Tribulation Force (book)

Tribulation Force did come available on Thursday. I finished listening to it on Sunday. I love learning about bible prophecy. Tribulation Force is the second book in the Left Behind series. They are written by Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. There was a movie made that was based on the book which I post about tomorrow.

Tribulation Force takes place right where Left Behind left off. At the end of Left Behind, Rayford,Chloe, and Buck agree to be part of a group called Tribulation Force at their church. The pastor does make an underground shelter for them to use as a meeting place. Buck gets a job offer from Nicolae. Buck refuses, but then he learns he has to work for him because Nicolae ends up controlling all the news networks. Then Rayford is railroaded by Hattie to take a pilot job for Nicolae. Rayford gets married, and Chloe marries Buck. The book has a sad ending.

Even the ending was sad, I loved the book. I am waiting on the third book Nicolae. I have two people ahead of me. While I’m waiting on it, I’m still reading Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

You can find this book at,,,, and
Tribulation force book on ebay

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