I was wanting her to take the day off today so I can spend some of the day with her, but she won’t. I also thought we were going to go out to eat today, but she said we will on Friday.

To celebrate I gave Lily three kinds of treats. I did call my mother to tell her happy birthday. I might send her e-card later.

The Good Shepherd

I watched The Good Shepherd yesterday. I taped it when Showtime was a free preview. It has Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie (she’s so pretty), Alec Baldwin, Billy Crudup, Robert De Niro (he’s the director too), Michael Gambon, William Hurt, Mark Ivanir, Timothy Hutton, and Joe Pesci in it.

Big Warning: there is some violence and some sad parts.

This movie is about the beginning of the CIA. Edward Wilson was one of the founding fathers of the CIA. Before the CIA was established, he was asked to spy on one of his teachers which was suspected to be having a Nazi club. He didn’t really want to at first until he discovered his teacher had lied to him about a poem. After that, he was recruited to the British Intelligence office. He did get into some sticky situations, but he stuck with being part of the CIA.

There were some parts I didn’t like, but I did enjoy the movie. Next week I’m watching The Rendezvous.

Transporter 3

I watched Transporter 3 yesterday. I had seen the first two movies. I had taped this movie when Showtime was a free preview. It has Jason Statham (he’s so cute), Natalya Rudakova, François BerlĂ©and, Robert Knepper (T-Bag on Prison Break), Jeroen KrabbĂ©, David Atrakchi, and Paul Barrett in it.

Warning: there is lots of violence of course.

In this movie, Frank Martin is asked to deliver a package for someone. He recommends his friend. His friend gets in trouble and he crashes his car in Frank’s house. Frank’s friend says something about his car. The friend gets blown up. Frank is made to do the job. He gets an explosive bracelet put on him. He finds out the package is a daughter of a Ukrainian official. That official is blackmailed into signing a contract to let ships of toxic waste to come ashore.

I really enjoyed this movie. Next week I’m watching The Good Shepherd.

The Blacklist (season premiere)

I love the show The Blacklist. It reminds me of Silence of the Lambs. Last season I didn’t agree with the what was in the suitcase. I thought it was the bones of Liz’s mother. But no, it’s the real Red’s bones. I do have to admit that it kinda makes sense. Red did tell Liz that her father is dead and she shot him. But Tom had told her that her father is alive. I wonder if Red told the lie to Tom so he wouldn’t find out who he really is.

This season premiere Liz teams up with her half-sister to find out who this Red is. Liz is playing along with Red being a good daughter. The only thing that is driving me crazy is that every time Liz talks to Red she sounds so fake. Red has to see how fake it is. I do think this Red probably took the real Red’s name so he could get a hold of that info that Liz had her teddy bear which this Red had released many seasons ago.

The month of January

Happy New Year!!

Yesterday would have been my grandmother’s birthday!! I celebrated by giving Lily a treat. My mother’s birthday is later this month.

Christmas is ok. Chris got me a book and an eagle statue. My best friend gave me some really good red velvet cupcakes. My cousin gave me a soft blanket which I’m using in here (computer room) and Lily likes it too. My mother gave some cute cat pjs, some nice bedroom shoes, a hoodie, a movie which I hope to see as soon as I get the book, and some cat jewelry.

The Blacklist is back on!! Yay!! (I will post about the season premiere on Friday) Manifest is back on too. This is Us and A Million Little Things will be back on later this month. Yay!!

I hope to get my clarinet back from the music store later this month. I hope I will have it before my birthday.

Mary Poppins (book)

I finished listening to Mary Poppins by Pamela Lyndon Travers. It is the first book in a series of books.

In the book, Mary Poppins comes in on the East wind to Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane. She comes to look after the Banks’ children which are Jane, Michael, John, and Barbara. Mary Poppins is a little rude to them, but she is very magical. She takes them on wild adventures. In the end, she leaves on the West wind.

I did like the book. Although I think the original movie was better. I will be getting some of the other books in the series later on. Now I’m reading Salem’s Lot by Stephen King.

Claire in Motion

I watched Claire in Motion. I taped it when Showtime was a free preview. It has Betsy Brandt, Chris Beetem, Zev Haworth, Anna Margaret Hollyman, and Sakina Jaffrey in it.

Warning: there is one sex scene. Warning 2: the ending sucks.

In this movie, a woman named Claire is married to a man named Paul. He likes to hike in the woods. Paul has dizzy spells, but he goes on the hike anyway. Paul goes missing for many days. Claire finds out that Paul was doing art with an art student and he did a skydiving trip. They never find his body. She says near the end of the movie that she hopes he left. She refuses to believe he is dead. (I think he is dead. I think he either had a dizzy spell and fell, or he committed suicide.)

I didn’t really like this movie. All of people on IMDB didn’t like it because it was so open-ended. One person on IMDB did say that since Claire was a mathematician that she was trying to solve the impossible of where he was and why he left. Her mind would allow the possibility that he was dead. So I agree with that. But I still think they should have had someone find the body.

Next week I’m watching Transporter 3.

Ten Little Indians (And Then There Were None) (1987 Russian movie version)

I watched Ten Little Indians on Thursday. It is the 1987 Russian version. There were English subtitles. (I don’t know Russian) It is based on the book by Agatha Christie. It has Vladimir Zeldin, Tatyana Drubich, Aleksandr Kaydanovskiy, Aleksey Zharkov, Anatoliy Romashin, Lyudmila Maksakova, Mikhail Gluzskiy, Aleksey Zolotnitskiy, Irina Tereshchenko, and Aleksandr Abdulov in it.

Warning: there is some violence of course.

Quick Summary: Ten people are invited to an island by an unknown person. They end up getting killed one by one until there are none.

There weren’t any real differences between the movie and the book. It has the original ending. I think I do like this movie version. By the way, I did watch the PBS (BBC 2015) miniseries version and it was great too. The two differences with the PBS (BBC) version was the judge shoot the gun in his head, and the bear is a clock. Monday I’m watching Claire In Motion.

And Then There Were None

I watched And Then There Were None on Wednesday. It is the 1945 movie version. It is very loosely based on the book. It has Barry Fitzgerald, Walter Huston, Louis Hayward, Roland Young, June Duprez, Mischa Auer, C. Aubrey Smith, Judith Anderson, Richard Haydn, and Queenie Leonard in it.

Warning: there is some violence of course.

Quick summary: 10 people are invited to an island by unknown person. They end up getting killed one by one until there is none.

Differences between the movie and book:

  1. Some of the characters have different names.
  2. The ending is different. Two people are alive in the end.
  3. the judge shoots himself in the book.

I did like the movie, but I didn’t like the ending.Monday I’m watching Claire in Motion.

And Then There Were None

I finished listening to And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. There are two reasons I wanted to listen to the book. One I had seen the old movie a long time ago and never read the book. Two recently a short miniseries was on PBS called And Then There were None. I taped the short miniseries and decided it was time to watch it, but I wanted to read the book first.

Big Warning: there is some violence of course.

In case you don’t know the book, here’s a summary: Ten people are invited to an island by two mysterious people. The island is called Soldier Island. Those two people are Mr. and Mrs. Owen. They arrive on the island and after supper, they hear a record playing the “crimes” they have committed. Everywhere in the house they are staying is a nursery rhyme called Ten Little Indians. Then one of the guests die suddenly after the record played. Then slowly the guests die one by one until there are none.

I loved this book. I watched the 1945 movie version and the 1987 Russian movie version on Wednesday and Thursday. Now I’m listening to Mary Poppins by Pamela Lyndon Travers.