Ballet Beautiful: Cardio Fat Burn

Before I begin I need to say that I’m not an Amazon Associate anymore. They were going to cut off my account in three months because I wasn’t getting any sales. But then they cut my account because I was using my own facebook page instead of a fan page.

Anyway, I’m posting about the Ballet Beautiful: Cardio Fat Burn dvd. This is the first Ballet Beautiful dvd I bought. Like the other ones Mary Helen Bowers is the instructor. There are four 15 minute workouts on the dvd. They can be done in one whole workout session, or in sections. When I got the dvd, I watched the whole dvd to make sure I could do the exercises. It made me tired just watching it. I decided to do it in sections. When you do it in sections there are actually five workouts. I count the warm up as a workout. When I do a section I do the warm up first and then the workout I had planned that day.

The workouts are Core, Upper Body, Lower Body, and Total Body. She does an Allegra cardio interval first then she does a toning workout of the core , upper body, and lower body. You don’t any equipment. Just a workout mat.

Mary Helen Bowers is the trainer of Natalie Portman in the movie Black Swan. I love that movie.If you never saw it, you should watch it.

The Ballet Beautiful Cardio Fat Burn dvd can be found on, or
Ballet Beautiful at Walmart

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