The Rules of Thoughts

I finished reading The Rules of Thoughts a few days ago. It is by James Dashner. It is the second book of the Mortality Doctrine book series. The Game of Lives is the third book. I have 10 people ahead of me so it will take a while to read it.

Warning: there is a cliffhanger ending and some violence.

This is another AWESOME book even though it does have a cliffhanger ending. I don’t know how they would do a movie of these books, but it would be awesome movies. It is similar to the Matrix.

I’ll have to spill the beans on the twist from the first book so I can do a summary of this second book. The twist of the first book was that Michael was/is a computer program called Tangent!! Kaine, the elusive villain, is also a Tangent!! Kaine wants to be human. He is obsessed with wanting to be human. The Mortality Doctrine was to be making Tangents human. So Michael took over a human teenager named Jackson Porter.

Michael as Jackson Porter learns that his friends Sarah and Bryson are human teenagers. He also learns that Jackson had a girlfriend. He ends up using her to do something that ends up being a cruel joke on him and his friends. He and his friends get put in jail. He gets very confused by this and then they get free by Sarah’s kidnapped parents (which were freed by other Tangents). This also confuses Michael.

I can’t wait to read the third book. I hope it ends well. Like I said I might be reading next Shatter me by Tahereh Mafi.

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4 thoughts on “The Rules of Thoughts

  1. What an awesome cover! I couldn’t read your full review since I haven’t read the first book yet and didn’t want to spoil it, but I enjoyed The Maze Runner series by James Dashner, so I might give this one a try. I didn’t even realize he had another series out. Thanks for pointing it out!

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