Redrum season premiere

I call How to get away with Murder, Redrum because it is not as long of a title and it’s cool. I love the tv show. It reminds me why I shouldn’t go into law school. I do have a paralegal degree. Last season was really good. Last season’s finale Frank shot Wes’ father in front of him. He thinks he is making things right.

This season Annalise comes up with doing a lawyer clinic to be able to keep an eye on the students. But someone puts up posters to spread rumors about her. (I think it the new guy that did for Frank.) Annalise tries urgently to find Frank, but Laurel finds out where he is. Also, this season mystery is that someone is supposedly dead. Annalise’s house is on fire. She cries and yells about the person under the sheet. I had two theories about who is under the sheet. My second theory was Bonnie, but that was revealed that it wasn’t her. So my first theory is Wes.

There are only 4 more episodes left and I hope they revealed who it is under the sheet.

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Waiting on stuff

I hateĀ waiting. I am waiting on a check from Clixsense. So I finally get to use paypal. I am waiting on the mailman to pick up my package. I finally got a sale on ebay of one of the books I own. I am also waiting on the mailman to bring me two packages. One is a Christmas gift for my best friend and the other is a clarinet strap.

I am also waiting on Left Behind to come available. And I’m waiting on a stain on a dress to disappear.

By the way, I am on Goodreads now. I hopefully will be able to get on the site this weekend.

Aftermath season premiere

AftermathĀ is a new tv show on Syfy. My mother told me that she thought I would like the show. I looked up the show and decided that it sound really good. Especially since our preacher is going through the Book of Revelation again. (that is why I watched Left Behind and will be reading the book) So I watched it and I love the show now.

Aftermath is about a family named Copeland. They are witnesses of the End of Days. One of the daughters gets kidnapped by a demon (flown in the air). So the rest of the family is going after her. Besides demons, there is a disease that makes people crazy. And the sun flares are starting.

This is an awesome show so far.

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Secrets & Lies season premiere

Last yearĀ Secrets & Lies was a new tv show. It was really good. I thought it was canceled after last year’s season finale. But I was wrong. It is back on!! But this season it is aĀ new story which a little bit disappointed me because I wanted to know if Cornell would get that little girl who killed her half-brother. That little girl was evil.

I decided to watch this season because I like Cornell. She is tough, but she does a have a soft side to her. So this season is about a man who is suspected of killing his wife. It was during a party for him to take over his dad’s company. His wife, at some point during the party, went on the roof of the building. She was pushed off the roof. It was later revealed that she was pregnant.

My theory is that someone either raped her, or she was having an affair. Or the blackmailer killed her. I hope they reveal who did it by the end of the season finale.

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Left Behind (2000)

I hadĀ seen the old version of Left Behind a few years ago, but I couldn’t remember most of it. So this week’s movie is Left Behind. It was made in 2000. It is based on the book that was written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. It has Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson, Janaya Stephens, Clarence Gilyard Jr., Gordon Currie, Christie MacFadyen, and Jay Manchester in it.

Warning: this is one scene of violence.

Left Behind is a Christian movie. This version goes more in detail of other happenings than the rapture. The new version with Nicholas Cage just shows the Rapture. The other happenings is the Anti-Christ wants to take over the food supply. Then the Rapture happens and they spread the lie that it was radiation that caused people to disappear. The Anti-Christ also promises to get land for Israel to build the temple by using flattery to further his plan. (the temple that will his for awhile) The Anti-Christ shoots two men and brainwashes the U.N. that was one of the men who shot the other man. But Buck, the reporter, isn’t brainwashed because he got saved the meeting.

I think everyone should see this movie. I love this movie. I will be getting the audiobook of the book soon. Next week I’m watching God’s Not Dead 2.

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Ignite Me

OverĀ the weekend, I finished reading Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi. It is the third and final book of the Shatter Me book series. She also wrote two novellas that are of Warner and Adam stories that takeĀ place between the books. I am not reading the novellas. At first, I didn’t like how Ignite Me was going, but then it got better. I did like the book.

Here is that song again that fits this book series so well:

Ignite Me takes place where Unravel Me left off. Juliette recovers from being shot by the supreme leader. Warner tells her that everyone from Omega Point is dead!! (this is why I didn’t like the book at first.) Then when Warner shows her where Omega Point was located at, Kenji shows up!! (this where I started liking the book again) Juliette goes with Kenji and finds out nine of the members of Omega Point are alive. Adam is alive!! But Adam goes crazy. Juliette tries to bridge the gap between Warner and her friends. Warner ends up being generous to them and agrees to help fight his father.Later Warner finds out Adam is his brother. Juliette ends up killing the supreme leader and becomes his replacement.

I’m waiting on the audiobook of Left Behind. I’m next in line for it so I will be reading it next.

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My grey skirt

Many years ago I got a dark grey skirt. It had a silver buckle design. It zipped up in the back. I loved that skirt. I usually wore it around my birthday to look more “grown up” or nowadays I say to look more my age. Most people can’t believe I am 36 years old.

Anyway last year I decided to give the skirt away. It was getting too short. Last Easter while I shopping at Kohls, I found a grey skirt that will be a replacement. It really makes me look elegant. It is made by Elle. It’s a pull on style. It’s spaced dyed and a lighter grey than my other skirt.

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Christmas gifts

I realize that it too early to talk about Christmas. I have been thinking about Black Friday lately. I usually wait until Black Friday to get calendars. I give one to my best friend every year. And I get one for myself to hang in the kitchen.

Two years ago I fell in love with a calendar that was called When Darkness Falls. The calendar was photos done by Tony Mauro. Last year I wanted a new Tony Mauro calendar, but I couldn’t find one. So I ended up getting another calendar on

The calendar I got was Victoria Frances Gothic Art. I loved some of the artwork. Again this year I didn’t find another Tony Mauro calendar. So I decided that I would get another Victoria FrancesĀ calendar.

A few weeks ago I decided that since I had saved up some Amazon gift cards that I could get the two calendars now instead of waiting until Black Friday.

I am not saying what calendar I got my best friend. But I did get another Victoria Frances calendar. They both are supposed to arriveĀ in a few days.

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Journey to Wudang: Earth to Hell

This is the other book I finished reading over the past weekend. I actually was supposed to read for an hour, but I ended up reading the rest of it.

Journey to Wudang: Earth to Hell is the first book of this book series. It is the continuation of the Dark Heavens book series that is written by Kylie Chan. I originally wanted to give this entire book series to Chris because it’s a martial arts fantasy book series. But Chris thought it wouldn’t be his type of book so I ended up reading the series and I love it.

Journey to Wudang: Earth to Hell takes place 8 years after Xuan Wu (John Chen) is killed by Simon Wong. Simone is now older and she is helping out with protecting the other Shen. (Shen is another word for god or spirit) But Leo is still in Hell. Emma is doing her best to keep everything afloat without John. She also has been trying to see if she could to talk Leo into taking the elixir which will make him immortal. When they do go to see Leo, they discover Leo was taken!! Simon’s friends took him. Also, Simone insists on being normal, but she ends up missing too many days in school. She thinks everyone is scared of her. In the end, everyone respects her and they do get Leo back.

There were a few spots where I didn’t like how the book was going, but it ended up being good at the end. After I read Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi, I will read the next book in this book series which is Journey to Wudang: Hell to Heaven.

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Left Behind

For this week’s movie, I watched Left Behind. It is the new version. It was made on Oct. 3 2014 (I watched it yesterday which was Oct. 3.). It is based on the book that was written by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. (I am next in line for the audiobook so I will be listening/reading it soon) The movie has Nicolas Cage, Chad Michael Murray, Lea Thompson, Cassi Thomson, and Major Dodson in it.

This is basically a clean movie.

Left Behind is about the people left behind (lol) during the Rapture. This is a Christian movie. The movie follows a pilot and his family. His wife becomes a Christian and tries to get her daughter and her husband to listen to her. But then the Rapture happens and the pilot’s wife and son disappear. Zing!Ā in a twinkle of an eye, they were gone.

I loved this movie. Next week I’m watching the original movie that was made in 2000. I will compare movies.

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