Zoo 2

Yesterday Zoo 2 came available on the digital library. I am reading another book so I had to stop that one to read Zoo 2. I had heard that people can read it in three hours.  I was going to get the audiobook, but there was a long wait for it.
Zoo 2 is by James Patterson and  Max DiLallo.It is a BookShots book.

Warning: this book has a cliffhanger ending.

Zoo 2 is a continuation of the first book Zoo. At the end of Zoo, Oz and his family go to the Artic Circle thinking there are very few animals there. In Zoo 2, Oz was wrong. He gets attacked by a bear. Then he gets an email from an official asking him to join a team to find out a cure for the animal attacks again. At first, he doesn’t want to, but he goes anyway. He takes his wife and son to Paris thinking they will be safe, but they really aren’t. Their apartment gets attacked. Oz also finds out that the “disease” has grown to humans. (they aren’t like the show’s mutant humans.)  He does get his family rescued in Paris. Later Oz and another scientist develop a cure for the infected humans and they try it on his wife who comes infected.The vaccine gets dispersed, but then they see cockroaches heading their way. And that is how it ends.

I hope he makes Zoo 3. You can’t leave it hanging like that. Anyway, I’m reading Eyes of the Minds by James Dashner. After it, I hope to read The Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner.

You can find Zoo 2 on Amazon.com, Kobo.com, Walmart.com, Downpour.com, or Wordery.com.
Zoo 2 at Wordery
Zoo 2 at Walmart
Zoo 2 at Kobo US
Zoo 2 at Downpour.com


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