The Lost Symbol

Instead of reading Good Wives, I decided to see if The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown was available while I wait for Angels & Demons to come available. I found out The Lost Symbol was available so I snag it. I finished listening to it this morning. The Lost Symbol is the third book of The Robert Landon book series.

The Lost Symbol is about a lost symbol. lol The book takes place after the book The Di Vinci Code. Robert Landon is called to give a presentation in Washington.Robert Landon is an expert on symbols. But when he gets there, no one was there. He was also asked to bring a small box that a friend gave him many years ago. Later he finds out he was tricked by a madman who wanted revenge. In the small box was a capstone that held secrets of the Freemasons. (the way Dan Brown describes the Freemasons makes me wish they would accept women. It sounds so cool.) Anyway, Robert Landon translates the symbols on the miniature pyramid in hopes to get his friend back. (In one part I thought Dan Brown was killing off Landon. I knew that can’t be because,in Angels & Demons and Inferno, Landon is alive.) He does get his friend back and there is a twist near the end of the book.

I loved this book. I can’t understand why people wouldn’t like this book. I hope they do make a movie of this.I know they were going to, but I think they should. I’m reading next: while I’m waiting on Angels & Demons, I’m going to read 23 minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese.

You can find The Lost Symbol at,,,, or

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