The Foreign Exchange Student 2: The Hunt

I watched The Foreign Exchange Student 2: The Hunt. Supposedly it is the sequel to the movie I watched last week. It has Roc Living, Jessica Law-Davis, Haydence Thompson, Tamekia Madison, Allana Grundy, Damian Valentine, and April Dillard.

Big Warning: there is lots of violence and bad acting.

Note: This is a terrible movie. I even rated it a 1 on IMDB. This “sequel” didn’t flow like the first one did. I guess it’s because there was different writers with this one. Like the first, there was bad acting. Also I couldn’t really figure out what was going on. At one point I had turn on the subtitles to know what was said.

Here’s the summary of this terrible movie: Jackie (the daughter from the first movie) became a teacher. She was head of the foreign exchange program at the school. She is the first to die. The Nelson family takes in two foreign exchange students. The Nelsons also have a daughter named Kayla. The Nelsons live across the street from the Reams (the family in the first movie). Kayla is going to be studying abroad and she wants to have her boyfriend to go with her. Her mother takes over Jackie’s job and her mother says no. Then it is found out that Kayla’s boyfriend does drugs and sleeps with one of the foreign exchange students. The baseball coach is suddenly killed. Mr. Nelson has been saying that he is going to be getting some money soon. He doesn’t have a job. Mr. Reams gets killed. Then the principal gets killed while on tv. Mrs. Nelson becomes principal. Then Mr. Nelson kidnaps one of foreign exchange students. He is one of the ones behind the killings, but he was hired by someone. His wife is the other person behind the murders. His wife says they had put DNA of the foreign exchange students at all the crime scenes. Kayla goes missing. She doesn’t show up at the end. I don’t know if they killed their daughter. The Nelsons get killed. The foreign exchange students decide to go to Dominica. Then Sinclair (the killer from the first movie) shows up. She is alive (which don’t really make since). I don’t know if she was the one who hired The Nelsons to do the murders. That is never revealed.

I didn’t like this movie. Next week I’m watching The Student and Mr. Henri.

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