Ballet Beautiful book and another workout

Mary Helen Bowers not only founded the Ballet Beautiful workout series, but she also wrote a book. In the book, she talks about how she started the workout series which was because an injury she had. She also talks about the food she eats and she gives recipes for them.

The main reason I got the book was to find out more about her and that the fact she also includes exercises you could do. I wanted to be able to do the exercises when I go on vacation. Of course, I never get to the exercises on vacation anyway.

Also, there is another ballet beautiful dvd, but  I chose not to get it. It is called Sculpt and Burn Cardio Blast. It has two 30 minute workouts. There is some light weight work involved. One of the Amazon reviews says that the first workout has some standing arm with light weights and swan arms. The second workout is the toning portion which is bridge, abs, outer thigh, and inner thigh. You should use two to three-pound weights.

You can find the Sculpt and Burn Cardio blast on or
Ballet Beautiful sculpt at Walmart

You can find the Ballet Beautiful book on,,, or
Ballet Beautiful book at Walmart
Ballet Beautiful book at Kobo US
icon Kobo Inc.

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