Nice loafers

Before I begin my blog post, I should say I’m 36 years old and I have very small feet. I’m 4’11, but I always say I’m 5 foot tall.

Many years ago I had some black penny loafers. I loved to wear them with my dress pants. Those black penny loafers started hurting my feet so  I got some new black shoes. They were more like clogs. I loved those shoes, but then later they started hurting my feet. I got some shoe liners and it helped, but I was sad that I couldn’t wear them without the shoe liners.

I looked everywhere for some penny loafers, but I could find any in the stores. Last year I finally looked on Amazon and I found some I liked. They say they are boys shoes on the inside flap, but I don’t care. I choose the deep red color. They are little big, but they are fine. They are made by Kenneth Cole Reaction.

Here are the shoes I bought:

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