A cute rain jacket

A few years ago, my mother was complaining that I didn’t have a good warm rain jacket. So I picked out a puffer white and blue Columbia jacket. It’s really warm and nice. It even has an inside pocket and a headphone pocket. But the jacket made me feel like the Michelin man. So last year I started looking for a new puffer jacket with less puff to it.

I found one and it was made by Columbia too. It’s not as puffy and the color I picked was a light blue. Amazon only one jacket in that color and I got it. It’s a little big and the sleeves is a little long which is ok. It has an inside pocket too. But it doesn’t have a headphone pocket.

If you are caught in a storm, check out this rain puffer jacket by Columbia on Amazon.com.
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Many years ago I started watching Supernatural. I used to not watch all the episodes in the season because some of them were gross. But I do love the show. About a year ago a friend of mine said he just started watching the show. He posted a meme saying about Sam and Dean dying and coming back to life. I commented saying they are too cute to die so that is why they keep coming back to life. lol

Also about a year ago my cousin said (at my great-aunt’s house with the family at the table) that she used to watch Supernatural with her small daughter. She said she doesn’t do it anymore knowing it is not good for her little girl. I agree with that it’s a little bit too much for a little girl to be watching, but you shouldn’t mention the show to our family. Most of our family are Southern Baptist.

Then my uncle shocked my mother and I saying he had been watching the show too. He says he thinks it’s funny.

A few seasons ago I started heavily watching it. It was when they had the episodes of the Apocalypse. I even mentioned a couple of episodes in my Sunday school class.

This latest season (season 11) I have been behind on so today I just¬†watched the season finale. I was shocked by the way it ended. They keep hinting that Dean and Sam are going to die for real. So I guess next season will be the last season. ¬†ūüė¶ ¬† ¬† I also was shocked at who God is. I’m also glad that Cass is back and his guest is now gone.

If you need to catch up with this latest season of Supernatural, you can get it at Amazon.com, or Walmart.com.

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Never Go Back

I finished listening to Never Go Back by Lee Child. It is the 18th book of the Jack Reacher book series. I wanted to read/listen to this book because the new Jack Reacher movie is “supposedly based” on this book. The new Jack Reacher movie comes out in October. I just looked at the cast. Of course, Tom Cruise has been cast again for Jack Reacher. There is supposedly a witch doctor character cast which is NOT in the book.

Anyway, Never Go Back is about Jack Reacher. lol He sets out to go to DC to see the officer he talked to on the phone. He was wanting to take her out to dinner. The officer is head of the unit he used to work at. When he gets there, he finds out that she had been replaced by another officer. This new officer tells him that Susan was locked up for taking a bribe. The new officer also tells Jack that he is restated to the military and he has two charges against him. Those charges ended up being false charges. The bribe charge was also false. Jack and Susan do some crimes for a good reason so they can find out the truth. In the end, the bad guys kill themselves and the false charges are dropped.

I really enjoyed this book. It was touch and go, though. It’s sad what the bad guys did to cover their tracks.
I’m reading next: I’m going to finish reading Blue Dragon by Kylie Chan. After that, I might be reading Eye of The Minds by James Dashner.

If you want to see the new Jack Reacher movie coming out in October, I highly suggest you read Never Go Back first. You can find the book and audiobook at Amazon, Walmart, or Kobo.

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Ballet Beautiful: Body Blast

There were a few things I left out in my post yesterday.Mary Helen Bowers did something awesome when she did the dvds. She was pregnant at the time!! She had a little girl. Then she had another little girl not long ago. She has Ballet Beautiful baby dvds for women¬†who are pregnant. I can’t give my opinion¬†on those since I don’t want¬†to have kids, but I think it’s neat that she has pregnancy¬†workout dvds.

Anyway, the Ballet Beautiful dvd¬†I’m talking about today is called Ballet Beautiful Body Blast. Mary Helen Bowers is the instructor. This dvd also has classical music in the background. The Body Blasts dvd¬†has four workouts on it. They are 15 minutes each.You will need a mat, but no other equipment. The workouts are Butt series Part 1, Butt series Part 2, 15 Minute Body Blast (total body workout), and Swan Arms. The butt workouts are great. My butt is on fire after doing them. The Swan Arms workout is murder on your arms. She takes¬†little rests in between. It is a great workout, though.

Check out the Ballet Beautiful Body Blast dvd on Amazon.com, or on Walmart.com.
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Ballet Beautiful: Classic Workout

I have always loved ballet. But I never took ballet because I thought I would be able to do it because of my balance issues. Also, I used to get leg cramps. I have mild cerebral palsy which makes my legs get really tight and hurt.

I was looking for something different to do in my exercise routine. So I found Ballet Beautiful. The instructor is Mary Helen Bowers. She was a ballerina in New York. She got injured and developed a new way to get back in shape. She found out what she was doing was causing her to get stronger too. This new way became Ballet Beautiful. Later I found out that she is from Charlotte, NC (which is near where I live)!!

Mary Helen Bowers has several Ballet Beautiful workout dvds. The one I’m going to talk about today is her first one which is the Classic 60 Minute Workout dvd.¬†There are 6 workouts on dvd. They are 10 minutes each. You will need no equipment for this dvd.¬†But I do recommend either pilates, yoga mat for the floor exercises. The workouts are Bridge series, Abs, Inner Thigh, Outer Thigh, Arms, and Standing. The bridge series is a little tough for me because of my legs can get tight and hurt if I’m not careful.

This is mostly a stretching and toning dvd. There is no cardio in it.

Check out this Ballet Beautiful dvd on Amazon.com, or Walmart.com.
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Laundry bags

For many years I have heard the term lingerie bags, but I never got one. I used to just wash and dry my bras and underwear. Now I just wash my bras and underwear and hang them to dry. I also wash my stockings and they always got tangled, so I would gently untangle them. I was rough with my delicate stuff too.

I recently started buying new bras. So I thought it was time to get a lingerie bag. I was going to buy a set on Amazon, but I didn’t have enough money to get it. So when I went to see my mother, I got two¬†packs from Walmart.

The¬†pack is from the brand EverCare. It has two bags in it. One medium and one small. I got two packs so I could fit everything I need in them. When I got home, I used them. The bags are zippered¬†and are a soft mesh material. They are great. My stockings don’t get tangled anymore. Also, you can put the bags in the dryer. But I¬†still hang my bras and underwear to dry.

If you have to untangle stuff when you do your laundry, you should try out these laundry bags by EverCare. You can find them at Walmart, or Amazon.com.
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Bob Harper’s yoga

A few years ago I found out that Bob Harper had come out with a yoga dvd. Bob Harper was one of the trainers on the show The Biggest Loser. (I just found out he is now the host of the show.) I had stopped watching the show because it became too dramatize and not focusing on losing weight which is what the show is supposed to be about.

Anyway, since Jillian Michael’s yoga dvd¬†was a little hard for me, I thought Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method Yoga for the Warrior¬†dvd¬†would be easier for me. I couldn’t find the dvd¬†for a long time. I had seen it on the Walmart website, but then couldn’t find it. (I can’t find it now either.) So I waited awhile, and then I found and got it. I was very wrong, this dvd is not easy.

There are two workouts on the dvd. One is a 15-minute abs workout. The other is an hour long workout.  The 15-minute abs workout is super hard. I can bearly do the end of it because you have to touch your knee to your elbow.  But the workout is great because I can feel my abs for two days!!

The hour workout is also hard. He does tree pose which is hard for me because of my balance. I do try to do birds of paradise pose, but I can bearly do it.

If you want two great workouts, check out Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method Yoga for the Warrior dvd on Amazon.com.

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One Shot (book)

I finished reading One Shot by Lee Child. It is the ninth book of the Jack Reacher series. It was the book that the movie Jack Reacher was LOOSELY based on. I really liked the book. I just hope that the new Jack Reacher movie will be more like the book it is based on.

Here are the differences between the movie Jack Reacher and the book One Shot (there are a lot of them):
1. James Barr wakes up in the middle of the investigation and talks to Jack. (he wakes up at the end of the movie)
2. The doctor tending to James puts on his chart that he has early onset of Parkinson’s disease which meant he wasn’t the shooter.
3. the cop was not black.
4. Jack Reacher is a tall man.
5. James’ sister gets kidnapped, not the lawyer.
6. Upon saving her, Jack had help from a journalist, the lawyer, Cash, and the PI (who wasn’t in the movie).
7. The target victim wasn’t wanting to sell her husband’s company like the movie. Her husband was missing, and she was asking questions about the disappearance.
8. The Zec wasn’t killed at the end. He was arrested with the cop.

A lot of people thought Tom Cruise wasn’t the fit for the Jack Reacher part. I sorta agree. Like someone said on Mylot that it seemed like they were trying to make it look like the Mission Impossible movies. My mother thinks he was perfect for the role, though.

I hope to listen to Never Go Back next which the next movie is based on. Never Go Back is the 18th book in the series.

If you want a good book to read, check out One Shot by Lee Child on Amazon.com, Downpour.com, Kobo.com, or Walmart.com.

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Jack Reacher

Last Wednesday I watched Jack Reacher. It was this week’s movie. My mother had seen it and begged me to watch it. It was made in 2012. It is LOOSELY based on the book One Shot by Lee Child (which I’m almost through reading). I’ll explain why loosely based tomorrow. The movie has Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins, David Oyelowo, Joseph Sikora, Robert Duvall, Alexia Fast, Michael Raymond-James, and Jai Courtney. There will another Jack Reacher movie coming out in October. It is based on another Lee Child book. I guess I will be listening to it next.

Jack Reacher is about a man named Jack Reacher. lol He was a military cop. A man named James Barr had been a military sniper. He had killed four man fourteen years earlier when Jack Reacher was a cop. Then fourteen years later he “supposedly” killed five people. Jack Reacher came to make sure James didn’t get away with it this time. The problem is that James didn’t do it. The mastermind of it was Russian gang leader who wanted a woman to be killed because she didn’t want to sell her husband’s company.

The movie was really too rushed. The book is much better.

If you want to see an action movie, check out Jack Reacher on Amazon.com or Walmart.com. If you want a more detailed story of it, check out One Shot on Downpour.com, Kobo.com, Amazon.com, or Walmart.com.

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