The Eye of Minds

Last night I finished reading Eye of Minds by James Dashner. It is the first book of a book series called The Mortality Doctrine. There are two other books in the series. They are The Rule of Thoughts and The Game of Lives.

There is a cliffhanger ending. This book is AWESOME. It has a mix of The Matrix, Divergent, and one scene of The Stand in it.

The Eye of Minds is about a guy named Michael. He has two friends named Sarah and Bryson. They are gamers and coders. They go into the games in what they call Sleep (kinda like The Matrix, but a little creepier). Michael is approached by some officials about trying to find a man named Kaine. Kaine was supposedly doing something illegal. Michael and his friends are chosen to find the guy because they are really good coders. They do run into some trouble and they almost quit. But they figured out a way to get to the Path (a series of tests). On the Path, they do encounter a woman in a rocking chair (the Stand) which gives them a clue to continue on The Path. Michael ends up being the one left at the end of The Path and meets Kaine, but he doesn’t get to kill him. Instead, he learns something about himself. (I’m not going to spoil it.)  It seems Kaine is unstoppable for the moment until the next book that is.

I’m waiting on the second book and City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I have one person ahead of me on both books. I thought about reading another book, but it ended up being something else.

You can find The Eye of Minds on,,, and
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