Shadowhunters season 1

I had¬†heard about the Shadowhunters tv show, but I didn’t watch it until now that I read the first two books. The tv show is based on the books by Cassandra Clare. I think the tv show is based on the first two books mixed together and the movie.(maybe even the third book which I haven’t read/listen to yet.) I will be posting about the movie tomorrow and Wednesday I will be posting about the first book (which I finished listening to yesterday).

Here is what the show, movie, and books are basically about: A fifteen year old named Clary Fray gets her life turned upside down while going to a night club one night. She thinks she witnesses a murder of a human being, but it turns out to be a death of demon. She sees what most people can’t see. She meets three teenagers who are Shadowhunters who kill demons. She later learns that her and her mother are one too. She also learns that her father was not her biological father. Her father is the one who is the villain.

The main differences in the show are that Luke is not a police officer, Simon doesn’t turn into a vampire until the second book, and she doesn’t go into a portal (unless she does in the third book).Isabel isn’t accused of treason, Jace is in the second book. And Alec doesn’t get married.

There will be another season coming on next year, but I won’t be watching it.

If you want to see the show, it is available on Amazon Video.

My new windbreaker

Many years ago I was given a starter windbreaker and pant set by my boss. I eventually grew out of the pants, but I kept wearing the windbreaker. The windbreaker was blue and white. The zipper tab broke off, but I still wore it. The jacket had a band around the bottom. I couldn’t really zip it up anymore. The white parts of the jacket was a dingy white, but I still wore it. Then one of the pockets had a huge hole in it.

I finally gave it up. I really hate seeing¬†it go. I loved that jacket because it was lightweight, kept the wind out, and it had an inside pocket. I looked everywhere for a new windbreaker that didn’t have a hood.I couldn’t find one.

Then¬†for my birthday I got a new windbreaker. I saw one I liked at a new discount store called Gabe’s. The jacket came in black and orange. For some reason, I’m really liking orange. The jacket is soft and lightweight. I thought I needed a size medium, but later I found out it was way too big. I went back to the store, and I got a small. It’s still a little big and a little¬†long, but it’s fine. It’s made of polyester.

Here’s info on the jacket:¬†


New Fruit

I wanted¬†to try out a new fruit cup made by Dole, but I couldn’t find it in the store. So I found another new fruit cup made by Del Monte. It is called Fruit Refreshers. On the

On the cover, it says there are four flavors, but on the website, there is listed only two. The two listed are the ones I bought. I only tried one of them so far. The one I tried is the pineapple in Passion Fruit. It was really good. The other one is Mandarin Oranges in slightly sweetened Coconut water. The other flavors listed on the cover are Red Grapefruit in Guava, and Grapefruit & Oranges in Pomegranate. I want to try the red grapefruit one because I love guava juice.

You can buy the Fruit Refreshers at Walmart.I bought the two at Walmart, and then in my local grocery store (Food Lion). But the Walmart website says they are not available anymore.

Here is more info on the fruit cup:

Pineapple in Passionfruit Flavored Slightly Sweetened Fruit Water

New Milk

I hate to admit I like to look at junk mail. I get coupons in the mail every week with the junk mail. Alot of times, they feature something new that I might try.

My mother got me started on Almond milk. I like it and I also like the coconut almond blends. Then I liked the Cashew milk. With those kinds of milk, I would make them into chocolate milk by putting chocolate syrup in it.

Then about two weeks ago I saw in the junk mail that there is a new milk made by Silk. It is called Nutchello. They have three flavors. Toasted Coconut and Cashew, Dark Chocolate and Walnut, and Carmel Almond and Cashew. I have tried all three. I loved the Toasted Coconut and Cashew one, but they don’t have it at my grocery store.

I didn’t put any chocolate syrup in the dark chocolate one. I was afraid that the dark chocolate one would be too rich, but it wasn’t. It was just right. Creamy and luxurious.

Here’s more info on Nutchello:¬†

If you are into blends of Coconut, Almond, and Cashew milk, you should give Nutchello a try. They can be found at
icon Silk Nutchello Rich Dark Chocolate + Walnuts Nut-Based Beverage, 48 fl oz
icon Silk Nutchello Caramel Almonds + Cashews Nut-Based Beverage, 48 fl oz

Some more Ballet Inspired Workouts

After getting the Ballet Beautiful dvds, I was looking for some more ballet-inspired workouts to do.I found someone on youtube that does barre workouts. There aren’t the fitness gurus’ barre workouts. These are actual barre workouts. I don’t own a barre, but I do use a kitchen¬†chair, and I do them in my sock feet.

The person I found is Kathryn Morgan. She was/is a ballerina and a pianist. She does her own music on youtube videos (which is awesome). One thing though I don’t know how you can keep a straight¬†face while doing some of the movements to some Disney music.

She was a ballerina for the New York City Ballet, but then she got sick with an autoimmune  illness. Since being ballerina takes alot out of a person, she stopped to take care of herself. Her youtube videos are not only workouts, but also beauty tips, and ballet tips.

Her workout videos are a little challenging for me, but I do like doing them. One of the tips on balance has helped me with some balancing yoga poses.

Here is her youtube channel:¬†Ms. Morgan’s youtube channel

Here is her Classic Ballet Barre Workout:

She also has a blog where she has more info on her autoimmune illness and some suggestions on what food you could avoid if you have the same autoimmune illness. She also teaches online classes and private classes. Recently she has been doing podcasts on her experience of being a ballerina at New York City Ballet.

Here is her blog:¬†Ms. Morgan’s blog

She also has a community on facebook.Even though I’m not a¬†ballerina, I’m part of the community.

I give her praise for being a great inspiration to everyone.


City of Ashes

Last night I finished listening to City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare. It is the second book of the Moral Instruments book series. I haven’t read the first book yet. (I still have one person ahead of me) I actually have the second book. I had bought it a few years ago after I saw the movie City Bones (which the first book). I bought the book because I had heard that the movie is very close to the first book. I actually forgot I had read some of City of Ashes, but not all of it.

City of Ashes is about Carly trying to get used to the idea that Jace is her brother. She had tried to be Simon’s girlfriend. Then Simon gets “killed” and she makes the decision to let him be a vampire.He tries to adjust to being a vampire. Jace gets accused of knowing and conspiring with his father. Instead of a trial, Jace has used a pawn to get the moral instruments that Valentine stole. Clary and Jace learn they have special powers. Jace gives Simon his blood which gives Simon the ability to be in the sunlight.

I sorta liked the book. It was a little slow at first, but it got good towards the end. I’m reading next: Good Wives by Louisa May Alcott until The Rules of Thoughts by James Dasher, or City of Bones by Cassandra Clare comes available.

You can find the book on,,, or
icon icon

Cups and Ink

Many years ago I was in a store and saw a pink tumbler. I like it and got it. Since I watch tv shows and movies online I could use the tumbler so I spill any of my drink on the computer.

But the tumbler came with a small straw and it was hard to clean. It said to hand wash only on the bottom of the cup. I thought about getting some replacement straws, but I never got around doing it. Then lately I saw black spots on the seal of the lid. I had tried to clean those spots, but they would come off.

So I decided to just get a new tumbler. I saw one I liked at Target. So this week I went to Target to find it. It is made by Aladdin. It’s a peach color with a big straw. I went to the aisle they said on the website, but couldn’t find it. I saw another one I liked. It’s made by Bubba and it’s pink. I also got straws so if I can’t get it clean, I can replace it.Then later down the aisle, I saw the Aladdin one I wanted it. I got it and replacement straws.

The Bubba one has a handle which will be nice when I have to go to my room to watch tv when my mother comes to visit.

Here’s what the tumblers look like:

Just before I went to Target, I had a little crisis. My black printer ink was running out. I wanted to print out a list of channels I now get on tv and I couldn’t read it. So I got some black ink while I was out.

The tumblers can found on and USA, LLC Visit

Fitness Tip

Here is an important fitness tip that I can everyone: Don’t do what I did.

About a year ago I started doing exercises on I had mentioned the site to my mother many years ago, and I guess she forgot that I had suggested the site to her and she suggested the site back to me. The site is free and all of the workouts are on I mostly do the dumbells upper body exercises that are featured on the site.

My fitness tip is to listen to the instructor when you do any workouts. If they say repeatedly to use lighter weights, do it unless you want to be a zombie for a week.

The reason I’m saying this is because I did a Tabata style 60-minute workout. I thought I could handle doing 10-pound weights on most of the sets. Daniel kept saying you should use lighter weights during the whole workout. I did switch to 5-pound weights when I was losing some form, but I really did stick with the 10-pound weights for most of it.

The next day I couldn’t move my arm above my head. They were very sore. Then later that week the rest of my body felt tired. I promised myself I will never do that again. I will switch to a lighter weight if I feel like I can’t handle it.

This is the workout I did:

My purse

Yesterday I posted about having the Holman study bible on my Kindle and that I can carry my Kindle in my purse.

Today I’m talking about my purse. Before I visited my mother, she kept saying that she had a pocketbook that she had, but she never used it. She thought I would¬†like it. She was saying I could put my music and bible in the bottom compartment. I thought the bible would ¬†make the pocketbook a little bit too heavy, but the music might fit.

When I saw her, she gave me the pocketbook. My music did fit in the bottom compartment. But then our music director left so now I don’t take pieces of music¬†to church with me anymore. I still do play my clarinet, but I mostly either remember the notes or adlib.

Anyway, I found out my Kindle and Sunday school book fit great in the bottom compartment.Sunday I felt “naked” without all my usual stuff.

My pocketbook is the combination of these two purses:

Dasein Patent Leather Satchel with Hidden Compartment

The first picture is what my purse looks like with the bottom of the second purse without it being patent leather.

If you like these purses, they can found on and USA, LLC

Ballet Beautiful: Swan Arms Cardio

Two years ago I found out that Mary Helen Bowers had a new Ballet Beautiful dvd out. I wanted to see a clip of it before getting the dvd. But I couldn’t find a clip of it anywhere. All I found was pictures of what the dvd looks like.

Last year I decided to get the dvd anyway. The dvd is Ballet Beautiful Swan Arms Cardio. There are two workouts on the dvd. The cardio workout, and floor (mat) workout. The dvd is 60 minutes long. The workouts can be separated to be two workouts.If done separately, the cardio workout is 30 minutes long and the floor (mat)workout is 30 minutes long.

There are some balancing moves in the cardio workout. I have a little bit of trouble with it, but I do like the workout. You don’t any equipment to do this workout dvd, just an exercise mat.

Mary Helen Bowers also has some streaming workout videos on her website: The streaming videos cost 8 dollars to 13 dollars. I have never done any of her streaming videos, but some day I will try some.

She also has a new dvd out called Backstage Workout. I may get it this year.

You can find the Swan Arm Cardio workout dvd on