Yoga Mat and Yoga towel

After I asked my mother to get me a Pilates dvd, I got a pilates mat. It’s blue and it’s a thick mat. A pilates mat is longer than a traditional yoga mat.

I kept slipping around when I did yoga on it. So one year for my birthday while I was out with my best friend, I got a yoga mat towel. It’s pink with little pink flowers dots on the back so the towel won’t slip around. And the towel didn’t slip around on my pilates mat.

This year though I got tired of using my pilates mat. It was dirty and I didn’t know how to clean it.I wanted a real yoga mat. I found one at Kohls that I liked. It’s a teal color with a medallion on the side. I wish it was pink, though. It’s a sticky mat, but I haven’t tried it as sticky yet. The towel does move around on it, though. I will try it sticky this weekend.

You can find the pilates mat at

You can find the yoga mat and yoga towel at ,, and
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