My luck so far

Well like I said I was waiting on things last week. I did get those two calendars I ordered and the package was supposedly picked up. I did get my check from Clixsense and I got to use the paypal option for the first time!!

But then my luck ran out yesterday. Tuesday morning my computer monitor was flickering. I looked up how to stop it from doing it and I did everything they suggested. I thought I fixed it that afternoon because it quit. But Wednesday it was doing really badly. So badly it made my head hurt. The monitor was old so I had to get a new one. This new one I got gave some trouble, but it’s fine. It’s bigger than my old one.

There are only three more days until you can get the book Blue Dragon from me on

Now I’m waiting on the second book of Left Behind and a text/email from Chris.

You can get the same monitor at,,, and Best

computer monitor at
computer monitor on ebay

Blue Dragon

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