No Escape Room

I watched No Escape Room. I had taped it when it was on SYFY, but it is on Netflix. It has Jeni Ross, Mark Ghanimé, Hamza Haq, Kathryn Davis, Dennis Andres, Brianna Barnes in it.

Big Warning: there is some gross parts and two sad parts. This is a WEIRD movie, but I didn’t like the end.

In this movie, Karen and her father Michael were going on vacation, but their plans of going horseback riding gets cancelled. Then the car breaks down so they find out there is an escape room in town. They decide to go even though the waitress jokes about people don’t come back out of the escape room. They are greeted by a woman named Josie and there are three other people also playing. They are handed a drink which is tea. They had to sign a contract and watch a movie. Josie told them if things get too weird to say awake and you can be set free. She then told them about the history of the house and that the inventor who own the house wanted to talk to the dead and had instruments to do so. He has drank ayahuasca (a tea I think they were given). They were to find five people and rescue them and find clues to escape each room. In the first room, they look for clues. Tyler looks through a mask hanging on the wall and sees his hand change. Then Melanie, his girlfriend, talks to herself through a phone. She hands the phone to Tyler who flips out that his ear is bleeding and the phone had worms in it. He yells awake and he goes. They find the key to get out of that room. In another room, they find Josie who is stabbed and she tells them to find the master key. Karen goes to find a way out, but she is led to another room which she finds a clue to where the master key is. Melanie though sees a video of herself in a loop and she finds Tyler’s body. He hung himself. She gets killed too. Michael is supposedly killed by a girl in a painting. Karen finally figures out the people they are to seek are themselves and they are in a loop. They find the master key in Josie’s body and they “leave,” but they find out the car has locks in there so actually they didn’t really escape the house.

I liked this movie, but like I said I didn’t like the end. I read there maybe a sequel maybe this year. I hope so. I would like to know more about the house and if anyone really escapes the house. Next week I’m watching Firestarter (2022). I have read this remake isn’t good as the book.

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